All-New Tata Nexon EV launched at INR 14.74 Lakh

The Nexon.ev has been the undisputable leader in the Indian EV space since launch. From its design and tech finesse to the range options, it has single handedly taken the Indian EV industry to greater heights. The all-new Nexon.ev follows the same spirit and takes the EV game multiple notches higher. An outstanding product with features from 2-3 segments above, multiple charging options providing an uncompromised EV ownership experience, the all-new Nexon.ev is a game-changing product for the automobile industry.

The modern digital design, uncompromised safety and a host of segment first and best features are expected to set the all-new Nexon.ev as an aspirational, compelling choice for the Indian customers who are considering to buy an EV or ICE vehicles in the upper compact and mid-SUV space. Based on the high-voltage state of the art, EV Architecture (cumulatively driven for more than 1.4Bn+ km in tough Indian conditions), the Nexon.ev stands strong on key pillars of Design, Innovation, Technology, Safety, Comfort and Performance. The Nexon.ev is designed to offer a digital drive, experience with multi-mode regen and multi-drive modes.

2023 Tata Nexon EV Price:

 Creative+FearlessFearless+Fearless+ SEmpowered+
Medium Range14,74,00016,19,00016,69,00017,19,000 –
Long Range –18,19,00018,69,00019,19,00019,94,000

All-prices are introductory and ex-showroom India.

Above Segment Features:

  1. Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) Charging
  2. Vehicle to load (V2L) Technology
  3. Arcade.ev – App Suite
  4. SOS Call (Emergency Call / Breakdown Call)
  5. Over The Air Update
  6. Smart Digital Steering Wheel
  7. Paddle Shifter for Regen
  8. 31.24 cm (12.3 inch) Cinematic Touchscreen by HARMAN
  9. 26.03 cm (10.25 inch) Digital Cockpit
  10. Navigation in Cockpit
  11. Phygital Control Panel
  12. Smart Digital Charging Indicator
  13. Smart Digital Welcome & Goodbye Sequence
  14. 4 types of voice assistance – Native voice assistance, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant
  15. JBL Cinematic Sound System with 9 speakers (including subwoofer)
  16. Hidden Rear Wiper
  17. Range – 465 km (ARAI certified)
  18. Electronic Parking Brake with Auto hold

Game Changing Design

  1. All new digital Design
  2. Smart Digital Lights
    • DRLs
    • Centre Position LampX Factor
    • Welcome & Goodbye Sequence
    • Charging Indicator
    • Sequential Indicators
  3. Smart Digital Steering Wheel
  4. Paddle Shifters
  5. Phygital Control Panel
  6. Aerodynamic Styling
  7. R16 Alloy Wheels with Aero Inserts
  8. Hidden Rear Wipers
  9. Persona
    • Empowered: For those who are always driven to make a difference
    • Fearless: for those with an unflinching unshakeable belief in themselves that inspires others
    • Creative: for those who always bring a unique and original perspective, expressing it in all its form

Colour options:

Colour / TrimCreativeFearlessEmpowered
Empowered OxideY
Fearless PurpleY
Creative OceanY
Pristine WhiteYYY
Daytona GreyYYY
Flame RedYYY
Intensi TealY
Roof ColourPristine WhitePiano Black

Game Changing Comfort & Cabin Plushnes

  1. Smart Digital Shifter
  2. Bolstered Ultra Comfort Seats
  3. Ventilated Leatherette Seats
  4. Voice Assisted Electric Sunroof
  5. Type C 45W front and rear fast charging
  6. Grand Centre Console with Front Armrest
  7. Cooled Glove box
  8. 60:40 Rear Seats and Centre Armrest

Game Changing Performance

  1. Liquid Cooled Battery Pack Options (Trusted & proven LFP cell chemistry)
    • Long Range: 40.5kWh – ARAI Certified Range 465 km
    • Medium Range: 30kWh – ARAI Certified Range 325 km
  2. Power & Torque
    • Long Range: 106.4kW, 215Nm
    •  Medium Range: 95kW, 215Nm
  3. Top Speed
    •  Long Range: 150 kph
    •  Medium Range: 120 kph
  4. 0-100 kmph
    • Long Range: 8.9s
    • Medium Range: 9.2s
  5. Multi-Mode Regen with Paddle Shifters – Regenerative braking converts the available kinetic energy during deceleration or braking of vehicle to electrical energy which can charge the High Voltage battery of your EV. Multi-Mode Regen gives the choice to customer for setting the regenerative braking levels depending upon the driving conditions or their driving style.

