All-New Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric family vehicle makes world debut

Megane opened the way and now it’s Scenic’s turn to reinvent itself and take over as the spearhead for Renault’s new generation of electric vehicles. The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric is designed around families and their need to travel freely and safely. And it blends seamlessly into the Renaulution strategic plan: it is electric, up-to-the-minute, brimming with useful and intuitive technology, and designed more sustainably. It is the first production car to encapsulate Renault Group’s aim to become a next-generation automobile manufacturer championing fair transition. It embodies the Group’s new sustainability strategy and the three pillars that strategy stands on: the environment, safety and inclusion.

Scenic’s 27 years of evolution

Renault has been writing the Scenic story for 27 years. It was born in 1996 (five years after the eponymous concept car was unveiled in 1991) and revolutionised the market by becoming the first compact MPV in European automotive history. Its name is short for Safety Concept Embodied in a New Innovative Car. Families, their travel habits, their eagerness to curb their impact on the environment and their aspirations regarding safety have evolved over the years, and Scenic has changed in step with them – and sometimes a step ahead of them. Today it features an all-electric powertrain and is recasting C-segment cars for families, beckoning them to travel while keeping its pioneering and family-friendly DNA. Scenic was always designed to be a household’s main car, for long journeys at weekends and on holidays. It still is, with its 620-km-plus WLTP range. It is the first more sustainably designed electric vehicle, and cares about its passengers’ well-being and the world around it. It is tomorrow’s family car here today.

The par-excellence family vehicle

It is built on the CMF-EV platform developed by the Alliance, and its design is bold: its footprint is small relative to the category, but its roominess is record-breaking. It has a compact battery (supplying up to 87 kWh), which frees up even more space inside the car to make the most of its ideal proportions. The motor delivers up to 160 kW (equivalent to 220 hp) so the car is agile, lively and right for every drive. Inside, it is comfortable for all its passengers. Its flat roof and 2.78-metre-long wheelbase make it spacious. So, there is plenty of room for passengers (including a 278 mm knee radius at the back) and for luggage (in its 545-litre boot). The trailblazing Solarbay opacifying glass roof and Ingenious armrest complete the full range of comfort-enhancing amenities.

The OpenR Link multimedia system comes with more than 50 apps so you can plan your journey effortlessly and enjoy it with everyone travelling with you. Its signature sound sequence is in a class by itself – the result of an extraordinary team endeavour with composer Jean-Michel Jarre.

And the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric will be the first electric vehicle in Renault’s line-up to include the Esprit Alpine trim, which adds an exhilarating sporty edge. It is made at the plant in Douai (ElectriCity), as it has been since the beginning, and will reach the market at the beginning of 2024.

The first more sustainably designed family car

Building a next-generation automotive company in particular involves taking a new look at cars and how we use them, to make trailblazing, more responsible and safer mobility available to as many people as possible. It also means shrinking vehicles’ environmental footprints throughout their life cycle – during design and production, on the road and at the end of their life, i.e. from cradle to grave. This fifth Renault Scenic generation is ushering in a new vision of mobility. Smarter consumption and more responsible production are becoming the norm. And, through its Purpose and Renaulution strategic plan, Renault Group is becoming a next-generation, tech-centred company geared for creating economic value as much as environmental and social value and aiming for carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and worldwide by 2050. A decarbonisation pioneer, Renault unveiled its Scenic Vision concept car – showcasing the brand’s goal to create more sustainable, visionary vehicles – at the 2022 ChangeNOW Summit. And this vision is starting to materialise today with the first more sustainably designed all-electric family vehicle, The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric. This all-electric family vehicle is more inventive, more generous and more right for its time than ever. It is taking sustainable development and safety to new heights. The The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric is assembled in France, at the ElectriCity plant in Douai, and is blazing a new trail towards greener, safer and more avantgarde mobility. Its motor is also made in France, at the Megafactory in Cléon. Up to 24% of the vehicle’s materials are recycled and 90% of its mass – including the battery – is recyclable, under the terms of Directive 2005/64/EC, in industrial facilities. So the journey to new, safer and more responsible mobility has started!

Exterior: Giving, Daring And Right For Today

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric is a new breed of family car and right for its day. Some of its looks and features come from the SUV world, and its lowered beltline and liquid lines give it a saloon-like feel. The combination is an ideal balance between modern style, uncompromising comfort indoors and optimised aerodynamics. Its design emphatically showcases Renault’s new visual language, which Gilles Vidal brought in, by intertwining up-to-the-minute tension lines and technical details with the ample curves that define the brand’s cars for life and living.

A new visual language

The new visual language that Renault unveiled in 2022, with the Scenic Vision concept car, has now reached production models in the Renault range and for the first time to an electric model with the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric. The ample curves are part of the brand’s legacy and capture its lively, people-friendly disposition. The sharper, structured character lines combined with the many high-tech details teleport the vehicle into today’s connected world. The carefully calibrated surfaces all around the vehicle create light that travels around and blends into the body, giving it a compelling personality.

