BMW i3 Starlight Edition and BMW i8 Starlight Edition; Painted with 24K Gold Dust

BMW Group Czech Republic has showcased the BMW i3 Starlight Edition and BMW i8 Starlight Edition. These stunning looking pair of cars are super exclusive as only a single unit of them will ever be produced making them a rare collector item. The special thing about them is that they have been painted with real gold.

BMW i8 Starlight Edition 2018

The BMW i3 Starlight Edition and i8 Starlight Edition feature a unique two-tone paint scheme in gold and black on the exterior. This special edition was designed by painter Miroslav Spicak and designer Zoltan Matuska. The cars have been dubbed as Starlight because of the way how the gold dust resembles stars during the night on the car’s body.

Gold dust of 23.75 karat by Liebscher Blattgold GmbH has been applied using a specially developed technique by BMW’s paint partners at Toplac to create a flawless finish. Both cars are covered with four layers of gold, of which the last fourth layer is hand applied.

BMW i3 Starlight Edition 2018

The interiors of the cars have also been modified on the lines of the exterior. Gold colour has been used on the center console, ac vents, steering wheel and door sill bars. Both BMWi models also get a Starlight Edition Inscription to mark the exclusivity of the cars.

While BMW hasn’t disclosed the price of the i3 Starlight and i8 Starlight, it is said that the cars will be sold at a charity auction supporting the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97.

BMW i3 Starlight Edition and BMW i8 Starlight Edition Images:


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