Tamo Racemo turned into a Batmobile – Rendering

The Tamo Racemo Offroad render that I shared last time got a good response. There was one comment about it that said it looked like an ATV for Batman which is what sparked the idea for this new render.

Batman's new ride - the Tamo Racemo Batmobile
Tamo Racemo Batmobile by SRK Designs

The first step was to make it black and aggressive. As you can see, I haven’t deviated from the Racemo’s original concept. So there is no heavy armour or weapons sticking out. My idea was the Tamo Racemo Batmobile would be the idle car for Batman to go on a fun ride when he is not busy saving the city. (Yes! superheroes too would like to have a break sometimes).

Inspiration comes from Batman’s own Tumbler, hence you see those huge all terrain wheels along with extended fenders. The Tamo Racemo Batmobile makes quite a lot use of carbon fibre to keep the car’s weight down. Even the interior gets a good dose of this lightweight yet super strong material. The rear gets a huge GT wing spoiler along with subtle changes.

The doors open upwards just like in the original concept car. This, I feel is one of the highlights of the Tamo Racemo’s styling and will add to the glamour when the Dark Knight rises from his Batmobile.

The major change is inside the engine bay. While the original Tamo Racemo will be powered by a 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine, the Batmobile derivative will use a jet engine to make sure that Batman can reach anywhere he needs super fast.

In case you don’t know, Racemo is the first product from Tamo, a sub-brand from Tata Motors. It was showcased at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show and will be launched in India in the near future. It is also the first Indian car to ever feature in a video game. You can enjoy it virtually in the Forza Horizon 3 car racing game.

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So what do you think about Batman’s new ride, the Tamo Racemo Batmobile? If you like it do share it with others and leave your suggestions and ideas.

Tamo Racemo – Image Gallery

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