Audi model cars were used to create these mesmerising images – See It To Believe It

Audi Deutschland has created an eye-catching calendar for the year 2017, using Audi model cars. It showcases some of the most popular Audi cars in surreal environments which were constructed with lots of attention to detail by the talented photographer Johann Cohrs and his team.

Using the Audi models enabled the photographer to produce these jaw-dropping scenes that would have been very difficult to achieve in real life. Not to mention the vast amount of budget that would have to be sanctioned had the same been carried out using real cars in actual locations instead of these scale model cars in the studio. Also, since having favourable weather and light conditions would not be in the team’s control, the time required to achieve that perfect shot would have increased by a huge margin.

Below is a glimpse of Audi’s Miniaturkalender (Miniature Calender). Enjoy!

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January 2017

Audi Miniaturkalender January Audi R8 LMS GT3 - audi model car
Audi R8 LMS GT3 drifting on a sheet of ice.

February 2017

Audi Miniaturkalender February Audi A4 Avant - audi model car
Audi A4 Avant parked in an abandoned city

March 2017

Audi Miniaturkalender March Audi TT - audi model car
Enjoying the mountain roads in an Audi TT

October 2017

Audi Miniaturkalender October Audi Q7 - audi model car
Audi Q7 in the middle of a jungle

November 2017

Audi Miniaturkalender November Auto Union Streamliner - audi model car
Auto Union Streamliner racing with the storm

December 2017

Audi Miniaturkalender December Audi A4 - audi model car
Audi A4 rides with a christmas tree on the roof

Source: AudiSave