This Electric Land Rover Defender is powered by a Tesla motor

In a groundbreaking move, Electric Car Converts has introduced a complete plug-and-play electric conversion kit for Land Rover Defenders, providing an eco-friendly makeover without compromising the iconic off-road capabilities. In this article, we’ll delve into the detail, showcasing the key components of this innovative kit and the exciting possibilities it brings to Defender enthusiasts worldwide.

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Land Rover Defender EV Conversion Kit

Electric Car Converts has introduced the kit designed for a 1999 Defender TD5, emphasizing its global compatibility. The kit promises a seamless transition, transforming Defenders into electric powerhouses with 300 horsepower, 55-kilowatt hours of battery capacity, and an impressive range of 120 to 150 miles.

Battery Box and Charging Options

The heart of the conversion is the 55-kilowatt-hour battery box, providing ample power for urban adventures and off-road excursions. The kit supports both AC and DC charging, offering versatility and convenience. The fast-charging capability enables a recharge from 20% to 80% in just 30 to 40 minutes.

Tesla Motor Integration

 A highlight of the kit is the integration of a Tesla motor from a Model 3, repositioned in the middle of the car for optimal performance. The meticulous engineering includes custom mounts, prop shafts, and brackets, ensuring a flawless fit without the need for additional modifications.

Cooling System and Radiator Pack

The kit boasts an advanced cooling system with two radiators, each dedicated to cooling the motor and the battery. With meticulous engineering, the kit includes pre-cut pipes and connectors, ensuring easy assembly without the need for modifications or additional components.

Differential Mount and Power Steering

The differential mount seamlessly accommodates the Tesla motor, and the kit includes an electric power steering unit that plugs directly into the original power steering box. This ensures a smooth transition to electric power without compromising handling.

Brakes and Heater Box Integration

To compensate for the loss of a handbrake with the removal of the original gearbox, the kit includes new calipers with integrated handbrake systems. Additionally, an original Defender heater box is retrofitted with a high-voltage element, providing electric heating without any additional hassle.

Dial Cluster and Interior Components

The kit includes a dial cluster displaying vital information such as speed, battery percentage, amp draw, and battery temperature. Other interior components, including the drive selector, are carefully designed to seamlessly integrate into the Defender’s original interior.

User-Friendly Installation

Electric Car Converts emphasizes the simplicity of installation, assuring buyers that every bolt, nut, and connector required for the conversion is included. The kit is designed for easy installation globally, with comprehensive instructions and the option for tech support or even on-site assistance if needed.

Price and Future Developments

The initial price for the Defender electric conversion kit is set at £46,000, subject to applicable taxes. However, with increasing demand, prices may change in the future. Electric Car Converts says they are committed to making electric conversions accessible globally, with plans for continuous refinement and expansion.

Revolutionizing Defenders

Electric Car Converts has ushered in a new era for Land Rover Defenders, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly electric conversion kit. With cutting-edge technology, meticulous engineering, and a commitment to simplicity, this plug-and-play kit opens the door for Defender enthusiasts worldwide to embrace sustainable driving without compromising on performance and adventure.


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