New Citroen ë-C4 X and C4 X revealed; Fastback Elegance with SUV attitude

Citroën revealed the New all-electric ë-C4 X and New C4 X, featuring a unique, elegant design approach for customers seeking a desirable alternative to hatchback and SUV offerings in the affordable mid-sized car market.

Following in the footsteps of the stylish all-new Citroën C5 X, the design of the New ë-C4 X and C4 X dares to challenge the traditional definitions of compact car bodystyles to offer customers something unique: a cross-design which combines the elegant silhouette of a fastback with the modern attitude of an SUV and the timeless refinement and spaciousness of a 4-door.

The New all-electric ë-C4 X and C4 X models also benefit from Citroën’s new generation infotainment interface, MyCitroën Drive Plus, offering customers a comprehensive package for connectivity and connected services.

“We’re excited about the opportunity presented by the New ë-C4 X and C4 X models as they will contribute significantly to our brand presence and sales expansion objectives particularly for International markets, as well as Europe” said Vincent Cobée, Citroën CEO. “Many customers have told us they want an affordable, responsible and elegant alternative to the mass of hatchback and SUV offerings in the volume compact car segment, and this is our best interpretation of that need – a forward-looking, distinctive cross-design that delivers all the comfort, technology, safety and value you expect from Citroën, but also outstanding roominess and limousine versatility with the benefit of zero-emission, all-electric power”.

Notably, Citroën is taking the bold step of offering only the all-electric ë-C4 X model in many of its European markets where sales of electrified vehicles are already more mature.

With its 100 kW powertrain and up to 360 km (224 miles) WLTP range, the New ë-C4 X will be the only all-electric car to offer this combination of design, comfort and saloon car spaciousness in the mainstream mid-sized market. This, combined with its capacious 510-litre boot volume, makes it the ideal companion for everyday use in cities, for example by professional drivers or chauffeur businesses.

Customers who may prefer a clean and efficient combustion engine in International markets as well as selected European countries will have a range of Citroën’s proven PureTech turbo-charged, direct-injection petrol engines and BlueHDi diesel engines to choose from in the New C4 X.

New ë-C4 X and C4 X models will be built exclusively in Europe for all markets at the Stellantis Villaverde manufacturing facility in Madrid, Spain, with sales progressively commencing from Autumn 2022.

2023 Citroen ë-C4 X Images:


While the new ë-C4 X and C4 X are clearly members of the latest-generation Citroën family, they offer something new, fresh and unique for customers looking at stylish alternatives to the mass of existing hatchback and SUV bodystyles already available.

“The ë-C4 X and C4 X stand out from the crowd – they keep the roundness and form language that is unmistakably Citroën at the front, but as you come around the car you can see that its silhouette is very different – much more dynamic and exciting,” said Citroën Design Director, Pierre Leclercq. “We wanted to add length to provide extra comfort for rear seat passengers as well as a very large boot volume to meet the needs of customers who want a more traditional luggage space, but without making the car look boxy or ungainly. So we pushed the hard points as far as we could to achieve a fastback roofline that seamlessly extends into the boot lid and then down through the sculpted rear panel to the bumper. This combines with the higher ride height and rugged cladding around the car to disguise the length and makes it look like it is pushing forward in a sporty way,” added Leclercq.

At a length of 4600 mm, the New ë-C4 X and C4 X slot neatly into the Citroën line-up between the C4 hatchback at 4360 mm long, and the C5 X at 4800 mm. Its wheelbase at 2670 mm is same as C4 hatch as both are based on the company’s CMP Platform.

With a drag coefficient of just Cd 0.29, aerodynamic efficiency has been optimised thanks to the fast, crisp roofline, which directly benefits range and fuel efficiency – the all-electric New ë-C4 X achieving a range of up to 360 km (224 miles) WLTP.

When viewed in profile, the car’s dynamic roofline flows effortlessly and seamlessly from the top of the windscreen into the top panel of the boot lid to create a fastback silhouette that appears planted rather than ungainly, which is often the case with taller cross-segment vehicles. The rear overhang intelligently disguises the length required to package the capacious 510-litre boot.

