2025 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban have been unveiled

The Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, renowned as the best-selling large SUVs in the industry, are set to debut with fresh interior and exterior designs late next year. The lineup will feature a more potent diesel engine option introduced later in production, along with new technological enhancements aimed at enhancing driver confidence and safety.

According to Scott Bell, Vice President of Chevrolet, “The updates on the 2025 Chevy Tahoe and Suburban make the industry’s best-selling full-size SUVs an ever-stronger option for our customers.” He emphasized Chevrolet’s segment-leading position, stating, “Our segment-leading position is the envy of our competitors — no one comes close to Chevrolet.”

Having dominated the segment for over 45 years, Tahoe and Suburban have not only excelled as top sellers but have also become cultural icons. Chevrolet’s commitment to designing and engineering these full-size SUVs reflects their dedication to meeting the diverse needs of their customers. The 2025 Tahoe and Suburban, in line with this trend, showcase noteworthy highlights and features:

  • A refreshed exterior design boasting more pronounced signature lighting, innovative lighting animations, the introduction of new 24-inch wheels, and more.
  • An updated interior design centered around an entirely new, best-in-segment 17.7-inch-diagonal central touchscreen. This is complemented by an enhanced High Country interior and various refinements throughout the lineup.
  • The availability of a new, second-generation 3.0L turbo-diesel Duramax engine, presenting a 10 percent increase in horsepower compared to current models. This engine option will be accessible later in the production cycle.
  • Ride and handling enhancements meticulously engineered to elevate driving refinement.
  • Improved safety and technology features, such as Connected Cameras, a fully integrated network of cameras enabling customers to remotely monitor their vehicle’s interior and exterior. This system can also record events like crashes and thefts, though certain functionalities may necessitate an OnStar plan.

Elevated Aesthetic Appeal

The 2025 Tahoe and Suburban showcase a revamped appearance, characterized by a novel front-end design featuring distinct and more daring lighting elements. Each of the six trims—LS, LT, RST, Z71, Premier, and High Country—receives an updated front fascia, with specific trims incorporating unique design elements. Notably, the Z71, among the swiftly sought-after trims, integrates skid plates and a high-approach front fascia, while the High Country embraces a sport-luxury theme, achieving a refined equilibrium with black and Galvano chrome trim.

Phil Zak, Executive Design Director, Global Chevrolet, remarked, “The new faces of Tahoe and Suburban are more expressive, drawing inspiration from the recently refreshed Chevrolet truck lineup. They retain their inherent versatility, now with an increased focus on the intricate details that have propelled these large SUVs to the forefront of their segment.”

Further enhancements contribute to a more robust, self-assured stance, while the introduction of new 24-inch wheel designs, available for the first time on RST and High Country trims, adds to the Tahoe and Suburban’s updated and contemporary style.

Enhanced Lighting for Elevated Elegance

The sophisticated design of the SUVs is further accentuated by new front and rear lighting, featuring innovative technology presented in a more polished package. Notable highlights encompass:

  • A more seamlessly integrated appearance of the daytime running lights (DRLs), characterized by a thinner yet more conspicuous top DRL. This effect is achieved through an angled prism within the lighting signature, producing bold illumination within a streamlined housing.
  • The heightened lighting signature imparts a distinct personality to the vehicles. The Premier and High Country trims stand out with standard welcome and walk-away lighting animations, along with animated swipe turn signals, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Dual C-shaped light designs maintain a cohesive family aesthetic consistent with other Chevrolet vehicles.

In addition to the revamped appearance and lighting features, the 2025 Tahoe and Suburban introduce two fresh exterior colors: Cypress Gray and Lakeshore Blue Metallic.

Modernized Interior with a Tech Emphasis

The redesigned interior of the new Tahoe and Suburban exudes a sense of openness and increased spaciousness, aligning with the technology-centric approach seen in recently unveiled Chevrolet models. The incorporation of sweeping lines and a lowered instrument panel contributes to the perceived space for both the driver and the front-row passenger.

