Jaguar Land Rover India announces new prices following rollout of GST

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) which came into effect from 1st July 2017 is said to be India’s biggest ever indirect tax reform. Following the roll-out of GST, Jaguar Land Rover India has proactively announced the new prices under the ‘one nation, one tax regime for its entire product range.

We are very pleased to welcome the dawn of the new GST era in India and are happy to announce that we are ready for GST and our customers can purchase Jaguar & Land Rover cars at the new GST prices with immediate effect from any of our 25 retail outlets across India,” said Rohit Suri – President and Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India.

Jaguar GST Prices:

The Jaguar range in India includes XE, XF, XJ, F-Type and F-Pace.

Jaguar XE Price:

2016 jaguar xe front quarter

2.0L Petrol Pure: INR 34.64 Lakh
2.0L Petrol Prestige: 38.46 Lakh
2.0L Petrol Portfolio: 42.47 Lakh
2.0L Diesel Pure: INR 35.37 Lakh
2.0L Diesel Prestige: INR 39.17 Lakh
2.0L Diesel Portfolio: INR 43.21 Lakh

Jaguar XF Price:

2017 Jaguar XF Pure

2.0L Diesel Pure: INR 44.89 Lakh
2.0L Diesel Prestige: INR 49.72 Lakh
2.0L Diesel Portfolio: INR 57.25 Lakh
2.0L Petrol Prestige: INR 49.66 Lakh
2.0L Petrol Portfolio: INR 56.35 Lakh

Jaguar XJ Price:

2016 jaguar xj front quarter
2.0L Petrol Portfolio: INR 97.39 Lakh

Jaguar F-Pace Price:

2017 jaguar f-pace s front right quarter
2.0L Diesel AWD Pure: INR 67.37 Lakh
2.0L Diesel AWD Prestige: INR 73.25 Lakh
3.0L V6 Diesel AWD R-Sport: INR 1 Crore
3.0LV6 Diesel AWD First Edition: INR 1.10. Crore

Jaguar F-Type Price:

2018 jaguar f-type
5.0L V8 AWD Convertible R: INR 2.22 Crore
5.0L V8 AWD Convertible SVR: INR 2.62 Crore
5.0L V8 AWD Coupe R: INR 2.08 Crore
5.0L V8 AWD Coupe SVR: INR 2.48 Crore

Land Rover GST Prices:

The Land Rover range in India includes the Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Price:

2015 land rover discovery sport
2.0L Diesel Pure 5 Seats: INR 40.04 Lakh
2.0L Diesel SE 5 Seats: INR 46.06 Lakh
2.0L Diesel HSE 5+2 Seats: INR 49.36 Lakh
2.0L Diesel HSE Luxury 5 Seats: INR 52.88 Lakh
2.0L Petrol HSE 5+2 Seats: INR 48.48 Lakh

Range Rover Evoque Price:

2016 range rover evoque
2.0L Diesel Pure: INR 42.37 Lakh
2.0L Diesel SE: INR 47.09 Lakh
2.0L Diesel SE Dynamic: INR 49.09 Lakh
2.0L Diesel HSE: INR 51.91 Lakh
2.0L Diesel HSE Dynamic: INR 56.97 Lakh
2.0L Petrol SE: INR 46.10 Lakh

Range Rover Sport Price:

2014 range rover sport
3.0L Diesel S: INR 89.44 Lakh
3.0L Diesel SE: INR 1.04 Crore
3.0L Diesel HSE: INR 1.18 Crore
3.0L Diesel HSE Dynamic: INR 1.22 Crore
3.0L Diesel Autobiography Dynamic: INR 1.47 Crore
4.4L Diesel HSE: INR 1.29 Crore
4.4L Diesel HSE Dynamic: INR 1.34 Crore
4.4L Diesel Autobiography Dynamic: INR 1.59 Crore
3.0L Petrol SE: INR 1.00 Crore
3.0L Petrol HSE: INR 1.15 Crore
5.0L Petrol Autobiography Dynamic: INR 1.56 Crore
5.0L Petrol SVR: INR 1.78 Crore

Range Rover Price:

2013 range rover
3.0L Diesel Vogue: INR 1.58 Crore
4.4L Diesel Vogue SE: INR 1.98. Crore
4.4L Diesel Autobiography: INR 2.05 Crore
3.0L Petrol Vogue: INR 1.58 Crore
5.0L Petrol Autobiography: INR 2.13 Crore
3.0L Diesel LWB Vogue: INR 1.70 Crore
3.0L Diesel LWB Vogue SE: INR 1.88 Crore
4.4L Diesel LWB Vogue SE: INR 2.08 Crore
4.4L Diesel LWB Autobiography: INR 2.18 Crore
4.4L Diesel LWB SVAutobiography: INR 3.32 Crore
3.0L Petrol LWB Vogue: INR 1.70 Crore
3.0L Petrol LWB Vogue SE: INR 1.87 Crore
5.0L Petrol LWB Autobiography: INR 2.26 Crore
5.0L Petrol LWB SVAutobiography: INR 3.43 Crore

Prices mentioned are Ex-Showroom which are effective from 1st July, 2017 and subject to change without prior notice. Ex-Showroom does not include 1 % TCS which will be charged separately.