The rear panel of the boot lid which folds down towards the rear bumper is clean and uncluttered with a softly integrated spoiler at the top, subtle folds below and central Citroën lettering. The panel itself leans slightly towards the front of the car further enhancing the prestigious feel of the rear-end design and heightening the car’s attitude of forward momentum.

Distinctive new LED tail lamps are placed either side of the boot opening and carry through the sculpted lines of the boot lid, pushing around the corners and along the sides of the car, complementing the distinctive front lamps and terminating in an arrow shape before the rear door, which further amplifies the silhouette’s dynamism.

Below the boot opening, the unique rear bumper neatly houses a central number plate recess, and the lower bumper skirt is finished in matt black for protection and durability. Adding relief and elegance are gloss black inserts, while distinctive outer scoops echo the rugged feel of the C5 Aircross.

Larger 690mm diameter wheels combined with a short front overhang give the car a raised ride height which results in a more elevated driving position, reassuring drivers with a sense of surefootedness. Matt black protective wheel arches and lower body skirts featuring Airbump® panels with coloured inserts enhance the feeling of robustness and protection.

The familiar front-end incorporates Citroën’s assertive rounded design signature. The high, horizontal bonnet features concave indentations, and trademark chrome chevrons stretch across the width of the body, connecting with double-height front lamps using Citroën LED Vision lighting technology to reinforce the vehicle’s high-tech credentials and provide maximum visibility.

The matt black lower skirt on the front bumper links to the side and rear protective elements, while air intake grilles use a ‘macro chevron’ pattern similar to that used in the 19-19 Concept vehicle. The hexagonal lower grille is flanked each side by distinctive fog lamp bezels featuring inserts that are colour-coordinated with the Airbump® panels on the doors.

2023 Citroen E C4 X Speed


New Citroën ë-C4 X and C4 X models take connectivity and infotainment to the next level thanks the availability of Citroën’s all-new My Citroën Drive Plus infotainment interface, introduced recently on the flagship Citroën C5 X.

My Citroën Drive Plus

This highly intuitive new interface uses a 10-inch HD screen and can be fully personalised by customers using a system of ‘widgets’. Now familiar from smartphones and touchscreen tablets, Widgets provide a fast way to look at Apps and content on the vehicle’s touch screen without having to open the App.

The new interface also features natural voice recognition, a digital assistant which can be ‘woken up’ by vehicle occupants with the command “Hello Citroën”, and that understands what they say, answers their questions and carries out vocal commands. The natural voice recognition system will be able to understand 20 languages, provide visual feedback and respond to significantly more commands for vehicle systems such as climate control, audio media, phone and connected speech services.

Advanced Profile Management means the system can store up to 8 profiles, each profile with up to two smartphones, and the system will wirelessly identify smartphone profiles when they enter the car. The system also comes with an Over-The-Air Map Update service via TomTom, whereby the navigation maps are automatically updated on a monthly basis to ensure the system is up to date and provides the latest information to drivers. This service is provided free of charge for three years.

Vehicles come equipped with up to four USB sockets for easy phone or tablet recharging – two in the lower centre console and two in the rear of the centre console for easy access by rear seat passengers. In each case, one USB type A and one USB type C sockets are fitted.

Connected Services

For added comfort and safety, a package of Citroën Connect Services is available which complement the My Citroën Drive Plus interface:

My Citroën: an application to be connected with your car via your smartphone. Drivers of the New ë-C4 X, for example, will be able to check the status of their battery and available range, as well as programme and monitor their charging schedule and pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle cabin.

My Citroën Assist: provides peace-of-mind with free geolocated emergency calls and an assistance service that customers can access 24-7, without subscription. In the event of an accident where airbags are deployed, My Citroën Assist automatically sends a notification to the nearest emergency services so assistance can be dispatched. The system also can be activated manually by pressing the vehicle’s red ‘SOS’ button. Additionally, Citroën can call the driver if a technical alert is detected, or if maintenance is required, and by pressing the black roadside assistance button the driver can request roadside assistance or recovery in the event of a breakdown.

