Tata Harrier Off-Road Edition Concept – Rendering

The Harrier is one of the finest products to have ever rolled out from Tata Motors. Showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo as the Tata H5X Concept, the SUV was christened as the Tata Harrier.

In terms of looks, the Tata Harrier is like no other in the Indian market. The production model looks very similar to the H5X Concept but that didn’t stop me from imagining a wilder version of it. So here it is, the Tata Harrier Offroad Edition.

Tata Harrier Off-Road Edition Concept – Making Video:

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Now, I do know that the Harrier is only a front wheel drive vehicle and not a thorough off-road SUV but then anything is possible in the world of imagination. Also, there is a chance that Tata Motors could launch a 4X4 or an All-Wheel Drive variant in future.

The Tata Harrier in its stock form is said to be quite capable. Even though more than 90% of its lifetime will be spent on city roads and highways, the SUV will be able to also let the driver explorer some off the road terrains as well.

So coming back to our imaginary Harrier Offroad Edition, the first thing that grabs the onlookers attention is the bright green body paint along with black graphics that emerge out from the wheel wells and depict splashes of mud.

The modified Harrier also gets a new front bumper along with a bull guard and a new front mesh grille with the ‘TATA’ branding. The light setup remains the same except that the fog lamps have been omitted and in their place, four auxullary lamps have been added which are mounted on the roof.

Also, the SUV has been fitted with massive all-terrain wheels and tyres and since there would be no place to add a spare wheel in its original space, it has been mounted on the roof as well. Wide wheel arches have also been added that have been finished in matte black. The lower half of the bumper is also finished in matte black, giving the SUV a two–tone look. The roof, as well as the A-pillar, have been finished in black as well.

Power for the Tata Harrier comes from FCA sourced 2.0-litre ‘Kroytec’ turbocharged diesel engine. This motor develops 140 PS and 350 Nm. It is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. An automatic transmission is currently not on offer but it soon could be equipped with a Hyundai-sourced auto gearbox.

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Tata Harrier Off Road Concept by SRK Designs

Hope you liked this render of the modified Tata Harrier Off-Road Edition Concept. Do share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comments section.

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