2020 Toyota Fortuner & Fortuner Legender Launched in Thailand

Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited has launched the new Toyota Fortuner a luxury SUV that has been continuously well received by customers, judged by its longstanding number one sales in the PPV market.  This is the first official facelift of the 2nd generation Fortuner which was launched 5 years back.

New Toyota Fortuner and Fortuner Legender 2021

The new Fortuner, has been designed and developed to demonstrate the theme of ‘Prestige & Cool’ to remarkably reflect the leadership character of the drivers, while emphasizing a sense luxury and modernity.

The new Fortuner is a perfect option for the new generations and middle-aged individuals who enjoy leisure travels and want to make use of the car for commuting in daily lives as well. This time, the new Fortuner comes with 2 variants and 2 different design features, namely the standard model and Legender model.

The exterior design of the new Toyota Fortuner has been notably enhanced with larger front grille and silver bumper strips, giving the car a stronger sense of rigidity, luxury, and masculinity. The car is also installed with newly designed LED Headlights with Daytime Running Light (DRL) as well as the sleek LED Light Taillights, making it stand out at night. Also, the new Fortuner comes with the redesigned 18-inch alloy wheels.

The Fortuner Legender is a special edition which has been meticulously crafted to be distinctly different from the standard model. It gets a sharper design language and more aerodynamic shape. Besides, this special model is substantially enhanced to be more visibly striking compared to the standard model with a different front grille, LED Headlights with Daytime Running Light, LED Sequential Turn Signals as well as LED High Beam and LED Bi-Projector Low Beam.

Other key elements have also been predominantly redesigned, including the rear bumper which is freshly crafted to align perfectly with the front bumper, as well as the newly designed 20-inch alloy wheels and two-tone roof.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Interior Dashboard

The 2020 Toyota Fortuner standard model is a suitable for customers who usually travel with family members and are looking for a larger car, while also focusing on great value of ownership. The base model comes with the enhanced 2.4 GD Super Power engine that provides greater fuel efficiency and Variable Flow Control (VFC) power steering which automatically adjusts steering wheel stiffness upon the speed of the car to ensure a more precise handling and driving confidence.

Furthermore, the SUV is equipped with Cruise Control System and Sensors in 6 positions to offer peace of mind and smooth ride. It also features a new infotainment touchscreen system compatible with Apple CarPlay, the vehicle offers seamless connection with various entertainment contents, together with T-Connect providing seamless connection between the vehicle and driver as a standard feature.

Toyota Fortuner Legender is the ideal option for new generation businesspersons who are looking for cars that offer remarkable designs and innovative functions. Toyota Fortuner is powered by the new 2.8 GD Super Power Engine which has 15% heightened driving performance with a maximum output of 204 PS, as well as Sport Mode function that enhances a more enjoyable and exciting driving experience. Balance Shaft is also added to minimize engine noise and vibration that can be passed to the cabin.

Besides, with the installation of 360-Degree Camera, it increases the driver’s visibility to ensure the greatest level of safety. To bring greater convenience, Wireless Charger and Activated Kick Door with Kick Sensor are also added to the car functions. Most importantly, this is the first time that Toyota Fortuner comes fully equipped with the world-class Toyota Safety Sense.

To enhance the ownership experience, the T-Connect system is provided for customers to enjoy real-time car tracking anytime and anywhere. Besides, we offer our customers peace of mind through Theft Track System and SOS Support provided by Toyota around the clock. We also facilitate customers with Telematic Care Service to notify them to have their car get periodic maintenance check at Service Centers, making it simpler and more precise for customers to take good care of their beloved car. 

2020 Toyota Fortuner Colours:

Toyota Fortuner base model is available in 6 colours – Dark Blue Mica, Emotional Red, White Pearl CS, Silver Metallic, Dark Grey Metallic and Attitude Black Mica.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Legender Colours:

Toyota Fortuner Legender comes in 3 colours – Emotional Red with black roof, White Pearl CS with black roof and Attitude Black Mica.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Price:

2.4G AT: 1,319,000 THB

2.4V AT: 1,424,000 THB

2.4V AT 4WD: 1,494,000 THB

For Emotional Red and White Pearl CS, there is an extra charge of 12,000 THB.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Legender Price:

2.4 Legender AT: 1,564,000 THB

2.4 Legender AT 4WD: 1,634,000 THB

2.8 Legender AT: 1,769,000 THB

2.8 Legender AT 4WD: 1,839,000 THB

For Emotional Red Black Top and White Pearl CS Black Top, there is an extra charge of 20,000 THB

2020 Toyota Fortuner Images:

2020 Toyota Fortuner Legender Images:


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