My Citroën Drive: offers real-time traffic information through TomTom Traffic, including the location of points of interest, weather information and the location and prices at fuel stations and car parks. Drivers will also appreciate the visible and audible Danger Zone alerts. The system is further enhanced on ë-C4X to include the location of electric charging stations, trip planning, and visual representation of the radius of range depending on charge level.

My Citroën Play: allows drivers and passengers to enjoy their favourite smartphone Apps in a safe way. The service offers wireless connectivity and is compatible with Apple CarPlay (including SIRI voice control) and Android Auto. Compatible apps are displayed directly on the central interface screen so they can be accessed safely and without taking your eyes off the road.


Inside the New Citroën ë-C4 X and C4 X, drivers and their passengers will enjoy an unmatched feeling of serenity, comfort and space thanks to Citroën’s acclaimed Advanced Comfort experience.

This is particularly noticeable when riding in the rear seats thanks to its outstanding 198mm of second row knee room and a more reclined (27-degree) rear seatback, while its 1,800 mm exterior width means three people can comfortably sit side-by-side across the rear bench, with a total of 1,366 mm width at the shoulders and 1,440 mm at the elbows.

“Rear passenger comfort and boot volume is crucial for a vehicle that is intended to offer something unique in the currently empty zone of the compact car market between traditional 4-door sedans and the more premium coupé shapes. This car certainly meets all those expectations and is something we believe customers will find interesting and different because it is elegant, distinctive and injected with Citroën’s robust SUV DNA. Then, it really surprises you with just how comfortable it is riding in the back, thanks to outstanding knee-room and headroom and excellent forward and side visibility. All of these are key attributes of our acclaimed Advanced Comfort Programme,” said Laurence Hansen, Citroen Product and Strategy Director.

2023 Citroen E C4 X Interior

Capacious Boot

The unique design of the highly capable New Citroën ë-C4 X and C4 X models has enabled the design team to create an impressive extra large boot compartment providing 510-litres of usable space. This will be especially welcomed by business customers, professional drivers and chauffeur driven fleets, where luggage space isolated from the main cabin is highly desirable and enhances the “limousine” feeling for passengers riding in the rear seat.

While the roof flows seamlessly from front to rear, hinges below the rear screen glass allow for a wide and high boot lid opening for easy access. Inside the boot itself, a flat floor provides a maximum width between the wheel arches of 1010 mm, and a maximum length of 1079 mm. Lifting large suitcases and luggage in and out of the boot is easy thanks to a 745 mm lift-in height and 164 mm lift-out height above the flat floor. The entry height for items is 445 mm (between the loading sill and the top of the boot opening), and there’s a generous 565 mm height available under the rear parcel shelf. The width of the boot opening is a generous 875 mm at 200 mm above the loading sill, and this increases to 885 mm between the gooseneck hinges of the boot lid.

Additional space below the floor of the boot is provided for carrying around extra items, and for neatly housing the charging cable(s) in the New ë-C4 X. The rear seat backrests also fold forwards for additional carrying capacity, and a “ski hatch” in the fold down armrest allows for loading of particularly long objects so they can extend into the cabin.

Citroën Advanced Comfort Programme

Whenever drivers and passengers climb into the New Citroën ë-C4 X and C4 X, they can expect a supremely comfortable, stress-free and calming experience thanks to the Citroën Advanced Comfort programme, a caring and rational approach to providing the best possible feeling of wellbeing for everyone on board.

It encompasses every aspect of the vehicle experience – from ‘driving comfort’ making life behind the wheel easier to ‘travelling comfort’ for easy access to space and storage compartments, and from ‘comfort-of-use’ ensuring vehicle technologies and features can be operated easily and intuitively to ‘comfort-of-the-mind’ focusing on creating a calm and relaxing ambience for all.

Complementing the Citroën Advanced Comfort programme in New ë-C4 X and C4 X are the brand’s exclusive Advanced Comfort Seats. Wide and welcoming, they feature special foam thickened by 15mm plus a unique blend of visual, postural and dynamic support. Occupants can expect to feel like they are sitting in a snug armchair, being held in place and isolated from the noise and imperfections of the road below. High-density foam at the core of the seats ensures optimal comfort particularly on longer journeys, and maintains this over time by reducing any settling effects and ageing within the seats.

