Renault Kardian: The Global Compact, Modern, Tech-Focused SUV

The introduction of Kardian signifies a significant milestone within Renault’s strategic plan, known as “Renaulution,” as it marks the commencement of the “Renovation” phase aimed at rejuvenating Renault’s presence in international markets beyond Europe. This groundbreaking model represents the first of a comprehensive lineup tailored to cater to global audiences, embodying Renault’s fresh approach to non-European markets. Meticulously crafted in alignment with market demands and in close collaboration with teams located in countries with a long-standing Renault presence and Technocentre experts, this model will first be available in Latin America before expanding into other non-European markets.

Renault Kardian, a compact urban B-segment vehicle, exudes the essence of Renault’s DNA in both its aesthetics and features. The front design proudly showcases the brand’s new visual identity, prominently featuring the “Nouvel’R” logo and introducing a distinctive signature lighting pattern. Impressively modern, Kardian incorporates innovations and amenities typically associated with higher-segment vehicles, including 17-inch rims, an elevated console housing an “e-shifter” gear selector, and the versatile MULTI-SENSE system offering a variety of driving modes and eight ambient lighting choices. Safety is paramount, with Kardian boasting six airbags and a comprehensive suite of 13 advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), including a blind-spot warning system and a multi-view camera system.

Kardian marks the inauguration of a new, adaptable Renault platform designed to meet the diverse needs of various non-European markets. For its South American debut, Kardian will feature an innovative powertrain configuration, boasting a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine generating 125 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque, paired with an Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic transmission.

Leveraging its extensive industrial presence across multiple global regions, Renault will initiate Kardian’s production at the Curitiba facility in Brazil, followed by the agile and flexible production capabilities of the Casablanca (SOMACA) plant in Morocco.

A Manifestation of Renault’s Fresh Brand Identity

As the first international vehicle to showcase Renault’s new brand identity, Renault Kardian seamlessly blends the robust form of an SUV with more emotive and streamlined contours. These visual cues, aligned with the brand’s new design language, grant the vehicle a contemporary and tech-oriented appearance, distinguishing it from other international urban SUVs.

A Robust and Dynamic SUV:

Renault Kardian’s exterior design harmoniously integrates crisp lines with rounded elements, seamlessly incorporating essential aspects of the brand’s refreshed visual identity. Its well-proportioned structure, facilitated by a 2.6-meter wheelbase, endows it with a compact profile. Notable SUV features include roof rails, a sculpted and horizontal hood, and reinforced splash guards adorned with colored skid plates. At the rear, the pronounced roofline dip and the angled rear window contribute a dynamic flair to the silhouette, accentuated by the pronounced shoulders, bestowing a robust character upon the vehicle.

Optimized Proportions for Interior Space:

Measuring 4.12 meters in length, 1.75 meters in width, and 1.54 meters in height, Renault Kardian is placed in the B-segment category. Its dimensions render it ideally suited for urban navigation, while its substantial 17-inch wheels, generous 2.6-meter wheelbase, and approach and departure angles of 20° and 36°, respectively, render it versatile for all types of roads. The elongated, class-leading wheelbase ensures abundant rear passenger space, with a capacious boot capacity 410 liters, reinforcing its versatility.

An Identifiable Grille:

Consistent with Renault’s iconic rhombus motif, Renault Kardian features a grille adorned with a 3D “diamond” pattern, formed by a multitude of small rhombuses set against a deep glossy black backdrop. The Renault “Nouvel’R” logo, making its debut on an international model, resides at the heart of the grille, akin to a precious gem.

17-Inch Diamond-Cut Alloy Wheels:

The vehicle’s sides exude a modern ambiance, accentuated by 17-inch diamond-cut aluminum rims. These two-tone rims blend black and polished aluminum with numerous petite diamond-shaped facets, creating a captivating contrast in luminosity.

Innovative Signature Lighting:

Integral to Renault’s new brand identity, Kardian features signature lighting with two modules per side. The upper module arranges LED daytime running lights (DRLs) and indicators in a slim strip for a refined and contemporary appearance. The lower module incorporates all-LED headlamps, elevating driving comfort and giving Renault Kardian an exclusive look. The pure white hue of these LEDs enhances road visibility and safety.

The rear of the vehicle features Renault’s characteristic signature lighting: C-shaped taillights. Coupled with the boot design and the shark fin antenna, these lights reinforce Kardian’s SUV character and modern aesthetics.

Adaptable Roof Bars:

Renault Kardian is equipped with versatile roof bars, easily switchable between lengthwise and crosswise positions using the appropriate spanner. These bars can support up to 80 kilograms of cargo and are silver in color, mirroring the hue of the front and rear skid plates.

Contemporary and Vibrant Color Options:

Upon its South American launch, Renault Kardian will be available in five colors: Glacier White, Star Grey, Cassiopea Grey, Pearl Black, and Orange Energy which a striking new hue complemented by a two-tone black roof. The silver roof bars and front and rear skid plates further underscore the harmonious combination of the orange bodywork with the black roof, imparting a definitively modern look.

