All-New 2024 Dacia Duster Makes World Debut

  • Dacia introduces the third generation of the Duster, marking the next phase in the success story of this iconic best-seller.
  • The design of the All-New Duster exudes increased toughness and assertiveness.
  • The innovative CMF-B platform enhances the overall in-car experience.
  • Off-road capabilities reach new heights with the 4×4 version of the All-New Duster.
  • The inclusion of more sustainable materials and hybrid powertrains reflects a commitment to environmental consciousness.
  • Loaded with new technologies, the vehicle prioritizes safety and comfort.
  • While everything about it is revamped, the essence remains unchanged – the Duster continues to be a family SUV, delivering the best value for money in its segment.

The All-New Dacia Duster marks the beginning of a new chapter for a model that has evolved into a benchmark in its market. It embodies the core values of the Dacia brand: ‘Robust and Outdoor,’ ‘Essential but Cool,’ and ‘Eco-Smart.’ Introduced in 2010, revamped in 2017, Duster has become an iconic figure by redefining the standards of SUVs.

Duster stands as a testament to its success. Over its 13-year career, it has garnered more than 40 awards, with production exceeding 2.2 million units and still growing. Demonstrating its popularity, it claimed the title of Europe’s best-selling SUV across all segments in the retail market in 2022. The Dacia plant in Pitesti, Romania, witnesses the assembly of around 1,000 Duster SUVs daily, equating to roughly one every minute!


Dacia has reimagined the design of the Duster, retaining the captivating aesthetics that propelled its predecessors to the top. It maintains its robust and sturdy SUV character, yet elevates it with Dacia’s distinctive new design.

According to David Durand, Dacia’s Design Director, “Before even starting work on All-New Duster’s style, we honed its proportions, to find a strong, balanced posture. When you get the proportions right early on, you don’t need artifices to tweak style later.”

Consistent with Dacia’s philosophy of delivering essential elements in every model, the design of the All-New Duster adheres to this principle.

The design team initiated the process by scrutinizing the cabin, bonnet, and wings before integrating them into the entire vehicle, resulting in a modern, well-constructed style characterized by intentionally taut, self-assured lines.

The straightforward shapes and volumes contribute to the design’s potency, featuring a sharp, vertical face, chamfered wheel-arch guards, expansive tailgate, and seamlessly connected side windows spanning from front to back.

The All-New Duster is enveloped in a chic belt that encircles the vehicle. The underbody shields on the sides link to the defining features, extending to the wheel arches, which then connect to the front and rear bumpers. This integration makes the All-New Duster more resilient and well-equipped for outdoor adventures than ever before.

The design of the All-New Duster remains cohesive, evolving with the times while seamlessly blending its adventurous character with a more sustainable approach.

The front and rear skid plates undergo a dyeing-in-the-mass process, where the plastic is pre-colored before injection molding. This method not only benefits the environment but also ensures that any scrapes or scratches won’t alter the original color, providing a lasting aesthetic for customers.

Various components such as the side underbody shields, wheel-arch guards, hallmarks, triangles on the front bumper, front and rear skid plates, and rear shield tail are crafted from a robust material known as Starkle. Developed collaboratively by Dacia’s engineers and LyondellBasell’s chemists, this material incorporates up to 20% recycled content. Notably, its composition includes white particles that impart a mottled appearance, a distinctive feature that Dacia proudly showcases instead of applying paint.

David Durand also says, “We wanted the exterior and interior design to be consistent. The taut and tough style inside makes you feel properly protected.” This sensation is further accentuated by the elevated, vertically oriented dashboard. The design of the air vents, resembling wheel arches, contributes to the overall cohesiveness.

Similar to the exterior, the interior is equipped with all the essentials, focusing on features that serve a purpose. Extensive attention was devoted to ergonomics, evident in details such as the 10.1-inch center screen strategically positioned within the driver’s line of sight and tilted at a 10° angle for optimal visibility. Notably, the new automatic transmission controls are designed with the driver’s convenience in mind. The flattened surfaces at the top and bottom of the steering wheel enhance comfort, making it exceptionally easy to handle.

David Durand said, “Duster wouldn’t be Duster without a clever and practical interior that makes daily life easier for users. Everything is designed to make you feel at home, front and back”.

Y-shaped signature

The new ‘Y-shaped signature’ serves to emphasize the connection between the interior and exterior of the All-New Duster:

Internally, the air vents feature a Y-shaped design (Copper in the Extreme trim), and the Y motif is also present on the door-panel armrests. The steering wheel no longer displays the brand name but proudly showcases the Dacia logo.

Externally, the head and rear lamps of the All-New Duster are arranged in a Y formation, mirroring the same shape evident on the alloy wheels. Notably, these wheels are chrome-free, deriving their shine from the polishing method applied to the materials.