An ideal architecture for a family vehicle

Early Scenic generations fit comfortably in their day’s MPV category and their windshield and bonnet formed a roughly straight line. The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s architecture, however, is groundbreaking: it has a flat floor, large 19- and 20-inch wheels, a longer wheelbase and a Solarbay opacifying panoramic roof, making it a novel vehicle for families that suits their every want and need. Its proportions are unique – 4.47 metres long, 1.86 metres wide and 1.57 metres high –, providing remarkable roominess and uncompromising comfort for everyone inside. The one-of-a-kind concept behind de Scenic, a vehicle created for the driver as much as the passengers, provides an optimal position for everyone. The driver seat’s extra height is reassuring and enhances safety. It reclines as much as the driver seat in most saloons, for added driving pleasure and liveliness. The passengers at the rear have as much kneeroom and headroom as in the top C-segment family cars.

A dynamic, attention-grabbing silhouette

Aerodynamics was a central concern throughout the design process, to maximise efficiency as much as range, and it shows in the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s vibrant silhouette. At the front, air curtains under the daytime lights improve air intake around the vehicle. The vehicle’s profile interweaves wide cambering and sharp ridges. The vehicle’s sculpted back dispels drag with a conspicuous, character-defining line on either side of the bumper.

The 20-inch wheels are purpose-designed to increase the vehicle’s efficiency. These lightweight, aluminium-forged Oracle wheels come with add-ons to reduce air inlet space and thereby enhance aerodynamics (SCx). And the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s door handles are flush – so they look modern besides improving aerodynamics.

Personality that emanates sturdiness

The car’s extra-long wheelbase – 2.78 metres, 10 cm more than the Megane E-Tech electric’s –, very short front and back overhang, and wheels as close to the body’s corners as they possibly can be, are a few of the possibilities that the CMF-EV platform opened up for the designers. And the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric, as a result, is a sturdy vehicle with a powerful personality. The beltline skims the rear quarter windows’ edges, underlining the dynamic silhouette and adding brawn around the rear wheels. The door-base shields, wheel-arch extenders and front and rear skid plates accentuate its self-confident personality. The roof bars complete the balance between aerodynamics and sturdiness. They are included in all the trims and perfectly suited to families’ needs.

Distinctive, custom-built wheels

With their characteristic looks – including the Renault logo in the centre –, the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s 19- and 20- inch wheels round out the vehicle’s modern design. The Esprit Alpine trim’s 20-inch wheels are in a class by themselves and mirror the A-and-arrow brand’s distinctive identity with their black, diamond-cut, smoky-lacquered faces around grey centres. The combined effect adds tonicity, technicity and finesse.

A bonnet that exudes self-assurance

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s long horizontal bonnet is carved into symmetric lines that taper into the practically horizontal line overhanging the grille. The edges over the wings seem to hold it in place, which to the car’s powerful, sturdy feel.

Diamond shapes enhancing the grille

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s front face is a particularly strong identity statement, with the Nouvel’R logo and Renault’s new signature headlamp pattern underscoring its brand image. The logo is at a vertical angle on the grille, among an array of superimposed small rhombi, which appear or disappear depending on the light and angle. These patterns merge into the headlights at the top of the grille, creating a spectacular high-tech effect.

A new signature light pattern and Welcome sequence

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric features the Renault vehicles’ signature lights. Its rhombus-like pattern is forceful, radiates sturdiness and underlines the brand’s identity. The two half rhombi housing the daytime running lamps stand upright, by the face’s outer edges, so people around the vehicle can clearly see its width, for added safety. And the face plays a strikingly high-tech Welcome sequence with the daytime and other lights.

A high-tech rear

Several features at the back also underscore the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s high-tech, modern aura. Like the daytime headlamps, the two lights at the rear are as far apart as they can be, and look like two arrows facing each other, again to visually stretch the vehicle widthways. Micro-optical technology brings them to life when they are on, and they appear to float when they are off. The Scenic monogram beneath the Nouvel’R logo completes this unprecedented look and boosts its up-to-the-minute feel with slender lettering resembling the logo and its sharper angles.

Six body colours

The All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric will be available in Flame Red, Midnight Blue, Starry Black, Shale Grey Glossy, Shale Grey Satin (exclusive to the Esprit Alpine trim) and Pearl White. This last colour emphasises the car’s simple, ample looks while accentuating the body’s lines. Depending on the trim, you can choose one colour for the roof and pillars (Starry Black or Shale Grey Glossy), and another for the rest of the body.