Maximum postural comfort is important, particularly during longer journeys, so the wide front seat backrests have reinforced support, lumbar and height adjustment and, for the driver’s seat, the availability of electric adjustment.

The spacious rear seats can be heated, while front seats can also be heated and specified with a massage function further enhancing the feeling of wellbeing.

For New ë-C4 X and C4 X, a luxurious, soft touch grey Alcantara interior ambience will be offered, which further heightens the feeling of warmth, comfort and quality inside the cabin.

Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®

Invisible to the driver and occupants, but imperative for the comfortable ride experienced by occupants inside the New ë-C4 X and C4 X, is Citroën’s innovative and exclusive Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension system.

In the system, two progressive hydraulic bump stops are used in conjunction with the shock absorber and spring on each corner of the vehicle instead of mechanical stops – one for compression the other for decompression (or rebound).

The suspension works in two stages depending on the stresses applied. For light compression and decompression, the spring and shock absorber control vertical movements together, with no assistance required from the hydraulic stops. However, the presence of hydraulic stops allows Citroën engineers greater freedom to tune the suspension setup to achieve the brand’s acclaimed “magic carpet ride” effect, which gives the impression that the car is gliding over uneven ground.

With major impacts, the spring and shock absorber work together with the hydraulic compression or decompression stops, to gradually slow the movement and iron out jolts at the end of the range. Unlike a mechanical stop which absorbs energy and then returns part of it as a shock, the hydraulic stop absorbs and dissipates this energy.

The Perfect Temperature

A major factor influencing driver and occupant comfort, particularly for occupants in the spacious ë-C4 X and C4 X, is interior climate.

To make sure all occupants are comfortable even in the most extreme conditions, a comprehensive climate control package is available. This includes a dual-zone automatic climate control system with dual controls for ease of use, along with heated front and rear seats and, a heated windscreen and heated steering wheel. Rear seat passengers will also be able to control airflow through vents located in the rear of the centre console.

Light and Tranquility

Light and ambience can enhance every journey inside the ë-C4 X and C4 X, where the emphasis is on creating a tranquil, positive atmosphere with warm materials and a generous glass area, which includes smaller rear quarter side windows. Light-coloured roof lining and interior pillar trims add further brightness and warmth.

Also available is a large electric opening panoramic sunroof. It is designed to preserve headroom at the rear while bathing the passenger compartment in light, and comes complete with a sunblind for ultimate controllability.

At night, the atmosphere inside is equally pleasant and reassuring, thanks to LED ambient lighting on the digital instrument panel, which is colour-matched to the white backlighting of the driving and on-board comfort functions, and the front and rear interior lights.

Smart Storage Everywhere

To meet the expectations of today’s customers and vehicle occupants, Citroën has paid special attention to maximising storage beyond the large boot and into the passenger cabin of the New ë-C4 X and C4 X. Up to 16 open or closed compartments can add a total storage volume of 39-litres and all of them have been designed for practicality and easy day-to-day use.

Front passengers benefit from access to Citroën’s Smart Pad Support™, a retractable system built directly into the dashboard and designed to hold a tablet computer. Solid, safe and functional, it enables the front passenger to make the most of time spent on the move. Below this is the Dashboard Tray, a large sliding drawer with a cushioned action. It incorporates a special anti-slip surface to make storage of personal valuables and fragile items easier and safer. A large glovebox under the Dashboard Tray also features soft action opening.

The centre console is high and wide, and has been designed to maximise storage space via a large area in front of the console which has an anti-slip dividing flap so some objects can be hidden and others kept within easy reach on top of the flap.

The centre stack features an open wireless charging area for smartphones which also houses two USB sockets, one of which is Type C. Below is a storage slot in front of the gear selector for various small items. There’s also a large central storage compartment with a sliding door, below which are two cup holders, and there is ample storage space under the front central sliding armrest.

