2023 Ford Ranger Lightning Imagined Digitally – Rendering

The all-new Ford Ranger was unveiled recently for international markets.The pickup truck comes with options of a new V6 turbodiesel with a 3.0-liter engine and additionally, there will be a pair of smaller four-cylinder, 2.0-liter diesel engines with a single- or twin-turbo setup. For those who prefer a gasoline engine, Ford will offering a 2.3-liter EcoBoost unit as well.

In addition to the initial range of fossil fuel guzzling engine, it has been confirmed that at some point in its lifecycle, the new Ford Ranger will make the switch to a hybrid drivetrain. The redesigned model also appears to have been built with the intention for future electric drive systems and Ford will probably offer an all-electric Ranger in the future.

While we still have to wait for the official confirmation from the automaker, creative minds at SRK Designs have created a digital render of the mid-size pickup giving us a glimpse of how the Ford Ranger Lightning could actually look like.

Like most electric cars, the front end has been closed, with a few more enhancements made to make it look futuristic. The ride height has been dropped and the alloy wheels have been swapped with those from the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck.

There is also the charging door on the front fender. Lastly, it gets a coat of light blue paint, similar to that on the F-150 electric. Its overall style blends in nicely with the Ranger design lines.

What do you think of the all-electric mid-size pickup truck of the future? Should Ford really consider putting the Ranger Lightning in production?

2023 Ford Ranger Lightning Electric Pickup Truck SRK Designs Rendering


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