2021 Hyundai Creta Facelift unveiled in Indonesia

PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) has presented the 2021 Hyundai Creta, its newest SUV product at the 2021 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS). It is also the first product from Hyundai’s Factory in Indonesia.

2021 Hyundai Creta Price:

The new Creta is offered in four variants – Active, Trend, Style, and Prime. The price tag of each variant is:

Active 6-speed MT: Rp 279.000.000,- (OTR Jakarta)

Trend 6-speed MT: Rp 299.000.000,- (OTR Jakarta)

Trend IVT: Rp 319.000.000,- (OTR Jakarta)

Style IVT: Rp 359.000.000,- (OTR Jakarta)

Prime IVT: Rp 397.500.000,- (OTR Jakarta)

Prime IVT Two Tone Roof: Rp 399.000.000,- (OTR Jakarta)

New Hyundai Creta Facelift 2021

The look of the Creta carries the driving experience of ‘Spotlight in Motion’, with a meaning that Creta is particularly designed for Indonesia’s customers, to make them become the spotlight intheir everyday’s journey.

The new Hyundai Creta has a stylish appearance that attracts attention and is suitable for Indonesian people’s urban lifestyle. The front side of this car highlights the uniqueness of the Creta with the Parametric Jewel Hidden-Type DRL. These characteristics are also found on the High Mounted Stop Lamp (HMSL) on the rear side, thus completing the combination that gives the impression of a high-tech vehicle. The sporty look of the car is also complemented by the 17-inch Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels.

Hyundai offers various advanced features that make Creta a superior and leading product in its class. Some of them are the Cooled Glove Box, which the dashboard drawer can be used as a place to maintain the freshness of food and beverages; Ambient Mood Lamp and Panoramic Sunroof that creates an impression and luxurious atmosphere while inside Creta; and Ventilated Seat temperature-adjustable seat to provide coolness and increase comfort for passengers and drivers.

The satisfaction of owning a Creta will be increased with the presence of a 10.25-inch Full TFT LCD Meter Cluster with digital display as access to various convenience feature settings, including display colour settings on the instrument cluster panel, which can also be changed when adjusting the driving mode. From the infotainment side, Creta is equipped with an 8-inch Display Audio with various features and can be connected to smartphones. The device is connected to 8 (eight) BOSE Premium Sound System speaker units that provide clear sound and refined comfort.

Furthermore, Hyundai Motors Indonesia is also bringing its latest innovative technology, Hyundai Bluelink, a Connected Car Service innovation from Hyundai that allows customers to always be connected with their car through a smartphone. Hyundai Bluelink gives Creta owners full access to certain essential features for its users, such as knowing the current condition of the vehicle, turning on/off the engine, setting the cabin temperature, locking/unlocking the door, turning on the horn, turning on/off the lights, to find where the vehicle is parked.

This technology will also provide security and comfort. Through the Hyundai Bluelink, customers can access various other advanced features, such as Stolen Vehicle Notification & Stolen Vehicle Tracking that will operate when an attempted vehicle theft occurs by sending a notification to the customer’s smartphone and allow the user to identify the current position of the car. Those features would then also be supported by Stolen Vehicle Immobilization, a service available at Hyundai Bluelink to contact the Call Center and request the stolen car to be ultimately and temporarily stopped operating. Additionally, there are also ACN (Auto Collision Notification), SOS/Emergency Assistance button, and Roadside Assistance (RSA) that are available for the car
owner in other emergency situations, such as needing medical treatment or the car is damaged.

Through Hyundai Bluelink, the car owner can always ensure that their vehicle is at its best, because it is equipped with: Manual/Automatic Diagnostic Report that will automatically perform diagnostic if something went wrong with the car, with the same function can also be performed manually; Driving Information and Vehicle Health Report that will provide a monthly report of the car’s activities; and Vehicle Status Check/Notification that helps to inform the maintenance condition of the car in a form of a notification.

There are also more features in Hyundai Bluelink that run round-the-clock security for the car, including Geo-Fence Notification to set the digital perimeter for the car and will alert the car owner if the perimeter is violated; Speed Notification to set up the car’s speed limit; Time-Fence Notification to set up the time frame of the car’s operational; Valet Mode to protect the car when
receiving valet parking services; and Idling Time Notification as an alert when the car’s engine is left turned on for more than the set time limit.

Hyundai has completed the Creta with many advanced safety features that will work significantly in helping the owners to drive safer, such as Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC) that will help to prevent unintentional rollback when starting to drive after a stop position on a hill; Emergency Stop Signal (ESS); a feature that will automatically turn the hazard lights on when sudden braking occurs; and Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), a system that helps the vehicle stay stable when accelerating or braking suddenly on wet, slippery, and rough roads.

Hyundai Creta is also equipped with Hyundai SmartSense, Hyundai’s cutting-edge driver assistance system built to provide customers with safety and peace of mind. The systems in Hyundai SmartSense will constantly monitor Hyundai vehicles’ owners’ environment and protect them from potential hazards while driving.

One of the features of Hyundai SmartSense is Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)****, a system that automatically warns of a potential risk of a collision from the front. If needed, will automatically apply the brakes if the system assesses a crash that will occur with the vehicle and pedestrians in the area in front of the car.

