BMW Vision Neue Klasse X: A Glimpse into the Future of Electric SAVs

BMW has unveiled the Vision Neue Klasse X, a concept car that offers a glimpse into the future of the brand’s popular Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) lineup. This all-electric vehicle embodies the core principles of the Neue Klasse – electric, digital, and circular – while adding a fourth dimension: an unwavering commitment to driving pleasure.

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Design: A Bold Reimagination of the BMW X Model

The Vision Neue Klasse X seamlessly blends the classic BMW X model design with the clean, modern aesthetic of the Neue Klasse. The increased ground clearance of the electric platform creates a spacious interior with a long wheelbase, short overhangs, and classic BMW proportions.

Large windows and a panoramic glass roof bathe the interior in natural light, while warm-colored textiles create a sense of airiness. The signature BMW kidney grille takes on a new form as a three-dimensional sculpture with backlit contours. Vertical LED units flank the grille, offering a fresh interpretation of BMW’s hallmark light signature.

Technology: A Superior Driving Experience

The Vision Neue Klasse X boasts a new type of drive and chassis control system that personalizes the driving experience. This system, powered by a new, in-house developed software stack, promises a smooth and dynamic ride. Two out of four new “super-brains” developed by BMW will be responsible for this enhanced driving experience.

The car features the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology, which offers significant improvements in efficiency and range. With a new, round lithium-ion battery cell design with 20% higher energy density and an 800-volt system, charging speeds are up to 30% faster, allowing drivers to add 300 kilometers of range in just 10 minutes. Additionally, the drag coefficient has been reduced by 20% compared to current models, further enhancing efficiency. New tyre designs and a special braking system for electric vehicles also contribute to a 25% improvement in overall vehicle efficiency.

Interior: A Personalized Experience Space

The interior of the Vision Neue Klasse X is designed to be a personalized experience space. The redesigned steering wheel with multifunction buttons, a central display with touch control, and the BMW Panoramic Vision display with head-up display functionality provide intuitive interfaces for driver interaction.

The innovative HYPERSONX WHEEL introduces a Personal Sound Experience, allowing occupants to curate their own soundscapes during journeys with a tap of a finger. This feature adds another layer to the immersive user experience. Special lighting effects enabled by the next generation of BMW iDrive further enhance the interior ambiance.

Sustainability: A Commitment to Circularity

The Neue Klasse signifies a commitment to sustainability throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle. The Vision Neue Klasse X utilizes a variety of sustainable materials, including a completely plant-based surface material called “Verdana” used in the lower door panels and center console, and recycled ocean plastics used in injection-molded components. The car’s design and construction methods also prioritize easy disassembly and recyclability, following the principle established by the BMW i Vision Circular in 2021.

A New Chapter in Production

The Vision Neue Klasse X is a glimpse into the future of not just BMW’s SAV lineup, but also its production processes. The car will be produced at the company’s iFACTORY in Debrecen, Hungary, a facility designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X represents an exciting step forward for electric vehicles, showcasing a future where performance, luxury, and sustainability go hand-in-hand.


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