Sustainable Development: From Scénic Vision To All-New Scénic E-Tech Electric

Back in 2022, the Scenic Vision concept car heralded the first production car to embody Renault Group’s and the Renault brand’s commitments regarding sustainability. The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric is this vision in action, and opening the door to greener mobility that preserves natural resources and protects the climate – across the board, i.e. encompassing resources, materials, components, processes and so forth.

A more sustainable car, recycled materials and streamlined processes

The issues around climate change, preserving resources and evolving mobility habits are radically reshaping the automotive industry’s value chain. Creating more environmentally-friendly vehicles is at the core of Renault Group’s vision and its roadmap to increase the proportion of recycled materials relative to total mass to 33% by 2030. The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric is paving the way, with up to 24% of the mass of its materials coming from recycling streams, including several closed loops (turning scraps of a material into new parts made of the same material). When it reaches the end of its life, 90% of its mass – including the battery – will be recyclable in industrial facilities, under the terms of Directive 2005/64/EC.

Ever more recycled materials in the body

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s ferrous components (structure, body, axles, parts of the undercarriage, etc.) are on average 37% recycled materials, and its bonnet and doors are up to 40% recycled aluminium. The aluminium is processed in a closed loop: during cutting operations, for instance, offcuts are sorted, compacted and sent back to the supplier, which feeds them back into its production line then ships them back to the factory to become new parts. This closed recycling loop helps to reduce carbon emissions during vehicle production and to secure stocks of materials. Aluminium also lightens a car’s body, and this increases efficiency.

Recycled materials in the passenger compartment

Like the outside, several of the parts that the passengers and driver see and are in contact with inside the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric are recycled or made from renewable materials:

  • The dashboard structure materials are up to 80% recycled (polypropylene from industry scrap) and the dashboard cowling materials are 43% bio-sourced (kenaf, a plant that yields a fibre resembling jute);
  • 51% of the steering wheel cover is bio-sourced: 25% is PVC made from ricin oil, 26% is cotton weft;
  • The cockpit is 26% recycled plastic, steel and other materials (visible and not visible);
  • The reinforcements of the storage bins in the door panels are 50% natural fibre;
  • The carpets are 97.65% recycled material (Dilours) from plastic bottles;
  • 99.5% recycled material from plastic bottles in the headlining;
  • The seat covers in the Techno and Esprit Alpine trim are 100% recycled fabric and the seat covers in the Iconic version are 87% recycled fabric. The Esprit Alpine trims use fabric made from the reprocessing of plastic bottles (80%) and seat belts (20%).

No leather

In addition to the limited use of chrome, there is no leather whatsoever in the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric. On the steering wheel, for instance, it has been replaced with a grained coated fabric, and on the seats with recycled fibres. These materials have a smaller carbon footprint than leather and do not diminish perceived quality, feel or comfort. Renault has confirmed its plan to phase out leather entirely by 2025.

Recycled glass

To take resource preservation to new heights, the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric uses recycled glass. The vehicle features the Solarbay opacifying glass panoramic roof (see page 19), developed in partnership with Saint-Gobain. Only 50% of all the glass in the roof is made from primary raw materials; the rest is made from waste from plate glass and car glass production processes.

Renault Group and Saint-Gobain have taken one step further on their closed-loop – car-to-car – approach to recycling with an innovative plan to use recycled glass from end-of-life vehicles from the Indra, network, a subsidiary of The Future is NEUTRAL, Renault Group’s entity specialised in the circular economy within the automotive industry. The recovered glass will be used to make tinted windows for Renault Group brands starting at the end of this year.

This initiative is an example of Renault Group’s strategy to work in an ecosystem encompassing its partner suppliers in the automotive sector, its own entities and its brands.

A second life for batteries

Renault Group is the first carmaker to work on the battery’s full life cycle, and has thus developed solid expertise in extending battery lives as well as in using them in new ways.

The modular design of the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s battery pack makes it easy to repair and recycle, which is possible at over 20 maintenance centres in Europe. When a battery’s capacity drops below the required level, it is used in stationary storage systems powering residential or office buildings or, in some cases, other mobile systems (vessels, refrigerated units, machinery, airport logistics, etc.).

Production plants aiming for carbon neutrality

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric is assembled at the plant in Douai, within ElectriCity, and benefits from localized production that is closer to the countries where it is sold, and more responsible. Renault Group is aiming for carbon neutrality at its three ElectriCity plants as early as 2025, at all its production plants in Europe as early as 2030 and at all its production plants worldwide by 2050.

No rare earths in the electronics, battery and motor

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric, like ZOE and Megane E-Tech electric before it, runs on an excited synchronous motor. This technology is more efficient than a permanent magnet motor and uses no rare earths, which limits its impact on the environment and mass production costs. The fact that the battery contains no rare earths also shrinks the vehicle’s environmental impact.

