Kia EV4 Concept; Transforming the Essence of the Electric Sedan

The Concept EV4 embodies the essence of the ‘Power to Progress’ pillar within the ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy. This principle celebrates the skills, expertise, and creativity cultivated during Kia’s recent design-led transformation, driving the creation of groundbreaking products that go beyond setting new standards for individual vehicle design to redefine entire sectors. The Concept EV4, despite its four-door configuration, isn’t merely another sedan; it represents a novel category of EV sedan, symbolizing innovation.

Drawing inspiration from the ‘Power of Progress’ and brought to life through a harmonious integration of confident, diagonal character lines and sophisticated yet technical surfaces, the Concept EV4 introduces fresh value, approach, customer experience, and typology. Features such as the sleek low nose, dynamic elongated silhouette, and technical roof spoiler, reminiscent of sports and racing cars, solidify the EV4’s position as an entirely new breed of EV sedan.

The Concept EV4 boasts a dynamic front appearance that complements its forward-thinking, tech-savvy profile. With a broad and commanding posture, characterized by vertically positioned headlamps at the far edges of the hood and front bumper, the model signifies Kia’s unwavering commitment to challenging norms and propelling the EV Revolution forward.

Inside, the cabin follows a sleek and roomy horizontal design, integrating stylish elements that prioritize the driver’s experience while preserving an unobstructed view.

To achieve this, Kia designers have placed an air conditioning control panel that can be neatly stored in the center console when not in use and applied pin-style air vents that offer the flexibility to change patterns, among other refinements to the interior design.

The cocoon-like ambience of the cabin enables the driver to engage with the vehicle in a new and unobtrusive way. Presented via twin digital screens, a slimmed-down instrument panel delivers subtle levels of driver orientation, helping clear the mind from distractions and prepare for upcoming tasks.

The Concept EV4 comes with a new ‘Mind Modes’ feature that adjusts ambient lighting and animated ventilation patterns. In ‘Perform’ mode, the driver is presented with all the information they require to perform at their optimum and get the most out of their day. In contrast, ‘Serenity’ mode offers a range of digital graphics to create a more relaxed ambience for reflection and restoration.

For the Kia Concept EV4, the Kia CMF team harnessed a range of innovative sustainable materials that not only reduce the vehicles’ environmental footprint but also provide enhanced design flexibility and offer an unparalleled array of color and trim finish options.

In the creation of the Concept EV4’s interior, the Kia CMF team drew inspiration from the Earth element. They harnessed the power of natural dyes derived from madder roots and walnut shells to color 100% recycled cotton, unlocking a virtually limitless spectrum of tones and shades, all provided by nature.

In their commitment to infuse the Concept EV4’s cabin with an ambience of unparalleled individuality and superior craftsmanship, Kia meticulously hand wove fabric stripes and applied them to the vehicle’s storage area and dashboard. This artisanal approach produces a three-dimensional effect that is as visually striking and beautifully executed as the 3D Knit finish seen in the Concept EV3’s seat covers.

To enhance both the visual allure and practicality of the Concept EV4’s console table, Kia’s CMF designers looked to hemp fibers. “Hemp is a rapidly growing plant that requires minimal resources to cultivate,” explains Marília Biill. “Not only is it highly sustainable, but it’s also highly moldable too, which means it is a very versatile material to work with, plus it enhances the EV concept’s cabin with its beautiful rich color.”


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