Yamaha Revs Up India with Fresh Colors and Graphics for its Motorcycle Range

Yamaha Motor India (IYM) Pvt. Ltd. is injecting some serious excitement into its motorcycle lineup with a major refresh for 2024. The company has announced a significant revamp of its motorcycle lineup, featuring new color options and aesthetic enhancements for models such as the R15 V4 and the FZ series, including FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX, FZ-S FI Ver 3.0, FZ FI Ver 3.0, and FZ-X.

As the new year kicks off, the introduction of vibrant color schemes and graphical enhancements aims to stimulate sales and establish stronger connections with young customers nationwide. The focus is on meeting the preferences of young riders and elevating their experience through these updates. The newly introduced color choices are carefully designed to align with each customer’s lifestyle, offering a personalized journey and enticing enthusiasts to embrace ‘The Call of the Blue.’

The highly sporty Yamaha R15 V4 model for 2024 is set to impress enthusiasts with an entirely new and bold color scheme – ‘Vivid Magenta Metallic,’ exclusively available at Yamaha’s upscale Blue Square outlets. The existing Racing Blue and Metallic Red shades have also undergone cosmetic upgrades, featuring refreshing tones and sportier graphics to enhance the model’s appeal.

The Yamaha FZ series for 2024 undergoes a transformative update with stunning new colors designed to captivate onlookers. The FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 Deluxe introduces an all-new ‘Racing Blue’ shade, while the previous Metallic Black color is replaced by the striking Matte Black option. Additionally, the Matte Black and Majesty Red colors have received stylish cosmetic enhancements. Notably, the seat color for the entire Yamaha FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 Deluxe has been transformed to a sleek solid black, adding a refreshing touch to the overall aesthetic.

In an effort to enhance visual appeal, the FZ-S FI Ver 3.0 model is now available in the attractive Matte Grey color, while the FZ FI debuts a captivating Matte Cyan shade. The FZ-X, as a new addition to the vibrant lineup, introduces the robust and rugged Matte Titan color.

With these exciting upgrades, Yamaha is not just revving up its engines, it’s redefining the riding experience for a new generation. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and answer The Call of the Blue!


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