Renault Kiger show car unveiled; Gives a first glimpse of the new upcoming compact SUV

As part of its strong product strategy and commitment to breakthrough product innovations, Renault India will expand its product range and segment presence with the launch of its new game-changer, Renault Kiger. It will be built on the same platform as Triber and will be an international launch for Groupe Renault. Renault will also introduce an all-new global engine with Renault Kiger.

Renault Kiger Concept 2020 Front Quarter View

To share a first glimpse into what customers can expect from Renault Kiger, Renault had the global unveil of the Renault Kiger show car, on which Renault’s new SUV is designed and developed. Renault Kiger show car is a collaboration between the Corporate design teams in France and Renault India design.

Like all Renault cars, Kiger show car has a distinct, attractive design and showcases both urban modernity and its outdoor ability. The body color of Renault Kiger show car shows mysteriously changing blue and purple hues, depending on the angle and light. Efficient and compact, Renault Kiger show car has sporty inspirations and an impressive and impactful two-level lighting.

Renault Kiger will stand out for its distinctive styling, which is made evident with the global reveal of the Kiger show car. Renault Kiger will have about 80% similarity to the show car in terms of design, indicating the bold style statement that Renault plans to make with this new launch.

Renault Kiger will come loaded with several smart attributes & features which will include some best-in-class offerings that will complement the design and styling of the car.

Renault will launch an all new turbo engine with Renault Kiger and promises to offer an exciting drive courtesy its high performance, modern and efficient engine options.

Renault Kiger will demonstrate the competence of India’s design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities and highlights Renault’s strong commitment to the ‘Make in India’ mission. In India, Groupe Renault has always focused to be disruptive and innovative which is amply proven with its product range. Renault will further build on this with the launch of the all-new Renault Kiger.

Renault Kiger show car has been jointly developed by the Corporate design teams in France and Renault India design, in keeping with the evolving preferences and expectations of Indian customers and the changing market trends.

The objective while designing and developing this car was to make a sub-4 meter SUV which offers an unmatched road presence with an imposing frontal boldness, which makes it dominate the road. Renault Kiger show car stays true to Groupe Renault’s commitment of not getting type casted and not being just another “me-too” product. The striking design and overall package will make it unmissable for customers looking at the B-segment.

Renault Kiger show car is a contemporary and refreshingly styled SUV with strong overall attractiveness. It has two identities: one for urban modernity and the second for outdoor ability. The SUV is developed to navigate the city roads on one hand, as well as offer an exemplary experience while driving in the countryside.

At first glance, the attractive design of the Renault Kiger show car reflects its energy, fun and power. The sharp upper part is set against the muscular lower part. With a semi-floating roof, a roof-integrated spoiler flag drop, a sloping rear window, and its tapered mirrors, designed like airplane wings, Renault Kiger show car displays a very striking look.

Called “California Dream” as well as “Aurora Borealis”, the Renault Kiger show car body color shows mysteriously changing blue and purple hues, depending on the angle and light. It has been designed to best express “Dominance” and the inner strength of the Kiger show car. Comprising of technical metallic grey with a hint of jungle green reflection, the body color establishes the stable design, with a hint of magic. While dynamic blue-green accents highlights the performance aspect.

Efficient and compact, Renault Kiger show car has sporty inspirations. Elements like the double central exhaust system, the double extractor, the hexagonal structure accentuate this sporty side. At the same time, numerous design elements of this show car accentuate its SUV adventurous side including the 19-inch wheels with heavily grooved tyres, roof rails, front and rear skid plates and 210 mm ground clearance.

The impressive and impactful front end displays a two-level of full LED headlights and a neon indicator light. At the back, rear LED lighting signature makes the car recognizable with double “C” shaped taillamps..

Renault Kiger show car is the result of a deep dive and complete analysis of Indian customers’ expectations in the B-Segment. With this show car, Groupe Renault has demonstrated the broad outlines for Renault Kiger that will provide new options to customers looking for a B-hatchback, B-SUV, upgraders from the entry car segment and will cater to both the domestic market in India, as well as global markets.

2020 Renault Kiger Concept Car Images:


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