David Durand adds, “We wanted to make the All-New Duster’s design more attractive than ever, by making the style even more quintessentially Duster and Dacia, by vigorously and proudly reasserting our values: ‘Robust and Outdoor’, ‘Essential but Cool’, and ‘Eco-Smart’.”

CMF-B platform

The CMF-B platform elevates performance levels for the All-New Duster. Positioned at the core of Dacia’s industrial strategy, this competitive and remarkably adaptable platform initially debuted on the latest Sandero and Logan models, followed by the Jogger. It furnishes Dacia with the versatility necessary to effectively implement its ambitious product plan.

Utilizing the CMF-B platform, the All-New Duster offers increased space for passengers and luggage compared to its predecessor, all while maintaining only a marginal increase in overall length. The platform’s advanced engineering contributes to reduced vibration and road noise, thereby enhancing driver comfort and delivering an unparalleled connection to the road, resulting in a substantial improvement in driving pleasure.

Additionally, the CMF-B platform serves as the starting point for the All-New Duster’s venture into electrification, accommodating powertrains equipped with mild-hybrid and full-hybrid technologies.

Patrice Lévy Bencheton, Dacia VP Product Performance, explains, “The new CMF-B platform is a key asset to develop the Dacia line-up both today and tomorrow. We can see all its potential on the All-New Duster. It houses high-efficiency electrified powertrains, significantly enhances performance across the board and keeps the appeal and accessibility that have made it a hit.”


The off-road prowess of the All-New Duster stands unmatched in the non-specialized 4×4 market (where “non-specialized” refers to 4×4 vehicles lacking close-ratio transmissions), ensuring that outdoor enthusiasts can relish its capabilities without any concerns.


The All-New Duster comes equipped with the 4×4 Terrain Control transmission, featuring five distinct driving settings:

  • Auto: Automatically allocates power between the front and rear axle based on wheel grip and speed.
  • Snow: Enhances trajectory on slippery roads through specific ESC and anti-skid configurations.
  • Mud/Sand: Tailored for uneven terrain.
  • Off-Road: Delivers peak performance on challenging terrain, akin to the current Duster’s 4×4 Lock mode but with the added advantage of autonomously and optimally distributing torque to the front and rear wheels based on grip and speed.
  • Eco: Optimizes fuel consumption by regulating air conditioning and the vehicle’s performance. It maximizes torque distribution to the front and rear axles to minimize fuel consumption while adapting to the road’s grip.

The All-New Duster boasts a ground clearance of 217 mm (measurement between axles) in the 4×4 version, making it the highest in the market.

Featuring up to 31° at the front and 36° at the rear (4×4 versions), the approach and departure angles empower the vehicle to surmount various obstacles, complemented by a 24° ventral angle.

Equipped with downhill speed control, especially beneficial on rugged terrain and steep slopes, the system primarily utilizes the brakes to maintain the vehicle’s speed under control (according to the driver’s input) within the range of 0 to 30 km/h. This function engages irrespective of the selected gear, including reverse, allowing the driver to disregard the accelerator and brake pedals and concentrate on steering.

Introducing the new All Road Info system, the 10.1-inch center screen provides a range of valuable information during off-road driving, including lateral tilt, uphill and downhill pitch, and power distribution to the front and rear axles (4×4 version).

Strong Protection and Durable Materials

External: The entirety of the body’s surrounding region is now shielded against minor bumps and scratches. The side shields interconnect with the wheel-arch guards and both front and rear bumpers, creating a protective belt. Additionally, substantial skid plates beneath the bumpers safeguard the undercarriage.

Internal: The cabin is designed for heavy-duty use, particularly evident in the Extreme trim, where washable TEP MicroCloud upholstery and 20% recycled rubber mats in the front, rear, and trunk area come standard.

More Resilient Materials

As previously stated, the front and rear skid plates undergo a dyeing-in-the-mass process, meaning the plastic is pre-colored before injection molding. This ensures that the color is permanent and cannot be altered, unlike traditional paint. While unavoidable scrapes and scratches may occur, any resulting marks will be virtually invisible as they won’t affect the color.

The protective shields encircling the car are crafted from Starkle, an innovative material developed by Dacia’s engineers. Since it is not painted, any scrapes or scratches on these shields will not result in noticeable marks.

The All-New Duster introduces additional InNature accessories:

The Sleep Pack, initially featured on the Jogger, is now also available for the All-New Duster. Custom-designed for the All-New Duster, this 3-in-1 box is simple, removable, and cost-effective. It includes a double bed that unfolds in under two minutes, a tray table, and storage space. The Sleep Pack has dimensions of 1.90 meters in length and up to 1.30 meters in width.

A new roof rack, highly convenient for outdoor activities, can support up to 80 kg (maximum dynamic weight). It effortlessly attaches to the modular roof bars in the transverse position or to aftermarket roof bars.