In all-new Nexon.ev one can choose the levels of regen through paddle shifters, this results in overall improvement in the
efficiency & range of your EV.

Recommendation for selecting Regen Braking Levels
Level 3: Maximum Regeneration: Heavy or Stop & Go City Traffic
Level 2: Intermediate Regeneration: Moderate City Traffic
Level 1: Minimum Regeneration: Default Regen Level for City drives
Level Off: No Regeneration: Coasting on highways & downhill

  1. Different Drive Mode combinations – Nexon.ev comes with 3 drive modes- Eco, City & Sport. Each drive mode has 4 levels
    of regeneration levels thereby giving 12 driving mode options. Experience the exhilarating power of Nexon.ev in Sport Mode.
    215 Nm of Instant torque at tap of the accelerator pedal. 0 to 100 km/h in 8.9s
  2. High Ground Clearance (LR: 190 mm & MR: 205 mm) and Command Driving Position
  3. Multiple charging options – Nexon.ev offers convenience of 4 charging options
    • At Home:
      • a. AC Home Wall Box Charger (MR 10.5 hrs, LR 15* hrs – SOC 10 to 100%)
      • b. 7.2kW AC home Wall box charger (MR 4.3 hrs, LR 6 hrs- SOC 10 to 100%)
    • On the go:
      • a. From any 15 A plug point for anywhere charging (MR 10.5 hrs, LR 15 hrs -SOC 10 to 100%)
        • b. DC Fast Charger (MR/LR 56 Mins SOC 10 to 80%

Game Changing Technology

  1. 31.24 cm (12.3 inch) Cinematic Touchscreen (Infotainment by HARMAN – 1920 X 720 HD)
  2. OTA updates : Over the air updates
  3. 26.03 cm (10.25 inch) Digital Cockpit
  4. Navigation in Cockpit
  5. 4 types of voice assistance – Native voice assistance, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant
  6. 200+ Voice commands in 6 languages
  7. JBL Cinematic Sound System with 9 speakers (including subwoofer)
  8. Wireless Smartphone Charger
  9. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay over wifi
  10. Air Purifier with AQI display
  11. Electronic Parking Brake with Auto hold
  12. Auto Dimming IRVM
  13. Rain Sensing Wiper
  14. Auto Headlamps

Changing Safety

  1. 6 Airbags – Standard in all cars
  2. ESP with iVBAC – Standard in all cars
  3. SOS Call (Emergency Call / Breakdown Call)
  4. Front & Rear Parking Sensor
  5. 360-degree Camera Surround View System
  6. Blind Spot View Monitor
  7. IP67 rated Battery and Motor
  8. Hill Ascent Control
  9. Hill Descent control
  10. Auto Hold
  11. All Disc Brakes with Brake Disc Wiping
  12. Warranty
    • Battery pack and motor warranty: 8 Year or 1,60,000 km (whichever is earlier)
    •  Vehicle warranty: 3 Year or 1,25,000 km (whichever is earlier).

Game Changing Innovation

  1. Bidirectional Charging: It is an advanced technology which is being introduced in Nexon.ev and it is a segment 1st feature. It makes Nexon.ev capable for V2X
    • V2V Charging: Vehicle to Vehicle charging, this feature makes Nexon.ev a power source and is capable to charge other compatible EVs.
    • V2L Technology: Vehicle to Load technology, this feature makes Nexon.ev a power bank and can power any electronic device.
  2. Arcade.ev
    • India’s First EV Infotainment App suite: Highlight the exclusivity of being the first to introduce such a feature in the Indian EV market, as well as within the segment, providing an innovative and futuristic travel experience.
    • Unparalleled Convenience and Entertainment:
      • With Arcade.ev, users have instant access to a diverse range of apps right from the infotainment system. (15+ and many more to come)
      • Enjoy seamless entertainment options including music, podcasts, FM radio, OTT content, and more during the journey.
      • List of Apps:
Categories NameApps
GeneralJio Pages
Music, News & PodcastsDash Radio
Pocket Casts
Trebble FM
TuneIn Radio
Jio Saavn
Sports & GamesJio Games
Beach Buggy
Video & EntertainmentAmazon Prime
Youtube Kids
Disney+ Hotstar
Eros Now