Central to the cabin’s layout are the display screens, featuring an all-new standard 17.7-inch-diagonal freeform infotainment screen accompanied by an 11-inch-diagonal driver information center. Positioned at a slight tilt towards the driver, the screen enhances the feeling of control, while maintaining easy access for the front-seat passenger. The design strikes a harmonious balance between intuitive functionality and a sleek aesthetic, incorporating a mix of physical and digital controls in the cockpit.

Other notable interior features include:

  • A redesigned center console with new storage options and a repositioned wireless charging pad for added convenience.
  • A fresh steering wheel design.
  • Distinctive interior touches, such as Victory Red stitching on RST models and an all-new Jet Black/Sky Cool Gray interior on Premier trims.
  • A more refined decor palette across the lineup, including Piano Black and Galvano chrome, as well as an increased use of soft-touch and wrapped materials on select trims.
  • An upgraded and sophisticated High Country interior, featuring authentic wood decor—a first for Tahoe and Suburban. This is complemented by wingtip perforated leather seating surfaces, a unique steering wheel, “High Country” identification, and an exclusive Jet Black/Mocha color combination.

Enhanced Diesel Power

Introducing the refined second-generation 3.0L inline-six turbo-diesel Duramax, the 2025 Tahoe and Suburban boast a more robust diesel engine for heightened confidence on the road, especially during towing. Paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, this diesel engine is now available across all retail trims, including the Z71 variant for the first time.

Previously featured in the Silverado 1500, the new diesel engine is now rated at 305 horsepower and 495 lb-ft of peak torque. These figures represent a notable increase of 10 percent in horsepower and 7.6 percent in torque compared to the current diesel engine, which stands at 277 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque.

The upgraded power is attributed to a reworked turbo compressor, alongside new, higher-flow fuel injectors, modified piston-cooling oil jets, the integration of new steel pistons, and improved temperature control features with the cooling system’s Active Thermal Management. To ensure a balanced performance, the engine incorporates new sound absorption materials and a finely tuned air induction system, delivering a harmonious blend of power, quietness, and enhanced refinement.

While the 5.3L gas V-8 remains the standard engine for LS, LT, RST, Z71, and Premier trims, the 6.2L V-8 is standard on the High Country and available on RST, Z71, and Premier. The availability of the new diesel engine is slated for 2025, following the initial launch.

Enhanced Ride and Handling Dynamics

The updated multilink independent rear suspension design, initially introduced in the current Tahoe and Suburban models, has undergone refinements to elevate the ride-and-handling dynamics of the 2025 versions. Further enhancements in steering calibration contribute to a confident driving experience in various conditions.

According to Martin Hayes, Chief Engineer, “The already excellent ride-and-handling characteristics enabled by the independent rear suspension are taken to the next level with the 2025 Tahoe and Suburban.” He notes that their responsiveness imparts a sense of agility, surpassing what their full-size dimensions might suggest.

Furthermore, the Air Ride Adaptive Suspension and Magnetic Ride Control make a return as available features.

The Air Ride Adaptive Suspension, now available on High Country, Z71, and RST for the first time, provides automatic load-leveling and ride-height adjustment. During highway driving, it automatically lowers the ride height to minimize aerodynamic drag, enhancing efficiency. Driver-selectable heights offer flexibility, allowing for reduced entry/exit heights when parked and the option to raise the body for additional ground clearance during off-road driving.

Magnetic Ride Control, a standard feature on Premier and High Country trims and available on RST and Z71, utilizes sensors that continuously monitor the road at a rate of 1,000 times per second. This information enables the system to adjust the damping rate of the shocks nearly instantaneously. As one of the fastest-reacting damping systems in the industry, it plays a key role in reducing pitch, body roll, and vibrations that can resonate in a large SUV.

Confident Towing Experience

Towing holds significant importance for Tahoe and Suburban customers, and Chevrolet’s suite of trailering technology upgrades is designed to instill confidence whether it’s a driver’s initial towing experience or they are seasoned in frequent towing scenarios.

