Ather 450X Electric Scooter Launched in India; Priced from INR 1.49 Lakh

Ather Energy has launched the 450X which it calls as the Super Scooter. The scooter is available in two variants – Plus & Pro. While technical the scooter is the same, the variants are subscription performance packages which the user can switch between using a smartphone.

Ather 450X Speed 2020

2020 Ather 450X Price:

450X Plus: INR 1.49 Lakh (expected price in Delhi: INR 1.35 Lakh)
450X Pro: 1.59 Lakh (expected price in Delhi: INR 1.45 Lakh)

Ather is also providing a subscription ownership option where the customer can buy the Ather 450X for INR 99,000 (expected price in Delhi is INR 85,000) and then choose between the Plus or Pro packages which are priced at INR 1699 per month and INR 1999 per month respectively.

All prices are ex-showroom.

2020 Ather 450X Colour Options:

The electric scooter is now available in 3 colour options – White, Grey and Mint. Deliveries of the Ather 450X are planned in July 2020.

The biggest change that the company has made with the Ather 450X is with the battery pack. It has been redesigned from scratch with every single element starting from the cells have changed.

Ather Energy has moved from the most popular 18650 form factor of Lithium-ion cells to 21700 form factor. This has increased the energy density and the power density of the battery pack which has now gone up to 2.9 kWh from 2.7 kWh.

With a better power source, the engineers were able to extract more performance from the electric motor. While the Ather 450 had a peak power of 5.4 kW and peak torque of 20.5 Nm, The Ather 450X produces a peak power output of 6 kW and peak torque 26 Nm.

The Ather Energy team also worked on reducing the weight by redesigning certain components and also changing the placement of some to provide better body balance. While the Ather 450 weighs 118 kg the 450X weighs 10 kg lighter tipping the scale at 108 kg.

With a better battery pack and lowe weight, the Ather 450X also manages to have an improved range. The Ather 450 had a certified range of 107 km and an on-road range of 75 km. These numbers do up for the 450X, the certified range is 116 km and the on-road in Eco goes up to 85 km.

The company has also introduced the new Warp riding mode. Earlier the 450 had Eco, Ride and Sports modes. This new mode provides better acceleration. The top speed for the Ather 450X has been capped at 80 km/h.

While the Ather 450 electric scooter does 0-40 km/h in 3.84 sec and 0-60 km/h in 8.27 sec. The 450X does the same in 3.29 sec and 6.5 seconds respectively. These figures make it the quickest scooter in India. The company will also offer better performance tyres as an option to put all that extra power on the road in a much efficient way.

Ather 450X Touchscreen Dashboard 2020

Another big move the company has made with the Ather 450X is switching to an open-source android version. This will allow developers to create personalised apps for the 450X. The electric also now comes with a 4G enable esim.

The electric scooter now also gets Bluetooth support which opens native support and integration of accessories. Customers can use the 450X’s touchscreen dashboard to control their music, track and take calls while riding and much more.

Ather will initially be offering two Bluetooth enabled accessories, a smart helmet and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Many more such useful accessories may be introduced in the coming years with the 450X acting as a support platform for their development.

While Ather Energy has been providing the 450 electric scooter with a 3-year unlimited-kilometre warranty, it has come up with an interesting concept for the 450X. The company is offering infinite years warranty on the battery pack, which technically will be the legal life of the scooter.

Ather Energy has also announced the launch of the 2nd generation Fast charging network. The fast charging speed goes up by almost 50%. It can now charge the scooter at the rate of 1.5 km per minute from the previous 1 km per minute.

While Ather was earlier available only in Bangalore and Chennai, with the launch of the 450X, the electric scooter maker will be retailing in 10 cities in FY21 and the number will be going up to 24 in FY22.

The company has also signed an MoU with Tamil Nadu government for a new factory in Hosur. This new facility will have a floor space of 4,00,000 sq ft with a production capacity of 1 Lakh units. Almost 75% of the scooter parts are acquired from local vendors with the Lithium-ion cells being imported.

2020 Ather 450X Images:


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