Exclusive NEXA Service Centres Launched In India; Aims to Redefine Car Service Experience

Maruti Suzuki has launched its Exclusive NEXA Service in India. The first NEXA Service centre has opened in Gurugram and will soon be introduced in other cities in a phased manner. Initially, 50 to 60 centres will be opening in the top 30 Indian cities. The company plans to open 300 such centres by 2020.

nexa service centre gurgaon

When NEXA was launched in 2015, it brought something new and unheard of in the mass-market segment. Showrooms that looked similar to what you would expect from a premium brand like Mercedes-Benz or BMW, good hospitality and as the company like to say, customers were pampered.

It was also the first time that Maruti Suzuki came up with a concept of Relationship Manager (RM) who was said to be the single point of contact right from the booking to the delivery of the car. Now the same concept is used at the service centre. There will be a dedicated service manager to interact from the start to the finish of the servicing of the car.

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One thing to note is that NEXA Service centre will also cater to Maruti Suzuki cars sold through their regular dealer network. This means that owners of cars like Alto, Wagon R and Swift can also experience the same premium experience that a NEXA car owner such as the S-Cross or Baleno will experience. There will be a slight increase in the prices for this special treatment as compared to that what the regular Maruti Authorized Service Station charges.

NEXA Service Centre Highlights:


  • Diagnostic bay for Advanced Diagnosis.
  • Digital health card will show the vehicle health on several key parameters.
    Use technology to digitally explain work to be undertaken on the car along with estimated cost.
  • The customer can order to watch live video of the car being serviced.


  • Dedicated Service Managers central point of contact throughout car journey.
  • Online/phone appointment – no waiting as customer bay is pre-allocated for the appointed time.
  • Designated ‘job card opening bays’ where job cards are opened on tablets by dedicated Service Managers.
  • Digital signage to display car number of Appointed Customers.
    Comfortable premium lounge area for waiting.


  • All new infrastructure built on global benchmarks.
  • Premium and plush. Carries forward the signature monochromatic theme.

NEXA Service – Image Gallery: