Next-Generation Ford Nugget Camper Van will Electrify Your Adventures

Ford’s latest iteration the Nugget Camper is uniting cutting-edge vehicle and interior features to enhance the joy of road adventures. In an exciting development, Nugget enthusiasts can now opt for an advanced electrified powertrain, featuring the versatile new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model.

This brand-new Nugget camper has emerged from a collaboration with the renowned camper converter, Westfalia. It boasts a distinctive multi-zone interior layout that sets Nugget apart from its competitors.

The next-generation Nugget draws on Ford’s fresh vehicle platform, launched this year for the leading Transit and Tourneo Custom family. This platform brings forth innovative design elements, enhanced connectivity, and advanced driving technologies. Within the living quarters, customers can revel in premium finishes, elevated functionality, and the added advantage of a convenient solar roof option, all designed to make getaways more effortless and enjoyable.

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An Enhanced Platform for Unforgettable Journeys:

Embarking on a road trip often entails covering vast distances over long days. The next-generation Nugget capitalizes on the refined technology, driving experience, and design innovations derived from the latest Transit and Tourneo Custom models, leaders in the market.

Inspired by the opulent cabin design of the new Tourneo Custom, Ford has integrated high levels of craftsmanship and top-tier materials to dramatically enhance passenger comfort. The result is a truly luxurious travel experience.

The Nugget prides itself on offering ample space for movement, a significant factor that draws many customers. With a fresh dashboard design and a level floor, cross-cab access is seamless, facilitating transitions between the front seats and the living area. Additionally, a roof-mounted passenger airbag optimizes the dashboard layout. The lower floor and integrated side step further enhance accessibility, complemented by the best-in-class sliding side door and rear tailgate openings.

Breaking New Ground with PHEV Technology:

In an unprecedented move, Ford introduced a PHEV powertrain to the Nugget, leveraging technology shared with the Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid. This innovation brings an electrifying touch to the all-new Nugget, which employs a 2.5-litre Atkinson cycle petrol engine in tandem with an 11.8 kWh (usable) battery and an electric motor, resulting in an impressive combined output of 232PS and the ability for pure-electric driving.

Revolutionizing the Chassis:

The all-new Nugget features an entirely new chassis equipped with an independent rear suspension, leading to heightened refinement and superior handling. For those seeking to venture into the wilderness for outdoor sports or desiring added confidence when leaving festival car parks, all-wheel drive models will be on offer. This advancement marks a significant step towards enhancing the overall performance and versatility of the Nugget.

Comfort and Accessibility:

The chic cockpit is equipped with a comprehensive digital cluster and an expansive 13-inch touchscreen. Navigating to your desired destination, staying entertained, and staying connected is effortless, thanks to Ford’s cutting-edge SYNC 4 software. This system seamlessly integrates connected navigation, audio, and communication features, and it can be effortlessly managed via the touchscreen or through natural voice commands. Furthermore, wireless integration with Android Auto and Apple Carplay is a standard offering.

Considerable attention has been dedicated to ensuring that the new Nugget is both safe and user-friendly, even for those more accustomed to smaller vehicles. In addition to offering a car-like driving position and an all-new eight-speed automatic transmission option, the Nugget incorporates a suite of advanced driver assistance systems. Among them, the Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, complemented by Lane Centring, alleviates fatigue during extended highway drives or in congested traffic conditions. Meanwhile, the Reverse Brake Assist and the 360-degree camera system provide invaluable support for drivers manoeuvring in confined spaces.

Improving a unique camper concept:

Ford and Westfalia have made substantial enhancements to the level of quality and ergonomic features in the new model, undertaking a complete redesign of the living space centred around the popular layout, creating distinct zones for cooking, living, and sleeping. This innovative interior design ensures that even with two double beds in place, occupants can freely move around the cabin, prepare meals, and access the vehicle without causing disruptions.

The seating area is not only secure but also a comfortable space for travel, and it seamlessly transforms into a dining and sleeping area when the vehicle is parked. In addition to optimizing storage solutions and incorporating top-notch materials, Ford has integrated several notable features, including:

  • Heated rotating captain’s chairs for the driver and front passenger
  • A unique heated three-seat rear bench that accommodates five occupants in comfort
  • New audio speakers and USB-C ports as standard amenities for passengers on the rear bench.

A well-optimized kitchen layout in an L-shaped design enhances the joy of cooking. An efficient new drawer refrigerator facilitates easier access to its contents and has ample space to accommodate upright bottles. When combined with the newly integrated hob and sink unit, which now includes a standard hot water feature, the streamlined countertop design provides an additional 20% dedicated workspace. Child-friendly soft-close latches and retractable handles not only safeguard little fingers but also reduce noise when in use.

The all-new Nugget model boasts significant design enhancements compared to its predecessor. It includes a mattress section that flips up to create more headroom in the kitchen area while the upper bed remains in place. Additionally, it features a rear bench with track-mounted controls, allowing for easy one-handed conversion from seating to a bed. The standard equipment now includes a rear-mounted hot/cold shower outlet, with the option of a tailgate privacy tent. The camping experience is further improved with the introduction of several new features, such as:

  • A tilting roof with a self-folding fabric to simplify roof lowering.
  • Integrated storage spaces for the standard outdoor table and chairs.
  • Practical roller blackout blinds replace traditional curtains, enhancing privacy and making operation simpler.

In addition to camping equipment upgrades, the all-new Nugget introduces advanced features that enhance connectivity and comfort while on the road or parked. Wireless charging and a standard 5G modem ensure that everyone can stay entertained and connected without the worry of their phone running out of battery or data. Furthermore, an optional solar roof can help power interior amenities or recharge the leisure battery. Under ideal weather conditions, it can even generate more power than what the built-in features require.

A dedicated 7-inch colour touchscreen in the living area provides a convenient interface for monitoring and controlling various aspects of the all-new Nugget, including heating, water levels, battery status, and lighting. New functionalities encompass:

  • Control of sophisticated LED interior lighting, which includes customizable colour mood lighting.
  • An inclinometer function to assist with levelling on uneven terrain.
  • A Bluetooth-enabled app that transforms a smartphone into a remote control for cabin features

Ford’s enduring partnership with renowned converter Westfalia continues with the all-new Nugget, positioning the company perfectly to capitalize on the robust demand in Europe’s one-tonne camper van market.


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