Eco-Smart: Increased Sustainability At An Affordable Price

In line with Dacia’s principles, the All-New Duster offers an economical choice for environmentally conscious driving, incorporating new hybrid powertrains and a greater use of recycled materials.

New Hybrid Powertrains

All-New Dacia Duster HYBRID 140: Adopted for the Jogger in early 2023, this powertrain is now available for the All-New Duster. Leveraging technologies tried and tested by the Renault Group, it consists of a 4-cylinder, 1.6-liter, 94 hp petrol engine, two electric motors (a 49 hp powerplant and a high-voltage starter generator), and an electric automatic gearbox (with 4 engine ratios and 2 motor ratios). The system operates without a clutch, allowing seamless integration. With regenerative braking, a 1.2 kWh (230 V) battery with high energy recovery, and efficient gearbox performance, the vehicle can run in all-electric mode up to 80% of the time in cities, reducing consumption by 20% (mixed cycle) to 40% (urban cycle). The engine always initiates with electric power.

All-New Dacia Duster TCe 130: Introducing this powertrain for the first time, Dacia incorporates an initial level of electrification. It combines a new-generation 3-cylinder, 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine using the Miller cycle (minimizing pump losses for optimized efficiency) and a 48 V mild hybrid motor. This motor assists the internal combustion engine during starts or accelerations, decreasing average consumption and CO2 emissions by approximately 10% compared to an equivalent-power internal combustion engine. It also enhances acceleration performance compared to the existing TCe 130 model, providing a more responsive and smoother driving experience. The regenerative braking system charges the 0.9 kWh battery without noticeable impact on the driver. The TCe 130 powertrain is available with a 6-speed manual gearbox in the 4×2 and 4×4 versions.

All-New Dacia Duster TCe 100 Bi-Fuel: As the uncontested LPG leader in Europe, Dacia stands out as the sole automaker offering a dual-fuel (petrol and LPG) option across all its internal-combustion models, labeled as Bi-Fuel. The All-New Duster features this established technology, ensuring safety and reliability. When running on LPG, the All-New Duster TCe 100 Bi-Fuel emits, on average, 10% less CO2 than a comparable petrol engine. It boasts a range of up to 1,300 km (WLTP) with its two tanks holding 100 liters combined – 50 liters of petrol and 50 liters of LPG (the latter positioned beneath the boot floor, preserving cargo capacity). A seamlessly integrated button on the dashboard allows the engine to switch between fuels instantly and imperceptibly.

Increased Usage Of Eco-Friendly Materials

The All-New Duster takes the lead as the initial production model incorporating Starkle, an innovative material developed by Dacia’s engineers. Comprising 20% reused polypropylene and entirely devoid of paint, this material results in a reduced carbon footprint during its manufacturing process. Starkle is utilized in various components such as the side underbody shields, wheel-arch guards, hallmarks, triangles on the front bumper, (add-on) front and rear skid plates, and the rear shield tail. Furthermore, employing a dyed-in-the-mass material for the front and rear skid plates minimizes the usage of paint in the production process.

In total, approximately 20% of the plastic used in the All-New Duster is recycled, surpassing the typical ratio in its segment and representing an 8-point increase compared to the previous generation. In a commitment to environmental responsibility, Dacia has chosen to discontinue the use of leather and decorative chrome in all its models.

To further reduce its ecological footprint, the user manual is now smaller, aiming to use less paper. The complete version is conveniently accessible online through the MyDacia application.

Unmatched Affordability

The All-New Duster remains dedicated to upholding Dacia’s commitment to providing exceptional value for money. By merging the most budget-friendly prices in its segment with an expanded passenger compartment, it solidifies its position as the top bargain in the market.

Enhancing its appeal further, the All-New Duster introduces more technology, including a novel 7-inch digital dashboard, an updated 10.1-inch center touchscreen, and an innovative infotainment system. This version of the Duster is more intelligent than ever, boasting modular roof bars and the introduction of the innovative Dacia YouClip accessory system.

More Technology And Innovative Solutions

The All-New Duster exemplifies Dacia’s approach to technological advancement, embodying values of reliability, intelligence, affordability, and a commitment to simplifying the lives of its users.

An Enhanced Digital And Connected Interior

Standard in the Expression trim and above, the All-New Duster features a new infotainment system equipped with a 10.1-inch center touchscreen. This system is compatible with both multimedia options available for the Duster: Media Display and Media Nav Live.

  • The Media Display, integrated into the All-New Duster Expression models, comes with four speakers and supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.
  • Rhe Media Nav Live system comes as standard for the Journey and Extreme models. It encompasses all the features of the Media Display and adds a connected navigation system that provides real-time traffic updates. Additionally, these models include a six-speaker Arkamys 3D Sound System.