Zero CO2 emissions in use thanks to the electric powertrain

As electric cars release less greenhouse gases in use, and throughout their life cycle, they have a role to play showing the way to more sustainable mobility. The All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric is doing exactly that with zero emissions in use and no CO2 or regulated air pollutant emissions, and by running more silently and thus reducing noise pollution around it. Its aerodynamic design and all the tools to optimise energy management in its powertrain maximise its efficiency.

Platform And Powertrains: Long Journeys In An Electric Vehicle

The All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric is the perfect blend between driving pleasure, agile handling and top-of-the-range comfort. The Alliance’s CMF-EV modular platform and innovative technical configurations take the driving experience to the next level and match a saloon’s performance. The all-electric motor’s range of up to 620 km (WLTP) still make it the family car for daily drives and long journeys.

Unrivalled agility

The engineers put a lot of work into making the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric as agile and smooth to drive as a saloon. Even though it is larger and has a longer wheelbase than the Megane E-Tech electric, its steering ratio is exactly the same as a saloon’s – 12, the lowest on the market. So the car responds immediately. The electric power steering and the Parallel Link multi-link rear axle, which is suited to the car’s dimensions, contribute to its excellent handling and steering precision. Its curb-to-curb turning circle, 10.9 metres, is remarkable for a vehicle of this size.

Best-in-class stability and comfort

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s roll angle is only 0.4 degrees, striking an ideal balance between agility and comfort. Radically reducing body roll increases cornering stability. The longer wheelbase, wider wheel track and suspension-spring calibration also play their part in the car’s excellent stability and add up to an extremely agile vehicle that stays flat on corners.

Four levels of regenerative braking

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric has four levels of regenerative braking. In Drive mode, it kicks in when you take your foot off the accelerator, turning the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electric energy, which is stored in the battery. The electric motor doubles up as a generator when the braking system is used to harvest energy.

Depending on your mood and the type of road, you can choose any of four levels using two paddles behind the steering wheel, from 0 (no regeneration, the car keeps on moving at the same speed when you ease the pressure on the accelerator, for example on a motorway) to 3 (maximum regeneration, for instance in cities; the motor handles most of the braking when you take your foot off the accelerator, so you don’t need to step on the brake pedal). Every time you brake, in other words, energy is being recovered to extend the vehicle’s total range, while you enjoy an optimal and pleasant driving experience.

A choice of two motors

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric has a more compact and lighter excited synchronous motor with eight magnetic cores. It is available in two versions:

  • 125 kW (170 hp) and 280 Nm
  • 160 kW (220 hp) and 300 Nm

This motor, developed within the Alliance and made at the Megafactory in Cléon (Normandy), contains no rare earths, which limits its impact on the environment. And it is at the hub of a responsible production ecosystem based in France.

Two battery capacity levels and up to 620 km of range

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric has a choice of two battery capacities:

  • 60 kWh for a 420 km or greater range
  • 87 kWh for a 620 km or greater range

This battery was optimised down do the smallest details to fit flawlessly into the CMF-EV platform (the modules are arranged over two tiers) and provide top performance. The 87 kWh version is made up of 12 modules containing 16 cells each and the 60 kWh version of 12 modules containing 24 cells. The modules in these batteries can be easily exchanged and repaired individually.

Full charging compatibility

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric is compatible with several charging systems – which makes it even more pleasurable to drive. All versions of the vehicle have a built-in charger that works with DC fast chargers by or near motorways and with single-phase home systems. Compatibility with AC three-phase charging systems supplying up to 22 kW – which are common in cities and enable fairly fast charging, often at a reasonable cost – is included as standard or as an optional extra depending on the country.

More range on long journeys

Managing battery temperature is one of the key success factors for electric vehicles in general. Extreme temperatures can affect their performance, reliability, safety and lifespan. But several fixtures and breakthroughs around the battery have helped to optimise The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s range, especially on long drives.

The battery has 6% more energy density than Megane E-Tech electric’s battery, thanks to a new LG’s NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt) battery’s chemistry. Then, the calories from the battery and powertrain are harvested when the vehicle is slowing down or braking, then used to warm the passenger compartment through a heat pump, which is built into all the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric versions as standard.

In practice, users of the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric travel with peace of mind, charging when they stop. They don’t have to “stop to charge”, so they can maintain their usual habits. For example, on a Paris-Bordeaux journey, after a long first leg (up to 370 km of freeway), users can choose to make just one one-hour stop (for lunch, for example) or two short stops of less than 30 minutes. A Paris-Marseille journey can similarly be made in two or three stops, and a Hamburg-Munich in two.

Optimised charging time

Pre-conditioning the battery is a key factor in maximising charge efficiency. The system uses Google Maps to automatically start pre-conditioning the battery when the car is nearing the charging points selected in the app. The battery is therefore at an ideal temperature on arrival, so you can charge it faster and/or more.

