New 2024 Toyota Hilux GR Sport II enters UK market

  • New model delivers enhanced ride, handling and stability with wider tread and dedicated suspension and braking systems
  • Powerful, proven 2.8-litre engine with 201bhp and 500Nm of torque
  • New Toyota Smart Connect+ multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration

Toyota UK is introducing the Hilux GR Sport II, a super upgraded version of the famous Hilux pickup truck. It’s known for winning the tough Dakar Rally, and this new model keeps the Hilux’s reputation for being strong and dependable, just like the first one in 1968. Sales of the new Hilux GR Sport II are set to begin in the first half of 2024, with deliveries to customers scheduled for later in the year.

The new Toyota Hilux GR Sport II is a double cab pickup truck that’s really good at towing heavy things (3,500kg) and carrying a lot of stuff (1,000kg). It looks even more impressive than the current model and stands out wherever it goes. The distance between its wheels has been made wider by 140mm in the front and 155mm in the back compared to the regular Hilux. This makes it feel stable and safe in all kinds of weather and roads.

Toyota claims this is the best Hilux for driving, whether you’re on the road or off-road. The wider track and improved handling make it handle better. It doesn’t make as much noise or vibration, and they’ve also made the suspension and brakes better.

Under the hood, it has the same strong 2.8-liter engine they put in the Hilux in 2020. It gives the truck a lot of power with 201bhp/105kW and 500Nm. It uses a six-speed automatic transmission.

Exterior design

The changes in the way the Hilux GR Sport II looks make it seem even more impressive and dynamic. They’ve added red coil springs and colored dampers, with black ones in the front and red ones in the back, along with black overfenders.

To make it even cooler, they’ve given it the pickup truck new 17-inch black alloy wheels that contrast with the red brake calipers. These wheels are not only stylish but also help the truck perform better because they’re lightweight and designed for good aerodynamics.

The Hilux GR Sport II stands out even more with a black G-mesh front grille that has the TOYOTA name in a classic style. They’ve also used black for the side steps, mirrors, door handles, sport bar, and rear bumper. There’s a silver front under-run, and you’ll see special GR Sport badges to finish off the look.

Interior design

Inside the cabin, they’ve continued the cool black and red style that matches the truck’s strong design. The seats have red seatbelts, paddle shifts, and aluminum pedals, which are inspired by the GR Sport’s connection to motorsport.

The seats are designed for sports driving and are made with a mix of black synthetic suede and leather. They have silver stitching and tiny holes for a nice look. These seats are not just comfortable; they also provide good support and keep the occupants in place when they are driving hard and making sharp turns. One gets to also see the GR logo in the display and the dashboard, along with some new door trims that have a fresh style.

Toyota Smart Connect+ multimedia

The Hilux GR Sport is equipped with the Toyota Smart Connect+ multimedia system, which can be accessed via an eight-inch touchscreen display.

Users have the option to connect their smartphones or tablets to the system, either through wired connections or wirelessly when using Apple CarPlay, and with a wired link when utilizing Android Auto.

This multimedia package includes access to cloud-based journey navigation, which relies on constantly updated real-time traffic event information to ensure accurate and efficient route planning. Furthermore, an embedded navigation system is available for use in situations where a data connection to the cloud is not accessible.

One of the added conveniences is that future software updates or enhancements can be seamlessly delivered over the air (OTA) through the car’s data communications module (DCM). This eliminates the need to take the vehicle to a workshop for a system update. Likewise, the system can be used to update software in the vehicle’s Toyota Safety Sense systems.

Technical enhancements

The “go-anywhere” characteristics of the Hilux have been enhanced with several improvements. These include an increased approach angle from 29 to 30 degrees and a higher ground clearance. The ride height has been raised by 20mm, and the front and rear tracks widened by 140mm and 150mm, respectively.

A new front “air curtain” structure, featuring redesigned bumpers and fog lamp bezels, has been added to enhance aerodynamic performance. This design optimizes drag efficiency and minimizes turbulence in the wheel arches. Additionally, there’s an aero-styled sport bar and deck cover.

To ensure a smoother and more stable ride across different terrains, the previous twin-tube dampers have been replaced with new monotube dampers, which offer improved performance and quicker responses in challenging conditions.

The new Hilux GR Sport II comes with lighter 17-inch wheels equipped with all-terrain tires for better traction. Improved braking performance is achieved with larger front discs and new rear discs, replacing the previous drum brakes.


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