2023 Tata Safari – All Color Options – Images

The Tata Safari is a popular 6/7-seater SUV that is known for its stylish design, powerful engine, and comfortable interior. In addition to its impressive features, the Safari is also available in a wide range of color options – Cosmic Gold, Galactic Sapphire, Lunar Slate, Oberon Black, Stardust Ash, Stellar Frost and Supernova Copper.

Color availability may vary depending on the variant you choose, so it is advisable to contact your nearest Tata Motors dealership to confirm the availability of your desired color.

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Explore the stunning array of available color options for the new Safari with accompanying images:

Stellar Frost: A pristine solid white option for a clean and crisp look that remains timeless.

2023 Tata Safari Stellar Frost

Lunar Slate: Versatile and stylish, this metallic grey hue effortlessly transitions between everyday driving and special occasions, offering a sophisticated look.

2023 Tata Safari Lunar Slate

Stardust Ash: For a unique and eye-catching appearance, choose this metallic ash color that ensures your Safari stands out in any crowd.

2023 Tata Safari Stardust Ash

Cosmic Gold: A sleek and sophisticated metallic gold that commands attention and makes a bold statement on the road.

2023 Tata Safari Cosmic Gold

Galactic Sapphire: Dive into luxury with this deep, mysterious metallic blue that exudes elegance and captures attention wherever you go.

2023 Tata Safari Galactic Sapphire

Supernova Copper: Make a statement with this bold metallic copper shade that turns heads wherever you venture.

2023 Tata Safari Supernova Copper

Oberon Black: Embrace timeless sophistication with this solid black option that adds an understated touch of class to your ride.

2023 Tata Safari Oberon Black

Select your preferred color, and make your Tata Safari SUV uniquely yours, reflecting your personality and style.


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