Strom R3 Electric Car for Urban Cities Unveiled in India

Strom Motors, a Mumbai-based startup has unveiled the Strom R3, an all-new electric car in India.

Strom R3 Electric Blue Side 2018
The Strom R3 is a two-seater all electric vehicle which uses a reverse trike format in which the front gets two wheels and one wheel at the rear. This configuration was chosen by company to reduce weight and use of parts thereby improving efficiency.

Strom Motors says that this fully electric vehicle has been specifically designed for urban cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. It will be offered in three variants – R3 Pure, R3 Current and R3 Bolt. The car will also come with two range options – 80 km and 120 km.

The Strom R3 is powered by a High Torque DC Motor. The motor produces 13 kW (17.4 bhp)and 48 Nm of peak torque. It comes mated mated to an integrated single-speed planetary gearbox which powers the rear wheels via dual chain.

Strom Motors claims that the car can be fully charged in about 6-8 hours with a normal charger, while with an optional fast charger it can charge 80% of the battery capacity in 2 hours.

Strom R3 Electric Blue Front 2018

The Strom R3 also comes with electronic regenerative braking technology and Single Pedal Driving option. The company says that the electric vehicle is future ready and can have features such as Automatic Vehicle Following system and Remote Assisted Parking.

In terms of features the Strom R3 gets Air-Conditioning, Power Windows, Central Locking, Remote Keyless Entry, Touchscreen Interface with Gesture and Voice Controls, App Connectivity and Remote Diagnostics.

The infotainment system gets Mobile Connectivity, USB and FM Radio with on-board 20GB music storage. It also gets Turn-by-Turn Navigation with Voice. The dashboard has a Fully Customisable UI. The car also has Critical Parts Wear and Tear Monitoring, Intrusion Detection Theft Protection.

In terms of look the Strom R3 attempts to look futuristic. It features LED lights and 12-inch alloy wheels at the front. The rear end is fitted with a 17-inch wheel. This electric car will be available in two seating configurations. First option will have two captain seats, while the other option will provides a single bench seat which will allow 3 passengers to squeeze in.

Strom R3 Electric Blue Side Rear 2018

The R3 gets small storage space at the front and rear. The front gets disc brakes while the rear gets a drum brake. Suspension duty is carried out by a MacPherson Struts up front, and dual shock absorbers at the rear.

The Strom R3 is built using high tensile steel tube space frame. It measures 2907 mm in length, 1450 mm in width, 1572 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2012 mm.

The car will be offered in four exterior colour options – Electric Blue, Neon Blue, Red and Black. The car gets a white roof along with a white panel behind the door as well.

Currently, Strom Motors says it has received around 30 pre-orders for the car. The company is awaiting ARAI approval for the R3 and should receive it soon. Once the approvals are received, Strom Motors will plan a nationwide road show to give prospect customers first-hand experience of the car.

Strom R3 Price:

The R3 electric vehicle is expected to be priced at around INR 3 lakh when it goes on sale. Deliveries are expected to begin by November 2018.

Image Source: Car and Bike


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