A Modern and Technology-Oriented Interior

Renault Kardian’s interior is meticulously crafted to offer passengers a harmonious blend of modernity, cutting-edge technology, and an emotionally engaging design. The cabin seamlessly embodies the SUV spirit, housing equipment and premium materials typically reserved for higher-tier vehicles.

A Raised Console and Segment-Leading Storage Capacity:

Elevating the cabin experience, Renault Kardian features a prominent raised console that gives it with a distinctive SUV identity. This console, boasting an best-in-class storage capacity of eight liters, includes an armrest, four USB ports (two in the front and two for rear passengers), and a smartphone compartment with wireless charging. In total, Renault Kardian offers more than 26 liters of internal storage space, surpassing any other B-segment vehicle in Brazil.

Intuitive “E-Shifter” Gear Selector and Electric Parking Brake:

Renault Kardian is equipped with an innovative “e-shifter” gear selector, devoid of mechanical cables, enabling seamless gear shifting through a simple push motion. This joystick-style lever, reminiscent of the world of gaming, ensures a smooth and intuitive driving experience, infusing a resolutely technological essence into the cabin. Another noteworthy interior feature is the electric parking brake, not only enhancing the cabin’s modernity but also optimizing the space between the driver and front-seat passenger.

State-of-the-Art Digital Dashboard:

Renault Kardian proudly introduces a modern and refined seven-inch digital dashboard as a distinct highlight. This interface displays pertinent driving information and facilitates effortless navigation between different views. The screen’s backlight color can be personalized among eight ambient lighting options, all controllable via the multimedia screen, which harmoniously integrates with the LEDs adorning the front door panels, further enhancing Renault Kardian’s interior aesthetics. The chosen ambient lighting is also mirrored on the multimedia screen.

8-Inch Multimedia Display with MULTI-SENSE Features:

Renault Kardian’s technological prowess shines through its eight-inch multimedia floating screen with sleek, minimalistic borders. The multimedia system seamlessly supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay through both wired and wireless connections, enabling direct usage of smartphone driving and entertainment applications. The screen is exceptionally responsive, delivering a seamless user experience.

This screen serves as the gateway to the MULTI-SENSE settings, offering an array of emotions and sensations. It empowers the driver to select from three distinct driving modes—Eco, Sport, and MySense—and to choose from various ambient lighting options that align with their mood.

Contemporary Materials and Vibrant Hues:

Every facet of Renault Kardian’s interior has been meticulously designed to convey a sense of modernity and dynamism, including the choice of colors and materials. The seats are upholstered with a fabric featuring orange gradations. Adding a refreshing burst of color, the dashboard is adorned with orange stitching and a decorative band crafted from grained coated fabric, TEP, a material also utilized in the front door inserts.

Notably, Renault Kardian’s signature seats are adorned with striking 3D rhombus patterns, adding a distinctive touch to the overall design.

Prevention and Safety Features: Cutting-Edge Smart Technologies

Renault Kardian is brimming with a wide array of smart technologies, encompassing a total of 13 advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), including two exclusive features not found in any other B-segment vehicle in Brazil. The heightened sense of safety derived from the elevated driving position is complemented by a range of passive safety components, such as six airbags, and a reinforced vehicle structure aimed at mitigating collision impacts.

Unique Blind Spot Warning and Multi-View Camera Systems:

To ensure a secure and seamless driving experience, Renault Kardian is equipped with a blind spot warning system, a distinctive feature absent in other B-segment vehicles in Brazil. This system serves as a vigilant sentinel, alerting the driver to the presence of vehicles outside their line of sight, particularly during lane changes. Operating within speeds ranging from 30 to 140 km/h and leveraging four ultrasonic sensors positioned on both sides of the vehicle, this system employs flashing LED lights on the door mirrors to convey visual warnings to the driver. Activation or deactivation of this function is easily managed through the multimedia screen on the dashboard.

Adding to the safety arsenal is the multi-view camera system, another standout component not available in other B-segment vehicles in Brazil. This system simplifies the driver’s experience by presenting real-time views of obstacles at the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle on the eight-inch multimedia central screen during reversing and parking maneuvers. The driver possesses the ability to adjust the angles of the left, right, front, and rear-view cameras for optimal visibility.

Adaptive Cruise Control for Comfort and Safety

Renault Kardian incorporates an adaptive cruise control (ACC) system, a valuable asset for extended journeys that prioritizes driver comfort and safety. This sensor-driven system automatically regulates the vehicle’s speed to maintain a preset following distance from the vehicle ahead, obviating the need to manipulate the accelerator pedal constantly. When no preceding vehicle is detected, ACC functions akin to conventional cruise control. This system can be engaged at speeds of 30 km/h and its status is conveniently displayed on the navigation screen.

