Toyota Innova EV Concept gives a glimpse of the MPV’s future

As a form of commitment to the Government of Indonesia’s policy of encouraging environmentally friendly technology in the automotive sector, PT Toyota-Astra Motor through the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2022 has showcased the Kijang Innova EV Concept which fully uses electric power as a driving force.

“The introduction of the Kijang Innova EV Concept is proof that Toyota is very concerned about and supports the Government’s policies in building an environmentally friendly ecosystem for a better life for the Indonesian people in the future,” said Henry Tanoto, Vice President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor.

It is a modified version of the Toyota Kijang Innova platform that has been made into a fully electric vehicle. The presence of the car is also strong evidence that Indonesia has a great opportunity to build an electric vehicle industry ecosystem using a national brand base. Although it has not yet entered the commercial stage, the Kijang Innova EV Concept has gone through the quality and safety assurance stage and the standards of the Ministry of Transportation.

The introduction of the Innova BEV will also be a strong proof of Toyota’s seriousness in promoting electrification vehicles in Indonesia. This is part of Toyota’s electric vehicle development strategy, which always puts the Multipath way approach forward. An approach that does not focus vehicle development on a particular segment or technology. This is in line with Toyota’s vision and passion to deliver mobility solutions for every layer of customers.

“Customers’ needs are very diverse, both in terms of purchasing power, use or utility of vehicles, including the characteristics and availability of infrastructure. Therefore Toyota always strives to offer customers a wide choice, including in electrified vehicles. Toyota doesn’t focus on developing just one technology,” said Henry.

Since the early 1990s, Toyota globally has paid great attention to the development of electric vehicles using various technologies. Starting from HEV, PHEV, BEV technology, to the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) that uses Hydrogen fuel.

Since the introduction of the first generation Toyota Prius in Japan in 1997, Toyota has implemented Hybrid technology in various models being marketed. Since 2014, Toyota has also mass-produced Toyota Mirai vehicles that use FCEV technology and this is the first car in the world to use Hydrogen fuel. To date, Toyota has sold a total of more than 20 million electrified vehicles globally and reduced CO2 emissions by more than 140 million tons in 20 years.

2022 Toyota Kijang Innova EV Concept Images:


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