Lowering the optimal temperature to 25°C, while adjusting the battery’s chemistry, enables The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric to deliver charging performance characterized by an improved charging curve and a longer “plateau. As a result, you can get up to 2 hours of range on motorways (equivalent to approximately 50 kWh with a 150 kW charge) by charging for 30 minutes.

Revamped interfaces

The interfaces to schedule battery pre-conditioning and charging have been redesigned, both on the OpenR Link system and My Renault app, for greater simplicity and efficiency. You can for instance set your departure time and your weekly schedule jointly for the air conditioning and charging. Other more precise settings (pre-conditioning temperature, the areas requiring preheating, specific times, etc.) remain accessible.

A complete ecosystem with Mobilize

“All-inclusive” deals developed in partnership with Mobilize will be available from Renault for the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric users to simplify charging at home and during drives. This comprehensive solution will make the transition to electric mobility easier than ever.

To charge their vehicle at home, customers will be able to order their system – a terminal or reinforced socket, including installation – directly from their sales executive when they buy their electric vehicle. The price is set based on the terminal’s location in the customer’s home – so there is no need for a technician to come by beforehand – using an innovative tool based on Google Maps.

Mobilize will offer an innovative terminal, Powerbox, delivering up to 22 kW – to make the most of the built-in 22 kW AC charger available as standard or as an optional extra. It is made in France, part of the Scenic ecosystem and, like the vehicle, geared for sustainable and responsible mobility. The terminal comes with several advantages: it is simple to use, customers can monitor consumption and they can start or stop charging their vehicle remotely. It is designed to be set up indoors or outdoors and comes with a locking and unlocking mechanism so it can only be used by people authorised to do so. Powerbox also has an anti-tripping system, which automatically lowers the amount of electricity it draws if several other appliances in the house are using considerable amounts of electricity at the time. It is also easy to repair: the issue can be diagnosed remotely and sometimes fixed remotely; otherwise a technician is dispatched to fix it with all the facts about the problem.

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric will also come with the Mobilize Smart Charge service to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint from charging at home. The app can charge the vehicle during the time windows when electricity is the least expensive and least carbon-intensive, without the driver needing to take any action. This can lower their electricity bill – and perhaps even earn them rewards for flexibility. Mobilize Smart Charge will initially be available in France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

For longer journeys, users can also opt for Mobilize Charge Pass, available via the My Renault app. This Pass is an alternative to signing up for several separate services: drivers can use it to pay for charges across the largest network in Europe (over 500,000 points in 25 countries, 50% offering 22 kW charges). Users are also entitled to preferential rates in the Ionity network (over 2,600 points alongside motorways) if they take out a separate subscription.

Life On Board: Well-Being For All

The All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric beckons the driver to hit the road and the passengers to enjoy it. The inside is designed to provide the highest levels of home-like comfort. It is full of light, spacious, cosy and full of features, so you can enjoy every kilometre without worrying about what time you will reach your destination. This new universe encapsulates Scenic’s rebirth: it is more connected to the world, inside and outside, than ever before.

Solarbay, the new opacifying glass roof

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric comes with the Solarbay panoramic glass roof, developed in partnership with Saint-Gobain. The AmpliSky technology built into it makes this system unique: it can opacify and clarify the glass one segment at a time, on demand, using a combination of PDLCs (polymer dispersed liquid crystals) and electric fields to displace molecules. Renault is the first mass-market carmaker to include a choice of full or segmented opacification capabilities.

Exactly how you want it

The driver and passengers can choose any of four roof settings: all light, all opaque, light at the front and opaque at the back, and the reverse. And it’s more practical than a standard shutter. For example, the passengers in the back can decide to lighten or opacify the roof in their area regardless of what the people at the front want. And all can control the Solarbay effortlessly using just their voice with Google Assistant, or set it using a button by the overhead light. The segment-by-segment animation positively wows passengers.

Superior comfort and extra elegance

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s Solarbay opacifying sunroof minimises the hothouse effect inside the car and keeps the temperature comfortable in summer as well as winter – more so than a mechanical shutter. It opacifies automatically when you power off and exit the car. Then, when you restart the motor, Solarbay switches back to the position it was in before. The larger window and extra headroom add to the feeling of being in an open space filled with light. Removing the mechanical or electric shutter adds 30 mm of headroom, which considerably improves passenger comfort without increasing the vehicle’s height, so without affecting its efficiency.

Engineered for recycling

Besides keeping the indoor temperature right and allowing as much or as little sunlight in as the passengers in each row want, the Solarbay opacifying glass roof has a smaller carbon footprint than a standard powered shutter: it is 6 to 8 kg lighter (because it doesn’t use rails, lining or a motor), so it helps to lower energy consumption. As approximately 50% of all the glass is made from primary raw materials and the rest is made from waste from plate glass and car glass production processes, and its weight and height have been optimised, this roof is designed for more circularity and is thus more sustainable. Its unique design makes it simple to repair and all its parts can be replaced separately. And the end of its life, more than 90% of the glass can be recycled (powdered, filtered and reused in various ways).