Safe Distance Alert System:

The safe distance alert system provides the driver with real-time feedback about the temporal gap between their vehicle and the one ahead, facilitating the maintenance of a secure separation. It functions when the vehicle’s speed falls within the range of 30 to 180 km/h, disengaging when the adaptive control system is activated.

Frontal Collision Warning and Active Emergency Braking Systems:

The frontal collision warning system combines camera and radar technology to notify the driver if their proximity to the vehicle ahead becomes dangerously close. A visual warning appears on the navigation screen, accompanied by an audible alert prompting the driver to apply the brakes. In situations where the driver’s response is delayed, the active emergency braking system intervenes automatically, engaging the brakes to bring the vehicle to a halt.

Additional Key ADAS Features:

Renault Kardian’s comprehensive ADAS suite also encompasses a hill start assistance system, which springs into action when the vehicle is stationary on a slope exceeding three degrees. This feature prevents unwanted rolling by applying the brakes when the driver transitions from the brake pedal to the accelerator. It securely holds the vehicle in place for two seconds before releasing the brakes.

Moreover, speed limiters and cruise control systems offer drivers enhanced peace of mind, aiding in fuel conservation and reducing fatigue during extended journeys.

Six Airbags for Comprehensive Protection:

Prioritizing passive safety, Renault Kardian is fortified with a total of six airbags, encompassing those for the driver, front passenger, side, and curtain airbags. The vehicle’s front section is bolstered to diminish the impact of frontal and side collisions. Additionally, in critical driving situations, the electronic stability control (ESC) system intervenes when it detects deviations from the driver’s intended path.

Elevated Driving Pleasure

The new Kardian SUV introduces Renault Group’s innovative modular platform in Brazil, setting a new benchmark in its segment by delivering exceptional fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. This achievement is made possible by the groundbreaking 1.0-liter 125 horsepower turbocharged engine, boasting 125 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque, harmoniously paired with an EDC dual-clutch gearbox. This mechanical combination, a pioneering offering in Latin America, caters to both performance and efficiency.

Pioneering the New Modular Platform:

Renault, a global leader among French automakers, has strategically focused on four key industrial and commercial hubs: Latin America, North Africa-Turkey, India, and South Korea. With these markets in sight, Renault Group has designed a unique modular platform, providing a versatile foundation for crafting a diverse range of tailor-made vehicles. In the future, this platform will facilitate the creation of seven international vehicle models, manufactured in the Group’s four industrial regions—Latin America, Turkey, Morocco, and India.

The platform’s remarkable flexibility empowers the development of vehicles with varying body types, silhouettes, lengths ranging from 4 to 5 meters, four wheelbase options spanning 2.6 to 3 meters, and three rear module lengths. Renault Kardian is the inaugural, and most compact, vehicle to harness the potential of this groundbreaking modular platform. This platform will be instrumental in the creation of an array of vehicles, including larger pick-up trucks and other appealing designs. It’s noteworthy that Renault Group’s next-gen modular platform will integrate a state-of-the-art electrical and electronic architecture, ensuring compatibility with current and forthcoming regulations.

Innovative 125 HP Flex-Fuel Engine with 220 Nm Torque:

Renault Kardian makes its Brazilian debut equipped with a novel 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged direct injection engine, producing an impressive 125 horsepower (92 kW) and a robust 220 Nm of torque. This engine is ingeniously matched with an Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic transmission, elevating the driving experience to new heights. The combination of this mechanical marvel, complemented by the Stop & Start system, not only enhances responsiveness but also augments driving pleasure, all while maintaining reduced CO2 emissions. The engine’s 220 Nm of torque offers an efficient and eco-friendly driving experience.

Efficient Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission:

Renault Kardian, like several of the brand’s European models, is equipped with a 1.0 three-cylinder turbocharged engine and an Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) transmission. This innovative system utilizes two clutches to facilitate lightning-fast gear shifts without any interruptions in torque, thereby enhancing driving comfort and responsiveness. The driver also has the option to manually shift gears using paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Moreover, this transmission employs wet dual-clutch technology, a competitive advantage in the Latin American market, optimizing clutch cooling and extending their durability. This transmission, bearing the technical name DW23, marks a world-first debut in Latin American markets.

Renault Kardian Dimensions

Overall length4119
Front overhang828
Rear overhang687
Overall width without/with mirrors1773 / 2025
Front track1517
Rear track1509
Height with roof bars / without1544 / 1595
Height with hatch open (unladen)2050
Sill height (unladen)801
Approach/departure angle20°/36°
Ground clearance (unladen)209
Front elbow width1399
Rear elbow width1406
Front shoulder width1394
Rear shoulder width1368
Headroom in 1st row (normal roof/glass roof)898
Headroom in 2nd row (normal roof/glass roof)878
Maximum width of boot1353
Width between wheel arches1005
Total boot capacity410 L


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