2022 Lexus NM Minivan; Toyota Sienna’s rich cousin imagined digitally

Customers buying a new car are now more inclined towards the SUV and crossover segments. However, the MPV bodystyle which is usually associated with soccer mom jokes is one of the most practical type of vehicles for the entire family.

The Japanese automaker makes some of the best luxury cars but is missing from the MPV or minivan category. The company does sell the Lexus LM 300h which is based on the Toyota Alphard van in some south Asian countries.

Taking cue from the LM 300h, SRK Designs has digitally converted the popular Toyota Sienna into a luxury minivan. As can be seen the Lexus face suits well on this body style. Maybe a shade of black and some more chrome would attract some VIPs or rap artists towards it.

What do you think of it? Would you drive around a Lexus 7-Seater MPV around the town with your family? Do you think the Toyota Sienna would make a nice base for this luxury van?

Lexux NM Minivan 7-Seater SRK Designs


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