2021 Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept Unveiled; to be showcased at the 2021 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Lincoln and Shinola, two iconic American brands with a shared sense of design, have teamed up to introduce the Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept SUV.

The Lincoln designers set out to explore Shinola’s popular lifestyle products by visiting Shinola’s flagship showroom in Detroit. They then designed a unique theme that incorporates some very compelling design elements. The result is a concept which combines the evolutionary principles of Lincoln with the contemporary aesthetics of Shinola.

This collaboration provided Lincoln with a chance to test and learn, as it explored using different colors and new materials in designing vehicles.

Shinola’s mother of pearl watch dials inspired this concept’s soft white with hints of blue exterior paint finish. The copper accents which give off a rose-gold hue are inspired by the copper-plated structure that attaches to a Shinola Runwell bike seat.

Shinola whiskey leather’s soft touch and rich smell appeal to the most refined senses. The seats feature crème suede that beautifully matches the inserts, brightening up the cabin and lending it a pearl-like appearance that mimics the unique exterior colour.

In all three rows, a woven textile sewn into the seats makes for a unique, textural look inspired by the Shinola brand stripe.

It is easy to see the importance of texture in the instrument panel. On the console of row two, woven metal mesh evokes an industrial luxury and matches the copper accents of the exterior – a direct reflection of a Shinola watch band. There are soft materials covering every surface, making the cabin warm and inviting.

The Lincoln Aviator Shinola concept SUV will be displayed at the 2021 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

2021 Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept Images:


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