Smart storage space

The many clever storage areas in this family car add up to 38.7 litres, ranking the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric as the best in its class. These include the glove compartment (4 litres), car door bins (13.6 litres), a large, open storage area on the centre console (6.6 litres) with two large cupholders (2 litres) and a compartment under the armrest (3.4 litres) for keys and other bits and pieces. This armrest slides 70 mm forwards and backwards, making it extra comfortable for the driver and passenger next to them. There is also ample storage space under the centre screen, including a wireless charging port for smartphones. The pockets behind the front seats (2.4 litres each) are designed for magazines or electronic devices.

The “ingenious” rear armrest

Back-seat passengers have the Ingenious armrest to optimise their experience on board. It has two swivelling arms by each of the passengers, storage space for smartphones and tablets, folding-out stands to watch screens comfortably, two drink holders and two USB-C outlets. This high-tech armrest has 3.6 litres of storage capacity in all. And there is a trap door concealed at the end of the boot, so you can fit long items in the passenger compartment without folding down the back bench or removing the shelf over the boot.

As spacious as you expect a Scenic to be

Even though it is more compact than the usual C-segment cars, the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric is remarkably roomy, partly because it is built on the CMF-EV platform and has a flat floor. The platform’s long wheelbase (2.78 metres) provides passengers at the back with a comfortable 278 mm knee radius and extra headroom, 884 mm, in the versions with the Solarbay opacifying sunroof. And, to make the most of family holidays, the All-new Scenic E-Tech Electric has an ample 545 litre boot – the largest in its segment (or 1,670 litres with the bench folded down).

Light and bright seats

In addition to the sunlight from the Solarbay opacifying panoramic roof, the upholstery’s clear tones enhance the feeling of space inside. The modern, elegant design takes comfort to the next level. The rear bench comes with a random, asymmetrical pattern (no two models are alike). Esprit Alpine trim seats are slightly darker to step up the sporty feel.

Linden inside

In the high-end Iconic version, linden sheets cover the dashboard and door panels, giving the car a cosy, classy aura. The wood is FSC-certified, attesting that it is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

A signature sound, by Jean-Michel Jarre

Renault and Jean-Michel Jarre teamed up in a remarkable joint endeavour to develop a new sound experience in the brand’s future electric vehicles including the All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech.

Electronic music pioneer, composer and technology aficionado Jean-Michel Jarre joined forces with Renault, along with Ircam and the Group’s sound design teams, to develop two types of sounds: VSPs (Vehicle Sounds for Pedestrians, to warn people that the car is approaching when it is moving at less than 30 km/h) and the Welcome sound sequence (which plays when you sit in the car). They analysed every detail, down to the last decibel, to create sounds that capture the Renault brand’s spirit, are instantly recognisable in our cities’ soundscapes and convey a feeling of movement. Crystal Garden, a track from the artist’s latest album, Oxymore, inspired the VSP, and the Welcome sequence treats the driver and passengers to a short film with a soundtrack by Jean-Michel Jarre (there is a special one the Esprit Alpine version). In addition, Jean-Michel Jarre and his teams participated in the development of the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s audio system, for an amplified and immersive sound experience, in partnership with Renault’s premium sound supplier Harman-Kardon. In particular, five listening modes were developed to optimize sound rendering according to the source listened to, including a “podcast” mode introduced to respond to the growing use of listening to this type of media on board.

MULTI-SENSE: tailored to perfection

MULTI-SENSE settings provide an array of powerful, personalised sensorial experiences. The choices available from this technology tantalise your sense of sight and sense of touch, treating the driver to a different experience with each one and all passengers to unparalleled levels of comfort. There are four modes – Comfort, Sport, Eco and Perso – and each one provides a different atmosphere by combining the indoor lights, driver seat’s comfort, indoor temperature and screen colour in different ways with the driving sensations (steering-wheel resistance, powertrain calibration and pedal response).

You can also use MULTI-SENSE to customise the mood with what Renault calls Living Light, a choice of 48 colours for the dashboard, dashboard backlight and front and rear door strips. The lights are all LED and independent, and can create a gradual lighting effect that enhances the interior design and keeps everyone feeling good in the car. These living lights include an automatic mode that adjusts every 30 minutes in step with the 24-hour circadian rhythm and the time of day (cool colours during the day and warm ones at night).

