Revolt Intellicorp unveils RV 400; India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle

Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd. has unveiled its first product, the RV 400 which is claimed to be India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle.

Revolt Intellicorp RV 400 Launch

Revolt Intellicorp says that the RV 400 is a combination of intelligent technology, premium looks and class-leading features. The motorcycle will be available at INR 1000 for pre-bookings in Delhi on June 25 on the company’s website and Amazon. This will be followed by introducing the electric bike in NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Chennai in the next 4 months.

Revolt Intellicorp RV 400 Colour Options:

The all-electric motorcycle will be available in two colour options – Rebel Red and Cosmic Black.

The AI-enabled motorcycle has an ARAI certified range of 156 km/charge. It can reach a top speed of up to 85km/h. The bike also gets the ability to emit different exhaust notes which the user can change via the app.
Revolt Intellicorp is betting big on developing an ecosystem of connected devices progressively changing the way people perceive, experience, and interact in an ecosystem of connected devices.

The Lithium-ion powered swappable batteries of the electric motorcycle can be charged/swapped in four different ways:

  1. Onboard Charging: Plug your bike directly to a 15-ampere socket to charge the battery.
  2. Portable Battery: Revolt’s portable battery can be easily taken out and charged at your home or office in less than 4 hours.
  3. Mobile Order: It finds the nearest Revolt mobile swap station on the Revolt’s mobile app to order your battery. After the battery arrives to you, the Battery gets swapped in less than 60 seconds.
  4. Delivery on Demand Model: Pre-order your battery using the Revolt app and have them delivered at your location at a convenient time slot.

2019 Revolt Intellicorp RV 400

The RV400 also comes with the Revolt mobile app that offers the rider a holistic view of its motorcycle, remotely. Developed, basis the guiding principle of understanding man-machine interface, the Revolt app adapts to the rider’s personal riding behaviour and becomes a companion by intelligently guiding them for enhanced riding experience. The app is powered by telematics data collected from the 4G enabled IOT device in the bike and runs powerful analytics at the backend to give relevant insights into the user’s biking trips.

The app allows users to even remotely start the bike with a single swipe. The app also functions as a gateway to the battery swapping infrastructure by enabling users to find neighbouring swap stations with details of accessibility of charged batteries.

2019 Revolt Intellicorp RV 400 Rear

Another service provides the ease of getting the batteries delivered at the user’s location at a convenient time slot. The Revolt app also boasts of ‘Over the Air Updates’ which means most technological glitches can be solved through updates that are pushed through the app.

The exciting 20+ features of the app include:

  1. Bike location with map guide.
  2. Real-time bike information such as current battery percentage, bike mode and estimated range.
  3. Ordering battery for delivery at user location.
  4. Finding the nearest swap station.
  5. Swapping Battery at mobile Swap Station.
  6. Swap order history.
  7. Bike Start/Stop through Bluetooth.
  8. User trips and details (e.g. start and stop location, average speed, total distance traveled, time taken).
  9. User trips journey on the map.
  10. Sound preview (listening to other sounds before making them active).
  11. Change motorcycle sound and volume.
  12. Bike Diagnostics (real-time diagnostic of battery and ECU).
  13. Bike Statistics (e.g. total km, total hours in trips, etc.).
  14. Check estimated range in different modes.
  15. Upload and store important bike and user documents (e.g. Driving Licence, RC copy, etc.).
  16. Payment gateway integration for battery swaps.
  17. Geofencing with theft control feature.
  18. Ability to share bike location.
  19. In-App User Notifications (e.g. battery removal, low battery percentage, geo-fence breach).
  20. Provide ECU updates through OTA


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