In addition, there is also Lane Keeping & Lane Following Assist (LKA & LFA). Both of them will help this car stay within the road markings through visual and audio information and steering correction support.

Safety is also enhanced with Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA), which detects and monitors vehicles coming from behind and helps avoid potential collisions or collisions by activating the brakes automatically if needed. This security system also covers situations while customers do parallel parking. Furthermore, there is also Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance

Assist (RCCA), a feature that works when reversing from a parking position, the sensor detects a vehicle approaching from the left or right rear, provides an audio warning, and automatically activates the brakes.

In terms of performance, Creta is equipped with a 1.5L Smartstream gasoline engine containing a 6-speed manual transmission or Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT) system that makes the car deliver better fuel economy while allowing the owner to enjoy a smoother and responsive driving experience. The technology enables Creta to reach its maximum power to 115 PS/6,100 rpm with a maximum torque of 143.8 Nm/4,500 rpm. Creta also has four types of Drive Mode to help determine the most suitable driving style, they are Eco, Comfort, Smart, and Sport.

2021 Hyundai Creta Colour Options:

Hyundai Creta is available in various exterior colours, including Creamy White Pearl, Magnetic Silver Metallic, Titan Grey Metallic, Midnight Black Pearl, Glowing Silver Metallic, Galaxy Blue Pearl, Dragon Red Pearl, Magnetic Silver Metallic with Black Roof, Dragon Red Pearl with Black Roof, and Creamy White Pearl with Black Roof.

Whereas interior colours are available in Full Black, Black/Cognac Brown Two-tone.

Hyundai just does not stop there, because the automaker also brings My Own Creta, a service that will give customers the flexibility to choose Creta features and design according to their needs, preferences, and taste. This special service is particularly provided for the Trend variant of the Creta. My Own Creta is available at the Click-to-Buy platform which can be accessed via HMID’s official website.

The special service My Own Creta gives customers choices of 10 feature packages and up to 10 exterior colours, 2 (two) interior colours, 3 (three) types of Radiator Grille, or Daytime Running Light. All of those options will pave the way to more than 9,000 combinations of Creta, so customers can get a car that is suitable the most for their personality.

The 10 selectable feature packages of My Own Creta are:

  1. Sport: Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel, and Paddle Shift.
  2. Lighting: LED Headlamps, LED Rear Combination Lamps, and Dark Chrome Radiator Grille + DRL.
  3. Sunroof + Two Tone Roof: Panoramic Sunroof, Two Tone Roof, and LED Personal Lamp.
  4. Premium: Ventilated 1st Row Seat, Side Curtain Airbag, Glove Box Cooling, Ambient Mood Lamp, Embroidered Leather, and High Gloss Center Console.
  5. Outdoor: Luggage Net, Luggage Power Outlet, and Front/Rear Mud Guard.
  6. BOSE Sound: BOSE Premium Sound (External Amp. + 8 Speakers).
  7. Air Purifier: Armrest Type Air Purifier.
  8. Body Kit: Front/Rear Skid Plate or Side Skirt.
  9. Red Color Pack: Front/Rear Skid Plate or Side Skirt (including body kit), Dark Chrome Radiator Grille + DRL, and Black Body Color + Red Accent Color.
  10. High-Tech: 10.25-inch Full TFT LCD Meter Cluster/ Cruise Control, as well as choices to a series of Hyundai SmartSense safety feature technologies, which are: Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA) / Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA) / Safe Exit Warning (SEW), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) / Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) / Driver Attention Warning (DAW), Drive Mode Select (DMS), and Rear Occupant Alert (without Sensor).

To accompany this best-in-class product, Hyundai Motors Indonesia has prepared various intriguing sales and aftersales programs for Creta customers in Indonesia, such as:

  1. Basic warranty for 3+1 years or 100,000 KM (whichever comes first).
  2. Free maintenance services for 5 years or 75,000 (whichever comes first).
  3. Free 24 hours Roadside Assistance (via Hyundai Call Center at 0-800-1-878-878).
  4. Availability of Hyundai Genuine Accessories that consists of 12 items of accessories.
  5.  An option to extend warranty when purchasing Creta via Click to Buy platform.

To provide maximum satisfaction to the customers, Hyundai also presents a particular program called the Hyundai Owner Assurance Program, which consists of:

  1. Resale Value Guarantee, this program guarantees customers’ Creta resale value at 70% when they want to exchange their Creta with a new Hyundai car within the first 3 years of ownership
  2. New Creta Replacement Guarantee, namely the replacement of a new car with the same type, color, and specifications if the vehicle is damaged more than 75% within one year after hand-over.

And if customers do the pre-booking on the November 2021- January 2022, they are eligible to get:

  1. Free spare parts for periodic maintenance for 3+1 years or 60,000 (whichever comes first; only for indent customers who ordered Creta within the period from November 2021 until January 2022).
  2. Free car pickup and delivery for 3+1 years (maintenance service at Hyundai dealers)
  3. Chance to win a Travel Package to Korea for 100 customers.
  4. Chance to get special artwork from Hyundai X Erica exclusive collaboration

2021 Hyundai Creta Images:


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