The Trailering technologies that Tahoe and Suburban users are familiar with will be retained, and an optional Max Trailering package is available. On select trims, this package includes a high-capacity radiator and cooling fan, an integrated trailer brake controller, Hitch View 5, Hill Descent Control 5, Blind Zone Steering Assist with Trailering 5, and the Chevrolet Trailering App. Additionally, Tahoe and Suburban will introduce the following new and enhanced features:

  • Trailer Tire Health, equipped with a trailer tire life monitor and over-speed warning to prevent trailer tire blowouts.
  • Mobile Trailering App Load Rating Info, providing convenient anytime/anywhere access to the vehicle’s load rating.
  • Forward Path Indication, aiding drivers in navigating with their trailer by displaying guidelines on the Surround View. These guidelines indicate the width of the trailer and its path, and when the turn signal is activated, the estimated turning path for both the vehicle and trailer is shown.
  • Boat Ramp Assist, a newly available feature within the trailering app, guiding customers with a checklist and step-by-step instructions for towing, launching, and retrieving a boat.
  • Trailer Navigation, which calculates routes based on trailer size using built-in Google Maps.

The 2025 Tahoe maintains a maximum towing capacity of 8,400 lbs, while the Suburban offers 8,200 lbs.

Advanced Safety and Technology Features

In the realm of safety and driver awareness technology, the 2025 Tahoe and Suburban are poised to offer an unprecedented array of features, including a novel sensor designed to detect specific types of motion within the vehicle. This innovation serves to identify if a passenger has inadvertently been left in the rear areas of the vehicle.

Tricia Morrow, Head of Global Safety Technology Strategy at GM, elaborates on the new development, stating, “We want to assist families by introducing a feature that may help them remember their precious cargo in the back seats. This feature stands as a testament to GM’s dedication to developing innovative safety technology.”

A groundbreaking addition to GM’s repertoire, Interior Motion Detection has the capability to discern certain micro-movements within the cabin. If movement is detected in the vehicle after it is parked and turned off, a series of escalating alerts can be triggered to enhance awareness.

Another noteworthy feature is Connected Cameras, now available for the first time. This feature comprises a seamlessly integrated network of cameras, providing customers with the ability to remotely monitor both the interior and exterior of their vehicle. This includes 360-degree views of the exterior, and key benefits encompass automatic Crash Recording, Security Recording, Live View, My Recordings (dash cam functionality), industry-first cloud storage, and more. Access to camera views and recordings is facilitated through the myChevrolet mobile app, with certain features requiring an appropriate OnStar plan.

Tahoe and Suburban will also continue to incorporate standard Chevy Safety Assist5, a comprehensive suite of safety features and driver assistance technologies. This suite includes Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Front Pedestrian and Bicyclist Braking, and IntelliBeam. Additionally, standard safety features comprise Enhanced Automatic Parking Assist, HD Surround Vision, Teen Driver, and Buckle to Drive.

Additional Technology Highlights for Safety and Driver Convenience include:

  • Super Cruise, the industry’s pioneering true hands-free driving driver assistance technology, will become available in 2025 following its initial launch. Super Cruise is operational on over 400,000 miles of roads in the U.S. and Canada.
  • AutoSense Power Liftgate: Simplifying the loading process when the user’s hands are full, this feature automatically opens the liftgate upon sensing the key fob behind the vehicle.

The 2025 Tahoe and Suburban are seamlessly connected through OnStar, enhancing the in-vehicle experience with an array of available safety, entertainment, and convenience features. This includes Super Cruise functionality, 24/7 access to live OnStar advisors, on-demand vehicle diagnostics, HD streaming, and more.

Exclusively Crafted by GM’s Arlington Assembly Team

The production of the all-new 2025 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban will be carried out at GM’s Arlington Assembly plant in Texas10, a facility that will commemorate 70 years of production in 2024. As previously disclosed, GM is making a substantial investment of over $500 million in the Texas plant to fortify its position in the full-size SUV market. This significant financial commitment will result in the implementation of new tooling and equipment across the stamping, body shop, and general assembly areas at Arlington Assembly. Notably, GM has announced cumulative investments of nearly $2 billion in Arlington Assembly since 2013.

Anticipated to be available for purchase late next year, the all-new Tahoe and Suburban will bring forth a new era of performance and design. Additional details, including pricing, will be unveiled closer to the commencement of production.


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