Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Motorcycle launched in India; Priced from INR 1.50 Lakh

The all-new Royal Enfield Hunter 350 has been launched in India. The motorcycle is available in two variants – Metro and Retro.

2022 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Price:

The Retro Hunter Factory Series starts at INR 1,49,999 onwards while the Metro series starts from INR 1,63,900 onwards.

Prices are ex-showroom Chennai.

The Royal Enfield Hunter’s rider-first ergonomics, revised rake angle and low centre of gravity have been designed to let you effortlessly manoeuvre the streets of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods. An intuitive throttle response guarantees unprecedented agility with every flick of the wrist.

With its shorter wheelbase, lighter weight and tighter geometry, the Hunter’s chunky frame is fitted with a set of super manoeuvrable 17-inch’ wheels and a hip retro-metro aesthetic.

At the heart of the Royal Enfield Hunter beats a fuel-injected, long-stroke 350 cc J-engine that delivers a smoother ride, higher RPM and dollops of torque. Paired with a steady downtube spine frame and grounded suspension, the Hunter 350 gives the right amount of power and precision, whether you’re revving up the city streets or gunning down the motorway.

A shoutout to the analogue era but perfectly in sync for modern-day riding, the Hunter features a retro-style speedometer along with a digital LCD screen that tells you everything you need to know and is compatible with the Royal Enfield Tripper Navigation System.

The Hunter 350 is the only Royal Enfield in production to feature super manoeuvrable 17” front and rear tyres, and striking cast alloy wheels. The tubeless tyres let you ride uninterrupted for as long as you want, minus the puncture paranoia.

The Hunter’s retro-inspired rotary switch cubes make powering up and taking off a tactile, hands-on experience designed to wake you up.

No matter who is on the seat, the Hunter’s 800mm seat height, wide contours and excellent standover ergonomics make for easy handling and a comfortable riding experience, even while navigating stop-and-go traffic.

Built for unpredictable urban environments situations, the anti-lock braking system with 300mm front and 270mm rear discs bring you safely to a stop at even the shortest of distances, keeping you firmly in control.

The Hunter 350 comes equipped with a USB port so your devices are online while you are on the prowl.


The Metro Hunter comes with new age, dual-colour liveries that blend in seamlessly with the world’s coolest neighbourhoods. The Cast alloy wheels, wide tubeless tyres, split aluminium rear grab rails and rounded rear lights.

6 colour schemes are available for this variant – Dapper White, Dapper Ash, Dapper Grey, Rebel Black, Rebel Blue and Rebel Red.


Inspired by old school cool, the Retro Hunter series features bold single-tone colourways, squared-off trafficators, tubular rear grab rails and stylish spoke wheels.

This variant is available in 2 colour schemes – Factory Black and Factory Silver.


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