Aprilia SR 125 Adventure Edition Scooter Imagined – Rendering

India is lately seeing a rise in sales of adventure / touring motorcycles. Some of the world’s famous brands are entering the India market with their purpose built motorcycles.

But the fact is that most selling two-wheeler vehicles in India are scooters and many riders even take them across the country. What if we could make our scooters more touring friendly to allow the riders to make their journey easier?

Aprilia SR 125 Adventure Edition Scooter
Aprilia SR 125 Adventure Edition Scooter by SRK Designs

With that in mind, here is a digitally rendered Aprilia SR 125 Adventure Edition Scooter. The same can be replicated on the SR 150 scooter as apart from the engine, both the variants are almost identical.

As can be seen in the rendering, the standard Aprilia SR 125 gets a few upgrades to make it touring friendly. The stock headlamp unit has been replaced with a powerful dual headlight setup which should help the rider while going across a pitch dark area.

The Aprilia SR 125 Adventure Edition also gets wide all-terrain tyres which should allow the scooter to glide over bad roads with ease. It even gets a huge windshield and knuckle guards. There is also a top case fitted at the end of the scooter to allow the riders to carry some extra luggage.

The Aprilia SR 125 Adventure Edition scooter has been finished in a matte green camouflage paint job. The two-tone seat also gets a similar green colour and the engine casing has been finished in matte black as well to complete its rugged looks.

Video – Making of the Aprilia SR 125 Adventure Edition Scooter:

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Piaggio had showcased a similar accessorized scooter, the Aprilia Storm at the Auto Expo 2018 but has not revealed any launch plans for it. The company might do so after taking feedback for it from customers.

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