All That You Should Know When Buying A Maruti Suzuki Car In India

If you are looking to buy a trustworthy car that will give you no trouble and last a long time, then you are probably looking for a Maruti Suzuki Car. The plethora of options that you can look at on their website as well as showrooms are an indication of how they think of the smaller details and ensure you and your car are taken care of.

2020 Maruti Dzire Interior

Once you have made a decision and bought a car, the next important thing is buying car insurance. However, any model of vehicle must be fully protected against losses & damages through buying the right insurance policy.

One such coverage that is mandatory for all vehicles by the law is third party car insurance.  Buying coverage as this will enhance protection against losses caused due to unfortunate events.

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 Things to know when you are buying a Maruti Suzuki car:        

When you are thinking of buying a Maruti Suzuki car, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind:

  1. Evaluate and establish a driving purpose – When you are looking for quality assurance, reliability, performance, indulgence, comfort, and convenience, you cannot go wrong with a Maruti Suzuki car. While picking a car, it is important to define the purpose of the car including whether it is going to be used as a private or commercial vehicle, whether it will be used within the city limits where there is traffic or for long journeys, the terrain where it will be driven, the size of the family, and so on. The basic distinction of whether you wish to buy a hatchback, van, SUV, MUV, or sedan should be made before you look into the complete range of Maruti Suzuki cars because they have it all!
  2. Decide auto or manual– Thanks to this dynamic automobile manufacturer you are sure to be spoilt for choice. You can get either automatic or manual as per your preference. Auto is better when it comes to handling the car through the city and it is great for new drivers. Whereas, manual gearboxes give better fuel economy.
  3. Pick petrol, diesel, or hybrid – Maruti Suzuki extends the option to pick a car powered by petrol, diesel, or hybrid technology. Hybrid technology of Maruti Suzuki is known to enhance the performance of the car. If you have any specific requirements, you cannot go wrong with Maruti Suzuki as they have ample options in all categories.
  4. Formulate a budget – If you are sure you wish to invest in a Maruti Suzuki car then, take a look at the range of cars according to your budget. Hatchbacks like Alto, Celerio, Swift, WagonR, are a segment that offers a compact car that is perfect for city roads. The van is a mid-range vehicle whereas the SUVs/MUVs like S-Presso, Vitara Brezza, and Ertiga are the more expensive segment that offers power for the ones who enjoy road trips. Maruti Suzuki Dzire, the sedan, is an example of a class and bold design that you can get at a fairly reasonable price.
  5. Get insurance – Getting insurance from day 1 is extremely important to avoid hefty fines and to avoid paying an exorbitant amount to get your car repaired. Maruti Suzuki insurance includes coverage against accidents of your own car, theft, fire, natural disasters, personal accidents, and third-party losses due to damage to someone else’s car or property.
  6. Offered tips and car care options – The experience from going to the website till you have bought the car and you are looking to get it serviced, is smooth sailing. Maruti Suzuki specializes in making every step of the way more comfortable for you. You can simply go online and look at the tips they offer on their website to make sure your car stays in good health. They offer special packages as per the season that helps your beloved car combat the challenges of that particular season. The inclusion of pre and post-service sanitization of cars was a thoughtful addition to the process.
  7. Use the workshop locator and service cost calculator – If your car is due for service, you can log onto the website, mention the make and model of your car and get an estimated cost of the service. You can avail yourself of the pick-up and drop service to make your life easier. You can even pick from a pre-approved list of garages where you can avail of cashless repairs in case of a sticky situation. In case you are new to the city you can also use the workshop locator to find the nearest one!
  8. The widespread network of authorized service centers – If you compare the ease of getting spare parts in an authorized service center with any other company, then Maruti Suzuki is sure to come out on top. Their network of 4000+ service centers in 1950+ cities is sure to be an asset when you are on a road trip and you face car trouble. The presence of an authorized center points towards authentic spare parts and the best care possible.

Buying a Maruti Suzuki car in India is a smart decision and you are sure to gain from it.

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