The Yellow Nissan Juke Makes a Vibrant Comeback

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban crossovers, the Nissan Juke has long stood out for its distinctive design and spirited performance. Now, it’s set to capture the imagination once again with a striking addition to its color palette: the iconic yellow is back, and it’s brighter than ever.

The new yellow hue is a nod to the Juke’s first generation, which featured a similarly vibrant shade that became a customer favorite. This time around, the color is slightly paler, imbuing the Juke with a modern, impactful presence that’s hard to miss on city streets.

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The 2024 Juke model also brings with it a suite of interior upgrades that promise to elevate the driving experience. A redesigned center console and instrument panel, new materials, and an improved fit and finish all contribute to a more refined cabin atmosphere. Connectivity also gets a boost with a larger touchscreen and additional features, ensuring that drivers stay linked to their digital lives seamlessly.

Perhaps the most exciting addition is the N-Sport grade, which accentuates the Nissan Juke’s dynamic qualities. When paired with the new yellow exterior, the black roof, wheels, door mirrors, and wheel arch inserts create a bold contrast that’s both sporty and sophisticated.

Nissan’s commitment to listening to its customers is evident in the reintroduction of the yellow exterior. It’s a response to the passionate inquiries about the availability of a yellow Juke, demonstrating that the company values customer feedback and is willing to act on it.

As the Yellow Nissan Juke rolls off the production line at the Nissan Sunderland Plant, it’s clear that this isn’t just a car; it’s a statement. It’s a celebration of individuality and a testament to Nissan’s dedication to bringing joy and excitement to the road.

With the Yellow Nissan Juke, Nissan isn’t just saying hello to yellow again; it’s reinvigorating the urban crossover segment with a burst of sunshine and a promise of fun, stylish journeys ahead.

Enhanced Interior Features Enhance Connectivity and Comfort

Upon entering the vehicle, returning customers will immediately notice the upgraded interior features designed to elevate both quality and connectivity. The central focal point of the dashboard is now adorned with a larger 12.3-inch infotainment screen, strategically angled 8 degrees towards the driver for enhanced accessibility. This adjustment not only brings touch controls comfortably within reach but also accentuates the coveted cockpit ambiance cherished by Juke enthusiasts.

As drivers settle into the refined driving experience, they’ll appreciate the newly introduced smoother leather-like material, exclusive to N-Connecta models. This material not only exudes a cleaner aesthetic but also provides a more gratifying tactile sensation.

Directly beyond the steering wheel lies the combimeter, housing essential gauges such as speed and other vital information. In N-Connecta and higher trims, this has been upgraded to a 12.3-inch digital TFT screen, boasting a high resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels. This customizable display empowers drivers to configure information according to their preferences, with options to toggle between classic and enhanced layouts. The latter presents a dynamic three-dimensional perspective, optimizing the central display area for additional data.

Between the dials, drivers can access navigation directions, fuel economy, audio details, eco-drive performance, tire pressures, and more, all conveniently controllable via the steering wheel-mounted buttons.

Furthermore, the upgraded infotainment system boasts a more intuitive home screen, enabling users to personalize widgets for frequently used functions, akin to smartphone customization. Enhanced voice recognition and “natural language understanding” capabilities broaden the system’s responsiveness, now seamlessly integrating wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionalities.

Additional enhancements include real-time speed camera and fuel price information within the navigation map, along with the ability to play video content from USB devices while the vehicle is stationary, further enriching the driving experience.

Updated Range Introduces Stylish N-Sport Grade

In line with the addition of the striking exterior yellow hue, the N-Sport variant showcases a complementary interior design. A distinctive boomerang-shaped yellow highlight adorns the top of the instrument panel, flowing seamlessly down to frame the base of the new central infotainment screen before culminating at the air vents.

Continuing the attention-grabbing aesthetic, the N-Sport seats feature yellow recycled Alcantara® inserts that harmonize with the exterior paint, accentuating the top outer section of the seat and intersecting the center with side bolsters. The seat’s base and backrest boast a quilted pattern, with the “Juke” emblem embossed at shoulder height, while yellow stitching adds a bold finishing touch.

Enhanced comfort is also a highlight of the revamped range. The new N-Connecta seats showcase Kira Melange fabric with PVC accents, complementing roller-patterned inserts for a refined look and feel.

In Tekna models, black PVC with PVC accents and quilted inserts on the base and backrest enhance the seating experience. A sporty touch is added with the seat aperture behind the passengers’ heads, lined with a sleek piano black finisher.

Matthew Weaver, Vice President of Nissan Design Europe, commented, “Juke is Nissan’s bold, confident family member. The number one purchase reason is its design – customers love its style and assertive personality. We’ve loved working with our colleagues at Nissan Technical Centre Europe and the team at the Sunderland factory to develop a new yellow for Juke which will make an even bolder statement – we think it will give the Juke an extra ‘bang’. It brings a fresh flavour to the line-up – every member of the design team is looking forward to seeing the first one on the road.”

Improved Interior Convenience

Starting from the N-Connecta grade upwards, all versions now boast upgraded interior features aimed at maximizing convenience. A wireless charging pad, capable of accommodating smartphones as large as an iPhone 12 Pro Max, is now standard. Additionally, front occupants benefit from both USB-A and USB-C sockets for versatile connectivity options.

For passengers in the rear, especially tech-savvy individuals, the inclusion of both USB-A and USB-C charging points ensures their devices remain fully powered throughout the journey.

