Lamborghini Huracan covered with 1.3 Million Swarovski Crystals by Vinceri UK

For some people owning a supercar such as the Lamborghini Huracan is not enough. They would like to customize it and make it more unique. While someone would choose the Lamborghini Ad Personam programme other might take the aftermarket route like the owner of this Huracan.

One of the major changes that owners usually opt to make their car unique is to wrap their car in a unique shade and finish. We have seen many cars wrapped in a chrome finish to make them look outstanding but Daria Radionova, the owner of this particular took customization to another level.

Daria’s Lamborghini Huracan instead of being wrapped in a vinyl, has been covered with 1.3 Million Red Swarovski Crystals. Each of these sparkling pieces was hand stuck by the guys at Vinceri UK. This is not the first time Daria has attempted such a thing on her cars. Earlier too, she has had her Mercedes-Benz CLS and Bentley Continental GT covered in a similar way.

Lamborghini Huracan covered with Red Swarovski Crystals by Vinceri UK – Images:

What do you think of this custom job? If you had such a car and the money would you too want to get something like this? Let us know in the comments section.

Image Source: Vinceri


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