Rear passengers can relax or work, with access to cup holders and a storage space in the central rear-seat foldaway armrest for items such as pens. There are useful document pockets on the back of the front seats, and all passengers have access to wide and deep door bins.

2023 Citroen E C4 X Charging


The New Citroën ë-C4 X with its cross design approach is unique in the mainstream compact car segment. Not only is it the only car to blend the elegance of a fastback with rugged SUV-inspired styling cues and the finesse of a 4-door, it is the only one to offer all of this with the quietness and serenity of all-electric driving at an affordable cost. Wherever you want to go, and whatever the access restrictions because of emissions regulations, New ë-C4 X lets you drive in full electric, zero-emission mode on a daily basis.

Significantly, many European markets – Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Nordic markets, Portugal and the UK – will offer exclusively the New all-electric ë-C4 X, while other European markets and Middle East/Africa markets will offer both the ë-C4 X alongside the petrol- or diesel-powered C4 X.

Whether driving or being driven, the near silent operation and smoothness of the car’s progress will be a welcome relief to occupants, thanks to Citroën’s innovative and gentle suspension system, soft Advanced Comfort seats, the lack of engine noise and vibration inside the spacious cabin and the ergonomics and ease of use of the interfaces and connected services.

Citroën’s ë-Comfort commitment to customers delivers accessible electric driving with zero CO2 emissions to meet their environmental and ecological expectations. On journeys, this means zero noise and zero fumes, plus immediately available torque for spirited and enjoyable driving with zero vibrations, jolts and gear changes. Additionally, customers benefit from remotely programmable e-services for peace-of-mind and reduced maintenance bills to minimise the cost of ownership.

Zero emission with power and range

Thanks to its smooth, aerodynamic shape, the efficient zero emission electric powertrain in New ë-C4 X offers an impressive WLTP range of up to 360 km (224 miles) coupled with near-silent and spirited performance.

The 100 kW electric powertrain is powerful and energetic whatever the driving conditions, with 136 hp and 260 Nm of torque that is instantly available, a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time of 9.5 seconds when in Sport mode and a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph). The 50 kWh battery pack is rated as high-voltage 400 V Li-ion.

Regenerative braking enables the driver to partially recharge the battery and increase range while on the move by amplifying the deceleration of the car without pressing the brake pedal, recovering energy that would otherwise be lost.

Three driving modes are available – Eco, Normal or Sport – and are activated by the mode selector in the centre console.

For added peace-of-mind, the battery warranty is eight years or 160,000 km for 70% of charge capacity.

New ë-C4 X is ideal for customers wanting zero emission electric power with usable range in an elegant, spacious and compact 4-door alternative to more ungainly SUV and hatchback crossovers. It will particularly appeal to professional drivers and chauffeur-driven business services needing to operate in and around cities and suburban zones where there are increasingly stringent vehicle emissions restrictions.

Optimised and Easy Charging

Charging the New ë-C4 X is easy and can be done on the go at public charging stations or at home. For each scenario, the charging time has been optimised:

  • At a public charging station, using a rapid 100 kW DC charger (mode 4), the battery replenishes at a best-in-segment rate of around 10 km/min (6.2 miles/min), with 80% of charge completed in 30 minutes.
  • Using a 7.4 kW / 32 amp wall box (mode 3), recharging takes 7.5 hours with single-phase supply or as little as 5 hours with a three-phase electricity supply and the optional 11 kW on-board charger.
  • At home and for occasional needs, the battery can be recharged using a standard domestic socket (mode 2).

To make life easier for electric vehicle customers Citroën offers a “one-stop shop” solution for home wall box installation. Managing vehicle charging is easy and can be pre-programmed to take advantage of off-peak electricity prices. Charging times can be pre-set using the car’s touchscreen My Citroën Drive Plus interface or the My Citroën app.

Plugging the car in could not be easier thanks to the ergonomically designed charging port, and the cable(s) can be stored under the boot floor. A coloured indicator on the charging port allows users to monitor the process, which can also be followed on the My Citroën app.

