Partisan One is a Primitive Looking Military SUV with a 100-year warranty

“Best Car for the worst roads”, that is the idea behind Partisan One, a basic SUV for military use. The brainchild of Dr. Juri Postnikov, this creation from Partisan Motors might look like it is created from something out of LEGO blocks but is said to be a deliberate attempt by the company to keep things simple and enable quick supply during wartime.

Partisan One – Images:

A boxy body on wheels is what the Partisan One appears, this is something what we as kids used to draw. Lack of design is also a design says its creator. It features square and rectangular shapes along with straight lines. Strength, functionality, big wheels, maintainability and long life are the key aspects of this military vehicle. It has been developed to overcome any obstacles on the battlefield and withstand all the wartime hardships.

The frame of the Partisan One Military vehicle is made from high-strength steel. It features a flat floor without a protruding tunnel in the middle which helps to get inside and outside of the vehicle much easier. External armored plates can be attached to the skeleton to offer maximum ballistic protection for the crew inside. It can also be fitted with an anti-mine V-shaped screen on the underbody.

The design of the Partisan One allows it to be fitted with any kind of powertrain including hybrid as well as electric. This concept SUV is currently fitted with a Fiat 2.8-liter diesel motor that develops 148 horsepower. The vehicle can have a long range of about 1000 – 1500 km by fitting it with large fuel tanks.

The platform also allows the company to come up with several variants like the short-wheelbase three-door we see here, a long-wheelbase five-door version, pickup truck with single and double cabins and different bases, 6×6 and even an 8X8 variant.

The Partisan One SUV has been designed in such a way that its production can be set up in the shortest time anywhere in the world. The production of its body parts consists of only two technological re-operations: laser cutting of steel profiles with simultaneous piercing holes in them and the subsequent of zinc plating by immersion in a bath with zinc melt.

The vehicle can be delivered to its destination in the form of lightweight assembly kits. The company claims that one standard 20-foot sea container can ship 5 sets instead of one fully assembled car. This is beneficial when conditions require an instantaneous increase in the supply of equipment to the zone of its application.

Partisan Motors claims that their vehicle can withstand any kind of obstacle thrown at it during wartime. Also, it can be upgraded as per the requirement hence extending its life in service. Apart from military, it can also be used in farmlands. The company is so confident about their product that they offer a 100-year warranty on the entire car in addition to its wearing parts. Now, this is something unbelievable isn’t it?


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