Further interior updates across all Juke grades include a spacious 6.6-liter glovebox in right-hand drive (RHD) versions, representing a 29% increase in size compared to previous models. The armrest has been meticulously redesigned to offer improved support, featuring an asymmetric design that extends reach by 25mm while retaining convenient cupholder placement. Lift the armrest to access a central storage cubby, now equipped with a lid featuring a clip capable of securely holding three credit cards.

Moreover, all Juke grades now come equipped with an electric handbrake, optimizing space and convenience between the front seats. In the Hybrid version, the relocation of the e-Pedal and EV Mode buttons enhances accessibility for greater ease of use.

Fresh Exterior Color Choices

The array of exterior paint options has been expanded to include exciting new selections. Among these additions is the captivating Pearl White, boasting an enhanced pearlescent effect achieved through an increased concentration of metallic flakes.

Similarly, the introduction of the new Pearl Black presents a refined formula, resulting in a deeper and richer hue. This effect is achieved by augmenting carbon black pigment while substituting metallic flakes with glass flakes, creating a heightened “sparkle” effect.

Additionally, Juke now offers new wheel trim choices across its top three grades. Exclusive to N-Connecta and Tekna+ models, the standard wheels feature distinct five-spoke designs tailored to each grade, showcasing unique technical and angular aesthetics.

Furthermore, a new low-resistance rolling tire option is now available for the 17-inch wheel variant, specifically offered on the Hybrid version at Acenta Premium and N-Connecta grades.

Additional driver assistance technology

The updated Juke now comes equipped with additional driver assistance technology to ensure a safer and more secure driving experience. Intelligent Driver Alertness is now a standard feature, providing drivers with vital alerts to help maintain focus on the road ahead. Lane Keep Assist, available as an option and standard on Tekna grade and above, actively monitors the vehicle’s position within its lane, particularly on highways. If the vehicle veers too close to the lane’s edge as defined by white lines, the system triggers a vibration in the steering wheel to prompt the driver’s attention. If no corrective action is taken, the system intervenes to steer the vehicle back into its lane, ensuring it stays on course.

Furthermore, leveraging the high-definition central screen, the resolution of the rear-view camera has been significantly enhanced from 0.3 to 1.3 megapixels. This upgrade provides drivers with a clearer image, particularly beneficial during reversing maneuvers, even in low-light conditions. The rear-view camera is now a standard feature across all Juke grades, while the Around-View Monitor, offering a comprehensive “bird’s-eye view” of the vehicle’s surroundings for parking maneuvers, is available from N-Connecta grade upwards and standard on Tekna grade.

In the event of sudden and unexpected braking from the vehicle ahead, the brake lights will now flash to alert drivers behind, enhancing overall safety awareness on the road.

Unaltered Powertrain Options

The Juke continues to offer two distinct powertrain choices. Leading the electrified lineup is the Juke Hybrid, now accessible from the Acenta Premium specification (formerly N-Connecta upwards). This hybrid configuration integrates a Nissan internal combustion engine meticulously engineered for hybrid applications, delivering 69kW (94hp) and 148Nm of torque. Complementing this is the primary electric motor generating 36kW (49hp) and 205Nm of torque, supported by a 15kW high-voltage starter/generator powered through an inverter and a 1.2kWh liquid-cooled battery. The resultant powertrain yields a remarkable 25% increase in power (143ps vs. 114ps) compared to the current petrol engine option. Furthermore, it boasts fuel consumption reductions of up to 37% in urban cycles and up to 20% over combined cycles (DCT Tekna+ vs. Hybrid Tekna+).

For those opting for a non-electrified engine, the Juke offers a proficient 1.0-liter three-cylinder DIG-T turbocharged petrol engine under the hood. Compact and lightweight, this engine contributes to the Juke’s dynamic driving characteristics. With an output of 114PS and 180Nm of torque (200Nm with over torque function), this engine pairs seamlessly with either a 6-speed manual or a sporty 7-speed dual-clutch (DCT) paddle-shift transmission. Alongside a driving mode selector offering Eco, Standard, and Sport modes, drivers can effortlessly tailor their driving experience to suit diverse road conditions, ensuring maximum enjoyment behind the wheel.

Arnaud Charpentier remarked, “The updated Nissan Juke builds on its well-established strengths. Its stunning design is loved by our customers – and its attraction can only be increased by the return of the yellow paint option. With the new materials inside, as well as the enhanced connectivity, comfort, and convenience, Juke’s position as the pioneer and icon of the city crossover segment is stronger than ever.”

13 Years of Manufacturing Excellence in the UK

Production of the updated Juke has commenced at the renowned Nissan Sunderland Plant, marking a significant milestone in the plant’s illustrious history. Since its inception in 2010, over 1.3 million units have rolled off the production line, embodying a legacy of quality and innovation. The latest iteration of the Juke joins the assembly process on the plant’s second production line, alongside the esteemed Qashqai.

Adam Pennick, Vice President of Manufacturing at Nissan’s Sunderland Plant, expressed pride in the team’s accomplishment, stating, “It’s a proud moment for our team to witness the latest Juke being manufactured – and it’s particularly exciting to see flashes of the famous yellow in production for the first time in six years. I have every confidence that our world-class manufacturing and engineering teams are poised to deliver the car to the high quality levels that our customers love and expect.”

The Juke now holds the distinction of being the fourth most manufactured model at the Sunderland Plant, following the Qashqai, Micra, and Primera. Last summer, the plant celebrated a monumental milestone, producing its eleven millionth vehicle since the commencement of production in 1986.


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