A comfortable position for breaks

When they stop to rest and charge the vehicle, drivers can enjoy an assortment of amenities in a very comfortable position to charge their own batteries as well. When you switch the powered seat to “Relax”, it automatically shifts into your favourite preset position. And it can massage you as gently or as vigorously as you choose, to relax you completely. Other amenities, including the infotainment system, USB chargers, mood lighting, temperature adjustment and Solarbay opacifying glass roof stay on for 45 minutes.

Useful And Intuitive Technologies For Fun Together

The All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric uses technology to get everyone on board to interact through exclusive content that is more tailored to users’ needs than ever before. The OpenR Link multimedia system – the most intuitive on the market – now includes several new features enabling you to plan and personalise journeys via Google Maps, and more than 50 apps to enjoy every minute of the journey.

The OpenR Link multimedia system is more connected than ever

The All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric makes it easier to enjoy a seamless online experience through its OpenR Link system with Google built-in, running on Android Automotive OS 12. It’s just like using a smartphone and being signed into a Google Account makes the whole experience even more seamless with users’ favorite locations already available in Google Maps. More than 50 apps are available for download on Google Play – covering music quizzes, family games and journey planning – to make the most of your time in the car. OpenR Link is a simple, intuitive tablet-like experience that and you can control with the voice. It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and works with both wired and wireless connections. OpenR Link updates effortlessly and remotely over FOTA (firmware over the air), like a smartphone.

Hassle-free journey planning

The OpenR Link in the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric includes the ability to plan an electric journey with Google Maps, which was recently optimised by Renault engineers and Google teams. In particular, it takes into account, at the beginning of the planning process, the need to start pre-condition the battery’s temperature when you are nearing the stops on the journey. As a result, the system makes smarter decisions about where to charge, factoring in the maximum charge the vehicle can handle, and thereby optimises charging time, which significantly shortens total journey time.

They have also enhanced rerouting capabilities. For instance, if you have to use a different road, decide to skip a stop, or add or remove a stop, the system swiftly maps out the alternative itinerary.

The use of weather information supplied by Google is another upgrade. Taking into account wind direction and speed, for example, helps to estimate the battery’s remaining range and your driving time more accurately and realistically.

The new customisation possibilities will also help to optimise journeys. The driver can now set their home and workplace as charging points, so they will be able to reach both destinations with a 12% to 9% charge and thus stop fewer times during the journey. They can also change the order of their stops on the way, as on the Google Maps app for smartphones, and choose charging points according to their power rating (for instance only stop at ultrafast ones). And they can select the stations that accept the payment method they wish to use. Google Maps takes all of these preferences into account and suggests itineraries matching travellers’ wants and needs. When you are planning a route, the software invariably displays the maximum distance you can drive without charging. The full system is optimised to simplify journeys and maximise convenience behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

Lastly, the advanced electric-vehicle route planning features in Google Maps will soon be available on smartphones, allowing you to set a destination and journey preferences directly on your smartphone before departing and then send the itinerary to your vehicle.

Modern, high-tech visuals on all the screens

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s OpenR digital cockpit catches the eye for two reasons: its eminently ergonomic position and its large display. So it is easy to navigate the menus. This cockpit is made up of two surfaces in a continuous L-shaped configuration: a horizontal TFT screen on the dashboard (321 sq. cm, 12.3 inches diagonally, 1920 x 720 pixels) and a vertical touchscreen in the middle of the console (453 sq. cm, 12 inches diagonally, 1250 x 1562 pixels). The all-new, avantgarde visual interface underscores the brand’s identity in the passenger compartment and radiates the spirit behind this car for life and living. The graphics subtly hint at the diamond-shaped logo with a rising 28-degree diagonal segment. This segment is everywhere, providing structure for the information displayed on the dashboard and centre tile, which combine into the OpenR dual screen.

On the dashboard screen facing the driver, the usual round dial has been replaced by a 28-degree diagonal speed line, which changes colour in synch with the motor’s speed or car’s speed. It also displays the battery’s remaining range and the selected driving mode. The new, thicker and flatter font blends beautifully into this up-to-the-minute digital universe. And the car features a new screen to select and tailor the driver assistance systems (ADASs).

Lastly, every time you switch MULTI-SENSE settings, a new dashboard displays a specific set of patterns and colours. The dashboard also displays the vehicle’s silhouette matching the colour of the body.

Proactive AI-generated suggestions

AI is active in a variety of ways inside the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric – in all cases to enhance the driver and passenger experience. The system displays timely suggestions on the centre screen regarding temperature levels and multisensorial possibilities. It can for example advise you to switch on the air conditioning if the passenger compartment gets too warm, or to close the windows if the air recycling or air purifying circuit is on. If the system detects that the windscreen might start misting up, it will offer to turn on the defogging system. And, if the driver always drives in the same mode, it can suggest that they try out others. These proactive recommendations are based on “routines”, which the system logs and analyses as time goes by.

