Hyundai Alcazar 7 Seater SUV unveiled in India

Hyundai Motor India Ltd has showcased the new Hyundai Alcazar, its upcoming 6 and 7 seater premium SUV at the picturesque Alila Fort, Bishangarh.

With the idea of creating a 6 and 7 seater premium SUV that resonates the grandeur and magnificence of palaces & castles, Hyundai began a new development journey by forming the Alcazar lab comprising of members across multiple teams & functions.

2021 Hyundai Alcazar 7 Seater SUV

Hyundai Alcazar was conceptualized over myriad hours of research, development, innovation and ideation. Crafted to epitomize manufacturing magnificence – Hyundai Alcazar harmonizes Space, Premiumness, Performance, Convenience, Safety and Technology.

Based on Hyundai’s Global Design identity of Sensuous Sportiness, Hyundai Alcazar characterizes a unique design theme that is extraordinary among the ordinary. This 6 and 7 seater Premium SUV exemplifies rugged elegance while, interiors of Hyundai Alcazar feature a Wing-Surrounded architecture that personifies spaciousness, lavish comfort and modern in-car experiences.

Hyundai Alcazar to be powered by 3rd Gen Nu 2.0 l Petrol BS6 engine (159 PS/19.5 kg.m) and U2 1.5 l Diesel BS6 Engine (115 PS/25.5 kg.m), both offered with 6AT and 6MT transmission options. 3rd Gen Nu 2.0 l Petrol BS6 engine (6MT) offers acceleration of 0 – 100 km/h in under 10 seconds.

6-Speed Automatic Transmission offers superior performance and fuel efficiency using a super flat torque converter that reduces losses during acceleration. Superior fuel efficiency on 6AT is deliver by application of ball bearings to reduce drag and optimizing oil pump capacity.

U2 1.5 l Diesel BS6 Engine offers best in segment fuel efficiency with both 6MT & 6AT. Final Gear Ratio (FGR) of 6-Speed Manual Transmission on U2 1.5 l Diesel BS6 Engine has been optimized for superior performance. 6MT also features superior shift quality using triple cone synchro and TGS (Transmission Gear Shift) lever stopper.

Hyundai Alcazar 7 Seater SUV 2021

Premium ride-feel for all row occupants, featuring hydraulic rebound stopper in front strut for better rebound control and a plush ride experience. Drive mode selection features different steering effort mapping for Eco, City and Sport modes.

Inherent reliability crafted through technology enabled assembly process for safety and critical parts using 3-stage dynamic tightening. Hyundai Alcazar is tested on 15 drive tracks for various road driving conditions and manufactured using 89 % Green Energy at HMIL plant in Irungattukottai, Tamil Nadu. Full course of Durability testing conducted with GVW condition across hilly terrain, rural and highway roads in hot & dry conditions.

Featuring an extensive application of 75.6 % Advanced and High-Strength Steel (AHSS & HSS), the SuperStructure of Hyundai Alcazar epitomizes rugged elegance and superior durability that is crafted in an Industry 4.0 enabled shop floor.

The underbody has been designed to absorb and disperse impact energy. Ring structure design in Engine Room, B-Pillar and D-Pillar increase rigidity for enhanced handling and stability. Application of Hot Stamping parts for frontal crash energy flow and strengthened connectivity for side impact strength. Extensive use of Human Engineering to ensure ‘Smartivity’ in new model development with 3D shop environment analysis, equipment digital pre-assembly and robot offline program.

Over 3 Lakh executive man-hours spent on perfecting the masterpiece of superior craftsmanship – Hyundai Alcazar. Magnificent appeal developed using multiple electric tools capturing over 2 Lakh points per day and additional ED bath Anode cell for superior looks. Over 12 Billion Data Points collected annually are used by more than 100 data scientists on the shop floor to deliver regal levels of quality.

1st in Segment 2nd row console armrest to provide premium feel and enhanced comfort. Best in segment Wheelbase and Sliding seats offer versatile leg room with seats designed for superior thigh and lateral support. Fine-tuned driveshaft damping to ensure acceleration noise linearity is achieved. Hyundai Alcazar features floor area structural adhesive and use of foam in BIW to reduce structural booming that ensures a quiet and pleasant experience in the cabin.

Over 700 CNC machines and more than 500 smart tools in Engine and Transmission shop used to create Petrol & Diesel BS6 engines that produce – power to conquer.


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