Bridgestone Tires Uses Air Free Concept Technology to Develop Puncture Free Bicycle Tires

Bridgestone Corporation together with Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. has developed the next-generation bicycle tire using the Air Free Concept. This innovative technology enables the Bridgestone Tires to be used without being inflated with air.

bridgestone tires air free concept for bicycle

The Bridgestone tires with Air Free Concept are constructed with a unique arrangement of spokes with a special curved shape, which are located between the tire tread and the rim. These spokes also serve as a support structure and bear the weight of the vehicle.

The Air Free Concept developed by Bridgestone tires eliminates the necessity to be periodically refilled with air and also contributes to lower maintenance as there is no trouble of punctures as well. The materials employed for this tires also provide for high flexibility in design which will enable designers to come up with next-generation bicycles.

Bridgestone Group has been working on the idea since 2013 and has developed this bicycle tire as an attempt to achieve practical use of the Air Free Concept technology. The companies will conduct feasibility studies aiming to make this new tire available in the market by 2019.

bridgestone tires develops air free concept bicycle tire

The group also plans to adapt this non-pneumatic technology in various other types of tires. The thermoplastic resin material used by Bridgestone tires to create spoke structure and the rubber in the tread portion are recyclable, adding to the efficient use of resources. The company also claims that the tires provide extremely low rolling resistance and hence aid in reducing CO2 emissions through the use of proprietary technologies.

Bridgestone Tires aims to achieve a cradle to cradle process that proactively maximises the cyclical use of resources from worn tires into new tires and the use of recyclable products. The company will continue to operationalize multiple technological innovations to help bring about a more ecological society.

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