Exclusive travel-related, sports-related and news content

Listening to music with specific apps, learning about the history of the places around you or the nearby tourist attractions, keeping up to date with sports and other news or watching a film while you stop to rest or charge the battery are all things you can do with the extensive choice of apps in the All-new Scenic E-Tech electric. They include Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music, Waze, Les Incollables for Renault, SongPop for Renault, L’Equipe, Vivaldi, Kabriol, Karacal and many more, and will liven up your experience on board with a wealth of exclusive content developed by Renault with its partners.

Music quizzes with SongPop for Renault

SongPop for Renault, a first worldwide developed exclusively for Renault by Gameloft, turns long journeys into fun times together. All passengers can have a go at guessing the name of a song and tap the answer they choose in the app on their phone. The game is free of charge, available in five languages (French, English, German, Italian and Spanish) and provides an immersive experience – the music plays through a very-high-fidelity nine-speaker Harman Kardon sound system.

High-performance lighting

The All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric’s headlamps in some versions use LED Adaptive Vision technology to adapt the beams to driving conditions and in such a way as to avoid using fog lights. The blinkers are animated: they travel from the centre outwards, providing additional information about the vehicle’s change in direction, and respond very fast.

Safety: Caring All Around

The “human first program” that Renault set in motion in 2023 is aimed at stepping up safety across the board – for the driver, passengers and other people on the road, around the world, with a variety of groundbreaking technologies. Renault has been optimising existing safety systems and imagining future ones for more than 50 years, and has patented 2,000-plus safety systems since 1970. The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric comes with more than 30 driver assistance systems and safety features, and is the first car in the Renault line-up to feature innovative systems to accompany drivers at the wheel.

Safety Coach: tailored tips for more responsible driving

To keep drivers company and reduce the risk of accidents, the All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric now includes a tool called Safety Coach. It informs the driver of their objectively assessed driving behaviour and habits, and provides tailored advice on their driving style and ADAS use. The advice is based on feedback from the Safety Score analysis tool,  which uses data from the vehicle’s sensors and front camera to study three key driving factors: acceleration/interdistance (safety distance from the vehicle in front), compliance with legal speed management and trajectory behavior (turn signal and lateral speed). With this system, the driver can play a more active role in staying safe and keeping their

passengers and other people on the road safe. It is also of particular interest to young drivers, helping them to develop good driving habits.

Safety after an accident: QRescue Renault, SD Switch and Fireman Access

The All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric is equipped with novel technology to simplify work for emergency services after an accident and shorten rescue operation timeframes.

First, the post-accident automatic braking system automatically blocks the vehicle’s brakes in the event of a collision, to help avert further collisions.

QRescue Renault, SD Switch and Fireman Access are three systems that are already available on other Renault electric vehicles. QRescue Renault is a QR code on the windshield and rear window providing full information about the vehicle’s technical and electrical systems, so emergency services can work faster and more safely. SD Switch is a mechanical switch positioned on the traction battery, used to disconnect it from the electric circuit, to keep firefighters safe around an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Finally, in the event of a vehicle fire, Fireman Access gives firefighters easy access to the heart of the traction battery to flood it with water. This is the only way to extinguish the fire quickly and permanently, reducing the usual response time from several hours to ten minutes.

Safety and comfort with Active Driver Assist

The new-generation motorway and traffic assistant equates to Level 2 driving automation on highways and expressways. It combines context-aware adaptive cruise control, Stop & Go, lane centring and geolocation data on a purpose-designed map, to adapt predictively to the road. At low speeds (in traffic jams, for example), the lane centring system can temporarily be adjusted by the driver to keep the vehicle on one side of the road and allow vehicles that have priority to overtake it on the other.

The All-new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric cross-references information from the camera at the front of the vehicle with information from the map to display the legal speed limit at the time with increased accuracy. If the vehicle’s speed exceeds the legal limit, the system visibly and audibly warns the driver. If the smart cruise control system – which is included in Safety Coach – is enabled, it adjusts the vehicle’s speed automatically.

Line-up and technical specs


Standard range

  • 125 kW motor
  • 60 kWh battery
  • Torque: 280 Nm
  • Max DC charge: 130 kW
  • Range: > 420 km (WLTP)
  • Acceleration (standstill to 100 km/h): 9.3 sec
  • Max speed: 150 kph

High range

  • 160 kW motor
  • 87 kWh battery
  • Torque: 300 Nm
  • Max DC charge: 150 kW
  • Range: > 620 km (WLTP)
  • Acceleration (standstill to 100 km/h): 8.4 sec
  • Max speed: 170 kph

Size and weight

  • Length: 4,470 mm
  • Width: 1,864 mm
  • Height: 1,571 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,785 mm
  • Front overhang: 842 mm
  • Rear overhang: 842 mm
  • Weight: 1 842 kg (87 kWh version)
  • Boot volume: 545 litres


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