GAC Emkoo Concept; sharp, dynamic and hi-tech SUV

Unveiled in Guangzhou, China, the GAC EMKOO represents GAC Motor’s new design concept – Hi-tech Industrial Aesthetics, the harbinger of a new design trend! With sharp feature lines, a dynamic stance, and hi-tech ritual designs, it has reconstructed the future car design paradigm in the age of intelligence. Distinctly different from other GAC Motor’s models, the EMKOO is poised to usher our customers into the hi-tech future. It is not a far stretch to say it’s a “glimpse of the future”.

The front lighting elements are well integrated into sharp and dazzling headlamp matrixes, named the “Eyes of Revelation”. They are intelligently programed to light up individually and sequentially to provide a theatrical visual experience. The memorable front fascia of EMKOO is defined by a V-shaped “Illuminant Grille”. The radial grille bars feature the layered lighting strips, drawing a parallel between time and space. The low-nose, high-tail side profile of GAC EMKOO is inspired by the shape of a recurve bow and creates an impression of the fullness of energy about to be unleashed. The split taillight strips, dubbed “Quantum Lightsabers”, form a red crescent in the dark night. The avant-garde design of the rear end is adorned with the aerodynamic rear spoiler and dual vertical twin exhaust pipes. Whether on city streets or the metaverse, the EMKOO has a cool, head-turning presence.

GAC Emkoo Concept SUV Images:

The inner space, on the other hand, explores the dimensions of sensual experience. In combination with intelligent technology, circles, the byword for “sublimity” and “perfection” in traditional Chinese culture, set the theme of the interior design. When activated, the round Energy-Storing Scroll is meant to be the epitome of futuristic industrial design. It also houses a collection of functional parts, such as the center screen and rotating air vents. The Crystal E-shift takes cutting-edge intelligence to another level. It is not only beautiful to look at but also ergonomically shaped for a more comfortable, intuitive control. The driver and front passenger ‘Pilot Seats’ feature a 360-degree Floating Soundscape. Inspired by the neckband headphone, the strategically placed speakers are tuned perfectly to provide an exceptionally immersive and exclusive audio experience. Instead of traditional push-pull door handles, we introduce paddle locks. With a simple press, you open not only the door but also a box of fun technologies.

In terms of power, GAC EMKOO is available in the notable Mega Wave Hybrid System version, carrying 2.0 high-efficiency Atkinson engine + 2.0 GMC System (second-generation). In addition, it also offers the Mega Wave 1.5TGDI and 2.0TGDI engine models to fulfill the diverse needs of users. Multiple options will further bring public a thrilling and powerful driving experience and stimulate the desire of consumers to roar their engines.

The GAC EMKOO is an inside-out evolution and a device to take you into the future.


  • Length: 4680 mm
  • Width: 1901 mm
  • Height: 1670 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2750 mm
  • Top speed: 190 km/h
  • Mass: 1915 kg


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