Skoda Epiq: A First Look at the Brand’s Affordable Electric SUV

Skoda has unveiled the Skoda Epiq, a new battery-electric city SUV crossover set to be unveiled in 2025. With an aggressive design language, spacious interior, and competitive price tag, the Epiq promises to be a compelling option for drivers looking to transition to electric mobility.

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Skoda’s Electric Future

The Skoda Epiq marks a significant step forward for Skoda as they push towards an electrified future. The car embodies Skoda’s commitment to offering practical and functional vehicles while embracing modern design and technology. The Skoda Epiq strikes a balance between affordability and desirable features, making it an attractive option for a wider range of consumers.

Name Steeped in Meaning

The Skoda Epiq marks a milestone in Skoda’s history, reflected in its distinctive and easily recognizable name. It adheres perfectly to Skoda’s BEV SUV naming convention: the “E” at the beginning signifies a battery-electric Skoda model, while the “Q” at the end identifies it as a member of the brand’s SUV family. However, the name “Epiq” goes beyond mere classification. Derived from the ancient Greek word “epos,” which translates to “word” or “verse,” it also carries connotations of “tale” or “poem.” This evokes positive associations such as amazing, great, extraordinary, and remarkable – qualities that the Skoda Epiq aims to embody with its clever features and versatility.

Powerful Design with Everyday Functionality

The Skoda Epiq design study offers a glimpse into the final production vehicle. The 4.1-meter long SUV boasts a surprisingly spacious interior with ample room for five passengers and a generous luggage capacity of up to 490 liters. This combination of compact size and impressive cargo space makes the Epiq ideal for urban driving and everyday errands, while still offering enough space for weekend adventures.

Modern Solid Design Language

The Skoda Epiq showcases the brand’s new design language, dubbed “Modern Solid.” This design philosophy emphasizes robustness, functionality, and a sense of authenticity. The sculpted bonnet prominently displays the new Skoda wordmark, while the Tech-Deck Face in glossy black reinterprets the Skoda grille for the electric age. This panel houses essential equipment like distance radar and front camera. Flanking the Tech-Deck Face are unique T-shaped LED elements that serve as both daytime running lights and indicators.

The headlamps occupy a lower position and feature a distinctive cubist-inspired design with Matrix LED technology. The Skoda Epiq presents a bold and confident stance with a robust front bumper accentuated by a striking spoiler finished in Unique Dark Chrome.

Aerodynamic Efficiency and Visual Appeal

The Skoda Epiq’s side profile is characterized by a high sweeping line that visually separates the greenhouse from the rest of the body. This design element emphasizes the car’s powerful shoulders and creates a sense of dynamism. Striking wheel arch trims frame aerodynamically optimized wheels, hinting at the car’s efficiency. The gently sloping roofline merges seamlessly into a rear spoiler, further enhancing aerodynamic performance.

The rear of the Skoda Epiq echoes the robust design of the front with a sturdy bumper and Skoda lettering in Unique Dark Chrome adorning the tailgate. The minimalist look is accentuated by the matte metallic paintwork in Moon White. Pops of Flashy Orange on the roof rails, wheels, and bumpers add a touch of vibrancy and youthful energy.

An Electrifying Future at an Attainable Price

With a starting price of around 25,000 euros, the Skoda Epiq positions itself as an accessible option for those looking to enter the world of electric mobility. The spacious interior, impressive cargo capacity, and targeted driving range of over 400 kilometers make it a practical choice for everyday driving. The Skoda Epiq promises to combine functionality with Skoda’s renowned design language, wrapped in a package that is both affordable and exciting. The official unveiling in 2025 is eagerly awaited, as Skoda gears up to take on the electric vehicle market with the Skoda Epiq.

A Minimalist and Sustainable Interior

The Skoda Epiq takes its commitment to practicality and functionality to the next level with the first-ever production car interior designed around the “Modern Solid” principles. This translates to a minimalist cabin crafted with durable, practical, and sustainable materials. The focus is on creating a user-friendly and comfortable environment for everyday driving.

A highlight of the interior is the open storage compartment in the free-floating center console, which incorporates a wireless mobile phone charger for added convenience. Skoda’s signature “Simply Clever” philosophy is evident throughout the cabin, with additional storage compartments cleverly integrated to maximize usability. The spacious boot benefits from these thoughtful touches as well, featuring bag hooks, cargo elements, fastening hooks, and a hidden underfloor compartment.

The driver-centric cockpit features a two-spoke steering wheel adorned with the new Skoda lettering. Physical buttons and haptic scroll wheels with Flashy Orange accents provide intuitive control of key functions, while a mobile digital key allows for a wide range of interactions via the driver’s smartphone. This “mobile first” approach emphasizes Skoda’s dedication to making daily commutes easier and more convenient.

Further underscoring Skoda’s commitment to innovation, the Skoda Epiq boasts bi-directional charging capabilities. This technology effectively transforms the car into a mobile power source, allowing it to power electronic devices or even supply electricity back to the power grid. This feature highlights Skoda’s vision for a sustainable future and their dedication to developing environmentally responsible electric vehicles.

A Collaborative Effort for a Sustainable Future

The Skoda Epiq is destined to cater to the needs of both family-oriented and lifestyle-driven customers. This city SUV crossover will be produced in Pamplona, Spain, as a joint development and production project between Skoda, Cupra, and Volkswagen, all representatives of Volkswagen’s Brand Group Core. Skoda Auto is firmly committed to investing billions of euros in the coming years to transform itself into a leader in e-mobility. The Skoda Elroq, a battery-electric compact SUV, will be the first to launch as part of this exciting electric vehicle campaign, with its debut scheduled for later this year. The Skoda Epiq represents a significant step forward for Skoda, not just in terms of electric vehicle technology, but also in its commitment to collaboration and sustainability. This multinational project signifies Skoda’s dedication to building a greener future, one electrifying journey at a time.


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