Renault 4EVER Trophy showcased at 2022 Paris Motor Show

Renault is drawing on its past to electrify its future. 4EVER Trophy is inspired by the original Renault 4 and prefigures an all-electric B segment compact SUV that will reach the market in 2025. This show car’s all-terrain style is stunning, and it is a bridge between the past and the future.

Neo-retro and classy

It honours the past. 4EVER Trophy’s cube-shaped upper silhouette with rounded corners rekindles memories of the Renault 4’s ever so distinctive shape. The decision at the time, and the addition of a hatchback, were aimed at making the interior spacious and multipurpose. This design-for-purpose was visionary.

The show car also has its forebear’s bonnet shape, angled rear and trapezium-shaped side windows with rounded edges right above the back wheels. The design, in other words, is delightfully retro.

And it heralds the future. The Renault 4EVER Trophy show car has a strong personality and an up-to-the-minute vibe. It is sophisticated and brimming with technology. The finely chiselled lit grille with round Matrix LED headlamps blends elegantly with the bare sides and wings that completely cover the wheel arches. Every side and edge on the body is exact, honed and classy – like the rim around the roof.

An invitation to electric adventure

The spare wheel on a carbon roof rack, a shovel and waffle boards on the hatchback, and the Silver Aluminium body with magenta hints are a few of the stunning touches that highlight Renault 4EVER Trophy’s off-road character.

The base is muscular, painted Gun Metal Silver and beckons you to explore. The high clearance, 753 mm wheels on 19-inch rims, massive bodywork shields and heavy-duty rocker panel housing the battery are designed for tough terrain.

The minimal overhand and hollowed-out bonnet give 4EVER Trophy the looks of a buggy ready for a race. The visible air compressors in each wheel can be used to instantly adjust tyre pressure from the passenger compartment to suit the terrain.

4EVER Trophy is a show car engineered for fun, wherever you are.

A glimpse at the future electric compact SUV

The Renault 4EVER Trophy show car prefigures the future all-electric SUV in Renault’s B segment line-up. This car will reach dealerships in 2025. It will be assembled on the new CMF-BEV platform for B segment electric vehicles. This base will enable best-in-class range, acoustics and dynamic behaviour without cutting corners on the car’s design.

Like the original, it will be made in France. Thanks to their common base, all the vehicles on the CMF-BEV platform, including the future Renault 5, will be built at the ElectriCity hub in northern France.

The 4L of the future will be at home in cities and in the country, and as polyvalent as its ancestor has been since 1962 – and still is.


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