2020 Honda Grazia 125 BSVI Scooter launched in India; Priced from INR 73,336

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. has launched the new Grazia 125 BSVI scooter in the country. There will be two variants on sale – Standard & Deluxe.

2020 Honda Grazia 125 BSVI Price:

Grazia 125 BSVI will be available at a starting price of Rs. 73,336 (for Standard version, ex-showroom Gurugram, Haryana).

2020 Honda Grazia 125 BS6 Front Left

At the heart of Grazia 125 ticks a Bharat Stage VI compliant Honda’s 125cc PGM-FI HET (Honda Eco Technology) engine, boosted by Enhanced Smart Power (eSP). The scooter also comes with Idling Stop System that automatically switches the engine off at the traffic light and other brief stops, eliminating unnecessary fuel consumption and resulting in lesser emission. The engine can easily be re-started with a simple twist of the throttle.

The new Grazia 125 scooter brings future technology to the present, bringing India at par with the global standards – the Sophisticated, Precise & Sensitive Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) which is an integration of the following:

  • Unique Honda ACG Starter: This sparks a quiet revolution on Indian roads as it starts engine jolt free via the same AC generator used to generate current and charge the battery while riding. This eliminates the need for a conventional starter motor, thus, there is no gear meshing noises.
  • Two mechanical features lead to engine start with less effort – the first being efficient utilization of decompression with slightly opened exhaust valves (at the beginning of compression stroke) and Swing Back feature which rotates the engine in a slightly opposite direction, which allows the piston to take a ‘running start’, making it easier to start the engine with a small amount of power.
  • Improvised tumble flow: Honda developed the world’s first tumble flow technology through integrated die-casting process. It produces tumble flow by optimizing inlet port shape and using reverse flow phenomenon, without adding additional components leading to combustion improvisation.
  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI): It injects the right amount of fuel in cylinder based on specific engine data and constant feedback from the 6 intelligent sensors (Engine oil temperature sensor, Engine Speed sensor, Oxygen sensor, Air pressure sensor, Air temperature sensor, Throttle Position Sensor) resulting in smooth and linear power output throughout.
  • Friction Reduction: Offset cylinder, compact weight crankshaft & piston reduce overall engine friction. Optimized weight results in improved fuel efficiency. The piston cooling jet improves cooling efficiency & maintains optimum engine temperature leading to improved fuel efficiency.

2020 Honda Grazia 125 BSVI Colours:

The scooty will be available in four colour options – Mat Cyber Yellow, Pearl Spartan Red, Pearl Siren Blue and Mat Axis Grey.

With constant illumination of LED DC headlamp riding over rough roads & low speeds during the night becomes more convenient. It also comes equipped with a unique multi-function switch that adds an extra level of comfort which is used to unlock the seat & open external fuel lid with a single switch.

The unique two-way functioning integrated engine start/stop switch can be used to start the engine when pressed downwards and acts as an engine kill switch when pressed upward. Integrated headlamp beam & passing switch provides the convenience of controlling high beam/low beam & passing signal with a flick of a finger.

Side Stand indicator with engine-cut Off prevents engine start while the side stand is engaged enabling a convenient and carefree ride

The new Fully Digital Instrument Display gets new intelligent instrument clusters that display advanced informatics like distance to empty (displays distance one can travel with existing fuel in tank), average fuel efficiency (for overall fuel efficiency display) & real-time fuel efficiency for rich riding experience. The meter displays details like 3-step ECO indicator, clock, service due indicator and other mileage related information.

The 3-step adjustable rear suspension allows the rider to choose his riding preferences in three stages as per his comfort and road condition. Telescopic Suspension with increased ground clearance makes every ride on all-new Grazia BSVI more comfortable. Re-designed under-seat storage and bigger premium quality front glove box allow more practical storage space.

Grazia 125 comes equipped with Combi Brake System (CBS) with Equalizer technology. The unique equalizer in Honda’s advanced Combi Brake System (CBS) distributes braking force proportionately between the front and rear wheels simultaneously by pressing just the left lever resulting in reduced braking distance & improved balance compared to conventional braking.

The split LED position lamp gives the new Grazia 125 scooty a more aggressive look. New chiselled tail lamp, jet-inspired rear winkers and split grab rail portray a modern edgy image. It also gets 3D logo emblem on side panel & Honda badging on the floor panel. The premium black alloy wheels elevate the overall classy design of the all-new Grazia 125.

 2020 Honda Grazia 125 BSVI Images:


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