2024 Volkswagen Golf Unveiled; Commemorates its 50th Anniversary

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, Volkswagen is introducing an upgraded version of the Golf, its best-selling model. The enhanced Golf boasts a next-generation infotainment system, a more user-friendly interface, a redesigned front and rear, and advanced drive systems, including plug-in hybrids with an extended electric range of approximately 100 kilometers. Additionally, a novel illuminated Volkswagen logo graces the front of the Golf for the first time.

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The interior of the Golf showcases a revamped infotainment system with a standalone touchscreen, equipped with illuminated touch sliders for temperature and volume control. It also features an improved multi-function steering wheel and a new IDA voice assistant that can handle various functions through natural language commands, including accessing online information. The Golf’s infotainment system incorporates ChatGPT, an AI-based chatbot, seamlessly into the IDA voice assistant, allowing occupants to engage in natural language conversations and receive information while on the move.

The Golf and Golf Variant’s parking capabilities have been enhanced with new assist systems, such as Park Assist Plus and for the first time it gets Park Assist Pro, which enables remote parking with a smartphone. Additionally, a 360-degree all-around view is provided by the Area View system, facilitating visibility of obstacles and parking space markings.

The latest VW Golf introduces an extended powertrain range, featuring more powerful plug-in hybrid drives with approximately 100 kilometers of electric range and a DC quick-charging function. The highly efficient 48 V mild hybrid drives are particularly appealing for drivers who have no charging wall box at home. A total of nine different options – mild hybrid (eTSI), plug-in hybrid (eHybrid and GTE), turbocharged petrol (TSI) and turbocharged diesel (TDI) – will be available for the product line in the launch phase. The Golf GTI has become even sportier with added power compared to its predecessor.

Looking back at its 50-year history, the Volkswagen Golf has been a trailblazer, transitioning from a rear-wheel-drive model to a front-wheel-drive design in the 1970s. It has consistently evolved, incorporating technological advancements, safety features, and innovative designs. The Golf’s success lies in its commitment to affordable mobility, high-tech features, and maintaining the classic Golf design throughout its seven generations. Over the years, it has garnered numerous awards, expanded into various derivatives, and introduced cutting-edge technologies, such as assisted driving and Car2X hazard warning systems. The Golf remains a benchmark in the compact class, earning the moniker ‘Golf class.’

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