  1. ZConnect Connected Car Tech: is standard across all variants of Nexon.ev. Experience the advanced functionality of ZConnect to further enhance your experience during the drive. Some of the cool features offered by ZConnect are:
    • Driving Score Analytics- Know your driving score. Helps improve your driving style to maximise the efficiency and range
    • Car Location Tracking- Track your car, share location of your car at regular intervals, Navigate to your car location
    • Share your Location from your infotainment screen
    • Locate Charging/Service Station- helps find out nearest chargers, identify chargers along the drive route
    • Real Time Charge Status: know charge on your vehicle, set charge limit
    • Remote Operations: Lock/Unlock, Lights On/Off, Remote Horn, AC On/Off, pre-cool the cabin
    • Geo/Time Fencing, Valet Mode: set a drive/time limit on vehicle. Receive notifications whenever vehicle crosses the set limit
    • Remote Diagnostics: remotely know Daily/monthly health status of your vehicle
    • Alerts: Seat belt alert – In case if seat belt is not buckled. User will get an alert under bell Icon
      • Door open alert – In case Door remains open even after locking the vehicle.
      • Route deviation alert – In case if the user is deviated from the set route or trip
      • 12V Battery Charging Alert – If low voltage battery is low
      • Charging notification – Battery charging recommendation alerts
    • Abrupt charge cut off – If charging session stops below 98% SOC
  2. Smartwatch Connectivity: Access key remote commands & notifications on your smart watch. Lock/Unlock, Lights on Off, Remote Horn, AC On/Off, Pre cool the cabin

2023 Tata Nexon EV Specifications

 Long RangeMedium Range
Electric Drivetrain
Motor (Type)Permanent magnet synchronous AC motor
Electric motor power (kW)106.495
Electric motor torque (Nm)215
Multi Drive ModesMulti drive mode – City, Sport & Eco
Battery pack (kWh)40.530
Thermal management systemLiquid Cooled system
Ingress protection for motor & battery packIP67
Acceleration (0-100 km/h in sec)8.99.2
EmissionZero tailpipe emission
Smart Drive Feature
Smart Drive Features Smart regenerative brakingMulti-mode regenerative braking I 4 Levels (Level 0 – 1 – 2 – 3) 0 – No regen I 3 – Max. regen
Paddle Shifters to control Regen Modes
Customizable Single Pedal Drive
Length x Width x Height (mm)3994 x 1811 x 1616
Wheelbase (mm)2498
Unladen ground clearance (mm)190205
Boot space (Litre)350
SteeringElectrically power assisted
Turning circle radius (m)5.3
Front, RearAll – DiscFront – Disc, Rear – Drum
Front SuspensionIndependent MacPherson strut with coil spring
Rear SuspensionTwist beam with dual path Strut Wheels & Tyre
Wheels & Tyres
Size215 /60 R16 (Make: MRF)
Low Rolling Resistance Tires
Charging StandardCCS2
Portable charging cableYes
Charging optionsHome, 3.3 kW AC Wall Box, 7.2 kW AC Wall Box, DC Fast Charger
Charger Type Included (AC Wall Box)7.2 kW3.3 kW
Estimated regular charging time (SOC 10% to 100% from any 15A plug point)15 hours10.5 hours
Estimated regular charging time (SOC 10% to 100% from 7.2 kW AC fast charger)6 hours4.3 hours
Bi-Directional Charging
Vehicle to Vehicle Charging (V2V Charging)
Vehicle to Load Charging (V2L Charging)
Battery pack and motor warranty8 Year or 1,60,000 km (whichever is earlier)
Vehicle warranty3 Year or 1,25,000 km (whichever is earlier)
Driving range
Certified full charge range (as per MIDC Cycle) (km)465325


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