Smart Concept #5 Electric SUV is the largest smart car ever

Smart, the premium intelligent all-electric automobile brand has released the full details of its Concept #5, a mid-size concept SUV, and the largest, boldest, boxiest smart car ever. In addition to boasting the largest physical presence of any smart, complete with all-wheel drive, AT tires, off-road driving mode (Off-road, Sand, Snow, Mud, Rock), the concept car unveils an unexpected and bold new direction for the brand. In the meantime, the vehicle is also the most intelligent, will feature a state-of-the art generative AI enabling drivers and passengers to engage the in-car assistant in fun and conversational chit-chat.

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2024 Smart 5 Concept SUV Front Quarter


Built to empower users to explore the outdoors with confidence, style and unparalleled comfort, the Concept #5 invites all on a spontaneous journey to encounter the unexpected. Featuring advanced technology enabling both outdoor prowess and unparalleled comfort for everyday journeys, the Concept #5 encourages true exploration outside the city. Equipped with Lidar and powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system-on-a-chip (SoC), the Concept #5 will bring smart Pilot Assist 3.0, realising urban navigation on smart pilot, ensuring safety alongside innovation. With integrated equipment accessories – Adventurers’ Collection- designed to enhance the enjoyment of nature, the vehicle transforms outdoor excursions into luxurious experiences without sacrificing the essence of adventure.

Love, Pure, and Especially Unexpected

The smart Concept #5 embodies the core of smart’s design philosophy—Love, Pure, Unexpected—bringing these elements together in an honest, functional and forward-thinking design. The Concept #5 represents the boldest, most muscular aesthetic from smart to date, while maintaining the brand’s hallmark of approachability. The vehicle combines stylish comfort with an honest, bold and boxy design, showcasing capabilities that promise freedom and excitement in equal measure. True to the brand’s legacy, the smart Concept #5 cleverly maximizes interior space without further expanding the vehicle’s footprint, thanks to reduced overhangs at both the front and rear. Inherited from the Concept #1, the rear-hinged door further enhanced the spacious interior.

2024 Smart 5 Concept SUV Interior


The smart Concept #5 features a distinguished outdoor-inspired upright silhouette and stands out as having most substantial presence of any smart. The exterior design is unexpected, proud, and inspirational, capturing the essence of adventure with strong, bold bodywork and outdoor elements. The vehicle’s boxy, upright stance is as much a declaration of capability as a practical statement of style. The protective front and rear skid plate with a hidden integrated winch and folding rear step for roof access, together with an illuminating roof light bar, enhance the vehicle’s adventurous spirit. Adding to its unique character, oblong light animations offer a playful yet sophisticated touch, infusing the vehicle with a lively personality.

Sophisticated and Functional

The smart Concept #5’s interior is a testament to the convergence of technology and sophistication, offering a refined area that prioritizes spaciousness, airiness, and clarity. Iconic use of horizontally oriented basic form elements and intuitively placed controls create a feeling of light spaciousness and a clear, organized feel to the whole interior. In classic smart form, exterior overhangs are minimized, maximizing interior space to deliver a level of comfort and openness that defies belief, which is emphasized by the four-seat layout.

A pure cockpit design expresses honesty and functionality. At the heart, the tech-forward cabin features a streamlined console with beautifully mounted 13’’ dual OLED screens. These displays, driven by a high-performance AMD V2000 chip provide a responsive and visually stunning interface for accessing the car’s myriad features. Adding to the car’s charm is ambient lighting and unique features like a projector and portable speaker integrated into the centre console. This innovative system can be used both inside and outside the vehicle, perfect for enhancing the atmosphere during outdoor activities like camping. Meanwhile, it also features a Zero gravity seat (with industry’s first cushion airbag), combines comfort with safety.

2024 Smart 5 Concept SUV Seats

Next-Generation In-Car AI

smart has always kept a keen focus on emerging technology and remained at the forefront of exploring the best solutions for future urban mobility. As a contemporary adventurer, the Concept #5 will be equipped with next-generation intelligence to empower users to boldly go beyond. In cooperation with Cerence, a state-of-the-art generative AI will enable drivers and passengers to engage the in-car assistant in fun and conversational chit-chat, to provide accurate and relevant responses to nearly every query imaginable. Integrated with smart’s intelligent in-vehicle assistant, drivers can control key features and functionalities using only their voice, including phone calls and messaging, music and media, climate controls, navigation, personal settings, and vehicle controls, as well as information including weather, news, calendar, general knowledge, and more.

Fast Charging

With its state-of-the-art 800V high-voltage platform and 4C superfast charging technology, the smart Concept #5 boasts new levels of performance in charging speed and range, making any kind of journey possible. The rapid charging capability, which allows for up to 70% charge capacity (10%-80%) in just 15 minutes. Exceeding 100 kwh battery allows impressive ranges of over 700km (CLTC) or 550km (WLTP), provide the confidence to tackle every adventure.


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