From Junkyard to being the World’s First Electric Ferrari

The first thing you start imagining when you hear the word Ferrari is a red supercar with a roaring engine. Right?


Well, that’s about to change. It is red, it is a supercar in its own rights but it doesn’t roar like a true Ferrari does. Presented here is the World’s First Electric Ferrari. Originally a 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS, the supercar was almost heading towards a scrapyard when it got burned due to a fuel leak.

The 308GTE is 100% electric with zero emissions. It has a range of around 135 miles and is powered by a 47kWhr Lithium battery pack. The motors generate 327 hp (246 kW) of power and a torque of 330 ft/lbs (407 Nm)


The engine of this beast was beyond repair after the mishap but its body and chassis were perfect, which got the guys at ElectricGT thinking. They set out to create a super cool, high-performing electric vehicle which would be low on maintenance and also suitable for daily driving with the toasted 308 in hand. A perfect blend of Retro looks with Modern day technology.

Toasted! A pic taken during the restoration process

One of the advantages of the electric drive train is that it provides instant power and torque and given Ferrari’s racing heritage, the 308’s construction was able to handle it quite well. The ElectricGT team comprises of electric vehicle racing record holders and winners, along with some talented engineers and skilful custom fabricators.

Watch the video of the world’s first electric Ferrari and let us know what you think of it.

Can’t See the Video here? Head to Youtube.

And by the way, the original engine was stripped and the usable parts were recycled to cater to the needs of other GT-series car owners. The only thing I don’t like about this is that the iconic roar of the Prancing Horse’s engine is missing.

Source – ElectricGT