2023 Tata Harrier – All Color Options – Images

The Tata Harrier is a popular 5-seater SUV in India that is known for its stylish design, powerful engine, and comfortable interior. In addition to its impressive features, the Harrier is also available in a wide range of color options – Lunar White, Ash Grey, Coral Red, Pebble Grey, Seaweed Green, Sunlit Yellow and Oberon Black.

Color availability may vary depending on the variant you choose, so it is advisable to contact your nearest Tata Motors dealership to confirm the availability of your desired color.

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Explore the stunning array of available color options for the new Harrier with accompanying images:

Lunar White: A timeless and classic choice that effortlessly commands attention. This pristine white hue exudes elegance, giving your Harrier a sleek and sophisticated allure.

2023 Tata Harrier Lunar White

Ash Grey: This versatile and stylish option suits every occasion, seamlessly blending in or standing out as needed. An understated yet sophisticated color that’s equally at home during everyday drives and special events.

2023 Tata Harrier Ash Grey

Coral Red: For those who crave a bold and captivating look, Coral Red is your go-to choice. This vibrant shade ensures your Harrier stands out wherever you roam, making a powerful statement.

2023 Tata Harrier Coral Red

Pebble Grey: A blend of sophistication and practicality, Pebble Grey appeals to buyers seeking style and versatility. Its neutral charm seamlessly transitions from everyday city driving to off-road adventures.

2023 Tata Harrier Pebble Grey

Seaweed Green: Uniqueness personified, Seaweed Green is the option for those who want their car to be a showstopper. This eye-catching shade guarantees your Harrier stands out from the ordinary wherever you venture.

2023 Tata Harrier Seaweed Green

Sunlit Yellow: The most eye-catching option in the Tata Harrier lineup, Sunlit Yellow radiates boldness and vibrancy. If you desire a car that turns heads wherever it goes, this color is your choice.

2023 Tata Harrier Sunlit Yellow

Oberon Black: For an air of mystery and sophistication, choose Oberon Black. This dark, enigmatic shade ensures your Harrier makes a dramatic statement on the road.

2023 Tata Harrier Oberon Black

Select your preferred color, and make your Tata Harrier uniquely yours, reflecting your personality and style.


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