2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Genuine Accessories List

The All-New Scorpio-N is designed, engineered and built to disrupt the SUV segment with its class-leading attributes, features and capabilities, to be acknowledged as the #BigDaddyOfSUVs. It is a powerhouse of an SUV, and the perfect vehicle for those who demand the best in performance, style, and comfort.

Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories: Buy Now & Save!

To help you personalize your Scorpio-N and make it truly your own, the company offers a wide range of genuine accessories. Here is a list of the Mahindra Genuine Accessories you can buy for your Scorpio-N and personalize it to create a unique identity for your SUV

Chrome Pack: Add a touch of luxury to your Scorpio-N with this package.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories Chrome Pack
  1. Chrome Head Lamp Applique
  2. Chrome Door Handle Applique
  3. Chrome Front Upper Grille Applique
  4. Chrome Fog Lamp Applique
  5. Chrome Wheel Arch Applique
  6. Chrome ORVM Applique
  7. Chrome Door Cladding
  8. Chrome Tail Lamp Applique
  9. Chrome Tail Gate Applique

Exterior Accessories: These accessories can help to protect the Scorpio N from damage and make it more off-road capable.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories Exterior
  1. Bug Deflector
  2. Bumper Corner Protector
  3. Fender Mirror
  4. Front Bumper Add-on
  5. Mud Flap set
  6. Rear Bumper Add-on

Roof Carriers & Rain Visor: These items are ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities or need to carry extra cargo.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories Roof Carrier
  1. Roof Cross Bar
  2. Integrated Roof Carrier
  3. Chrome Insert Door Visor

Rear Bumper Protectors: These are essential for protecting the Scorpio N’s rear bumper from scratches and dents.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories Bumper Protector
  1. Plastic Rear Bumper Protector
  2. Stainless steel Rear Bumper Protector
  3. Aluminium Rear Bumper Protector

Wheel Accessories: These accessories can help to improve the Scorpio N’s appearance.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories Wheels
  1. Anit theft Alloy wheel lock nut
  2. 18-inch Diamond Cut alloy wheel
  3. 17-inch Diamond Cut alloy wheel
  4. Wheel Cover

Body Covers: They are a great way to protect the Scorpio N’s paint job from the elements.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories Body Cover
  1. Premium Body Cover
  2. Silver Body Cover
  3. Camouflage Body Cover
  4. Dual Tone Body Cover

Seat Covers: They help to protect the Scorpio N’s upholstery and add a touch of style to the interior.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories Seat Cover
  1. Imposing Theme – Black & Brown Seat Cover
  2. No Limits Theme – Black & Brown Seat Cover
  3. Imposing Theme Comfort Kit (headrest and pillows)
  4. No Limits Theme Comfort Kit (headrest and pillows)

Mats: Protect your Scorpio N’s carpet from dirt and mud.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories Floor Mat
  1. Designer Floor Mat
  2. 7D Floor Mat
  3. 3D Floor Mat
  4. Plain Black Carpet Floor Mat
  5. Printed Carpet Floor Mat
  6. Anti-Skid Dash Met Set

Scuff Plate: These can help to protect the Scorpio N’s door sills from scratches and dents.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories Scuff Plate
  1. Illuminated Scuff Plate
  2. Aluminium Scuff Plate
  3. SS with Stainless steel Scuff Plate

Pedals and Sunshade: These add a touch of style and functionality to the Scorpio N.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N Accessories Pedals
  1. Sporty Pedal Cover – Hex pattern
  2. Sporty Pedal Cover – Line pattern
  3. Sunshade for windows

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