Intuitive Interaction for Peace-of-Mind

There is a strong connection between a driver and their electrified vehicle, so Citroën has simplified the interaction required to make it as easy, rewarding and natural on a daily basis as any technology in the home.

Citroën ensures its electric vehicle customers have access to clear and intuitive operating interfaces that are easy to read, easy to understand and easy to use. The driver has a dedicated readout on the digital instrument panel to view the battery status or range, as well as a choice of three displays: power indicator (power meter), energy flow or heat comfort consumption. The latter makes it possible to view the impact of in-car heating and temperature comfort on energy use.

Accessible directly via either a button on the centre console or on the 10-inch HD touchscreen interface, specific pages show the system’s operating status or the settings for delayed battery charging. When the vehicle is charging, the screen can show the remaining time required to achieve a full charge, the range recovered or the recovered battery charge percentage.


The New Citroën C4 X will be sold in selected European, Middle East and Africa and international markets also with a selection of proven, efficient, clean and high-performing Citroën internal combustion engines to suit everyone’s needs.

Depending on market, up to three Citroën PureTech 3-cylinder, turbo-charged direct injection petrol engine and transmission combinations are available:

  • PureTech 100 Start & Stop Euro 6.4, 6-speed manual
  • PureTech 130 Start & Stop Euro 6.4, EAT8 Automatic
  • PureTech 130 Euro 6.1, EAT8 Automatic for Middle East and Africa and international markets only.

New C4 X will also be available in selected markets with the latest fuel-efficient Citroën BlueHDi 130 Euro 6.4 Start & Stop turbo-diesel engine coupled to the EAT8 Automatic transmission.


New Citroën ë-C4 X and C4 X join the latest-generation C4, C5 Aircross and C5 X models in offering customers a truly comprehensive portfolio of the latest driver assistance and safety technologies.

Up to 20 Citroën Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are available to help improve safety while driving, and make life behind the wheel or inside the cabin less stressful.

Citroën technologies developed to improve safety while driving include:

  • Active Safety Brake: which automatically brakes the vehicle if there is a risk of collision by detecting and analysing static or moving obstacles including pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles, also at night.
  • Collision Risk Alert and Post Collision Safety Brake: which warns the driver that the vehicle is in danger of colliding with the vehicle in front, from 30 km/h (19 mph) upwards. Post Collision Safety Brake activates automatically after a collision to avoid further vehicle movement.
  • Highway Driver Assist: A level two semi-autonomous driving aid, which combines Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go and Active Lane Departure Warning. The driver can delegate driving partially to the vehicle, providing the driver maintains concentration on the road with hands on the wheel (as required by current legislation). The driver can resume manual driving at any time.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go: The system adapts to the speed of the vehicle in front by automatically maintaining the safe distance previously selected by the driver. If necessary, the system also has the ability to stop the vehicle and restart it automatically without the driver having to touch the brake or accelerator.
  • Additionally available are: Blind Spot Monitoring System, Active Lane Departure Warning System, Coffee Break Alert, Driver Attention Alert, Intelligent Beam Headlights, and Extended Traffic Sign Recognition and Recommendation.

The suite of Citroën technologies designed to enhance comfort and reduce stress include:

  • Colour head-up display: Essential driving information (speed, navigation etc.) is projected in colour, into the driver’s direct field of vision, allowing them to focus on the road ahead.
  • Reversing camera with Top Rear vision: As soon as reverse gear is selected, a camera displays a rear view from the vehicle onto the touchscreen, with coloured markings highlighting the proximity of any obstacles. A 180-degree image of the area behind the vehicle is displayed, as viewed from above.
  • 360 Vision: Activated automatically when the vehicle is in reverse gear, or manually by the driver, this feature provides video assistance for all low-speed manoeuvres, providing a 360-degree view from the top of the car and its surroundings. The view is updated as the vehicle moves.
  • Additionally available are: Proximity Keyless Entry and Start, Park Assist, Hill Start Assist, Static Cornering Light Function, Automatic Electric Parking Brake, Lateral Parking Sensors, and Trailer Stability Control (not available for ë-C4X).


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