Featured in the Essential trim, Media Control is a comprehensive infotainment system conveniently managed through the steering wheel. It presents media-related information on a 3.5-inch screen adjacent to the analogue cluster on the dashboard, complemented by four speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, and a built-in smartphone stand on the dashboard. Upon linking it with the free Dacia Media Control app, users can oversee the radio, other media, and various features directly from their smartphone screen.

In compliance with new European GSR2 requirements, native connectivity is integrated. For vehicles equipped with Media Display and Media Nav Live, additional connected services are available, encompassing features such as Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) for hassle-free software updates without the need for Retailer Network visits. Moreover, connected maintenance status can be conveniently monitored through the MyDacia smartphone application.

The All-New Duster debuts a 7-inch customizable color digital dashboard, allowing drivers to present their preferred information in their chosen layout. This digital dashboard is a standard feature starting from the Expression trim and above.

In models equipped with Media Display and Media Nav Live, two USB-C ports are available at the front and an additional two at the rear, accommodating a total of four devices. Notably, all these ports are illuminated.

Across all trim levels, a dedicated phone slot is provided. Versions featuring Media Display and Media Nav Live include a YouClip smartphone holder, along with two USB-C sockets at the front and two at the rear, facilitating the charging of up to four devices.

A wireless smartphone charger is conveniently positioned in the center console, accessible for both front passengers. This feature is standard in all higher trim levels.

Innovative Driver Assistance Features

Cruise control/speed limiter now comes as a standard inclusion across all trims of the new Dacia Duster. Automatic low-beam headlights are available in every trim level. Additionally, the automatic transition between low-beam and high-beam headlights is a standard feature in the All-New Duster Extreme and Journey models.

In response to the latest European safety standards, the All-New Duster incorporates new driver assistance systems. These systems include automatic emergency braking, covering urban and suburban areas with the ability to detect other cars, pedestrians, bicycles, and motorbikes. Other features consist of traffic sign recognition, speeding alert, rear parking assistance, emergency stop signal, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, driver attention alert, and emergency calls (eCall). To enhance user convenience, Dacia introduces the MySafety button, allowing drivers to swiftly configure their preferred driver assistance systems.

Enhanced Comfort

The All-New Duster remains unparalleled in delivering exceptional value for money within its segment. The transition to the CMF-B platform has resulted in increased interior space, particularly in the front width and rear legroom (+30mm). With a lower boot floor, wider and higher boot opening, and an expanded boot space that offers up to 6% additional room (472 liters under the parcel tray in the All-New Duster 4×2), the model prioritizes optimized comfort.

Recognizing that comfort commences with a stress-free driving experience, the All-New Duster incorporates various amenities to simplify life for the driver. An electric parking brake is included from the Expression trim, and the Extreme and Journey trims feature door mirrors with an electric adjusting and folding mechanism as standard. Furthermore, the All-New Duster, prepared for challenging conditions, offers the option of a heated steering wheel and a windshield de-icing system.

Dacia’s engineers have introduced the YouClip system, a straightforward and practical method to secure multiple accessories in designated areas within the passenger compartment. The All-New Duster comes with either three (in the Essential trim) or five YouClip grips throughout the car.

These grips can accommodate accessories such as a tablet stand, a storage pouch, a smartphone stand with an induction charger, or a versatile “3 in 1” unit (cupholder, bag hook, and movable light). The ingenious 3-in-1 system is factory-installed in the Duster Extreme, and all YouClip-compatible accessories are readily available from the Dacia Retailer Network.

A Straightforward Lineup with all the Essentials

Presently, nearly 70% of Duster customers gravitate towards the higher-tier trims. In response, the All-New Duster range is now streamlined into three tiers: Essential, Expression, and a novel choice between two distinctive yet complementary top trims – Extreme, designed for enthusiasts of outdoor adventures and intense driving experiences, and Journey, tailored for those who prefer a subdued blend of elegance and comfort. Both the latter options will be available at comparable prices.

New Dacia Duster Variants

Duster Essential: Media Control, fixed roof bars, six airbags, rear parking sensors, and more.

Duster Expression: All features of Essential plus 17-inch alloy wheels, a 7-inch digital dashboard, a 10.1-inch center touchscreen with the Media Display infotainment system, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto wireless replication, a reversing camera, and more.

Duster Extreme: All features of Essential plus modular roof bars, washable TEP MicroCloud upholstery, rubber floor and boot mats, automatic air conditioning, the Media Nav Live infotainment system with connected navigation, hands-free keycard, electric door mirrors, the YouClip 3-in-1 system, Copper Brown decorative touches inside and out, and more.

Duster Journey: All features of Essential plus 18-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, automatic air conditioning, hands-free keycard, electric parking brake, wireless smartphone charger, the Media Nav Live infotainment system with connected navigation, a 6-speaker Arkamys 3D Sound System, and more.


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