TVS X electric scooter makes global debut in Dubai; Priced at INR 2.49 Lakh

TVS Motors Company has set a new precedent in the world of electric scooters with the grand introduction of its most advanced creation yet – the TVS X. Revealed at a prestigious event in Dubai, this masterpiece of engineering and innovation is primed to reshape the landscape of premium electric scooters.

A Symphony of Disciplines: Xperience Redefined

The “X” in TVS X signifies a harmonious amalgamation of diverse disciplines. It embodies artful engineering, where technology and performance dance in perfect synchrony. From its sleek and aerodynamic form to its lean, mean, and clean machine persona, every element is meticulously designed to strike an effortless harmony between form and function.

Masterpiece of Craftsmanship: The Xleton Platform

The TVS X redefines strength and control with its all-new Xleton platform. This platform boasts an exposed aluminum frame that provides unparalleled control, durability, and performance. Its high-strength aluminum alloy frame ensures the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio in its class, while the fluid storage layout further enhances its practicality.

Illuminate Your Journey with LED Tech 2.0

The TVS X ensures you’re always the center of attention with the cutting-edge LED Tech 2.0 and Razor Pulse lighting system. This feature offers customizable lighting signatures and Razor Pulse headlamps, complementing its sleek design while delivering optimum visibility on the road.

A Panoramic Display: Unprecedented Visibility

The TVS X comes equipped with an expansive 10.2-inch X-Tilt TFT Panoramic display, complete with segment-first features. This stunning display is fully tiltable, ensuring crystal-clear visibility from various angles. It’s a symphony of innovation that keeps the rider informed and engaged on every journey.

Unmatched Balance and Performance

Behind the scenes, a meticulously designed powertrain, coupled with offset rear mono-shock geometry, guarantees perfect balance on every ride. This unique engineering approach ensures a thrilling yet controlled experience, whether you’re cruising down the highway or navigating tight city corners.

A Sculptural Marvel: Form and Function in Harmony

The TVS X’s sculptural bodywork is a work of art, characterized by flowing lines and elegant curves. It’s not just about aesthetics; this design enhances aerodynamics and rider-machine harmony. With a ram-air cooled motor and class-leading CdA (coefficient of aerodynamic drag), the TVS X showcases a commitment to both style and performance.

Thrills Tailored to You: GravitOPS Technology

With GravitOPS technology, the TVS X ensures stability at high speeds and during cornering. This innovation provides riders with unmatched confidence and control, elevating the thrill factor while maintaining safety.

Seamless Connectivity: Your Ride, Your Way

The TVS X boasts three distinctive riding modes: Xtealth for your daily commute, Xtride for an adrenaline rush, and Xonic for the ultimate thrill. This customization extends further with personalized profiles, themes, and even digital keys. Connect your smartphone, smartwatch, and helmet seamlessly for an integrated riding experience.

Beyond Transportation: Playtech Entertainment

The TVS X isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s an entertainment powerhouse. The panoramic 10.2-inch TFT display allows you to watch videos and play games while stationary, elevating your riding experience to a whole new level.

Safety and Beyond: TVS Smart Xhield

Safety takes center stage with TVS Smart Xhield, offering features like geofencing, tow and theft alerts, crash/fall alerts, auto lock, and SOS. It’s a comprehensive safety net that ensures your well-being on every journey.

Charging on the Go: Uninterrupted Thrills

The TVS X understands that you never want the thrill to end. With a portable 950W charger, you can recharge your scooter from 0 to 80% in just 3 hours and 40 minutes, ensuring you’re always ready for your next adventure. The TVS X boasts a Lithium-ion battery with NMC technology, encased in a protective aluminum casing to prevent physical damage. Capable of fast charging, you can recharge from 0 to 50% in a mere 58 minutes using the 3kW wall-mounted charger.

Furthermore, the TVS X is engineered for resilience, allowing the rider to navigate stagnant water up to half a foot deep, provided safety precautions are observed. Rest assured, all components on the floorboard are IP67 rated, ensuring water resistance.

Embrace the Future with TVS X

The TVS X is more than a scooter; it’s a testament to innovation, engineering, and the pursuit of perfection. With its unparalleled features, breathtaking design, and dynamic performance, the TVS X stands as a beacon of the future. Bookings have already commenced, and the first 2,000 owners will receive an exclusive Smartwatch and a ‘Curated Concierge’ package worth INR 18,000.

Service and Care: A Commitment to Excellence

Service is a cornerstone of the TVS X experience. Once your vehicle is serviced, consumables such as front fork seals, front brake pads, rear brake liners, and disc brake hoses will be replaced based on maintenance schedules or wear. Additionally, there will be a top-up of brake fluid, front fork oil, and lubrication of various joints.

It’s important to note that the TVS X can only be serviced at TVS dealerships where the TVS X is retailed. This is due to the deployment of special service set-ups and specially trained service technicians for the TVS X.


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