McLaren Senna – The Ultimate Road Legal Track Car; Only 500 Units Will Be Built

McLaren has unveiled its latest track-focused car for the road – The McLaren Senna. The supercar is named after Ayrton Senna, the legendary Formula 1 driver. Production will be limited to only 500 units. The ultimate road-legal, track-concentrated McLaren hypercar will make its public debut in March, at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show

2017 McLaren Senna Orange

McLaren Senna Highlights:

  • New Ultimate Series is the most extreme McLaren road car yet
  • Bears the name of legendary Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna, honouring its status as the ultimate McLaren track car, legalised for the road
  • At 1,198kg (2,641lbs), the lightest McLaren road car since the iconic McLaren F1
  • 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 is the most powerful McLaren road car internal combustion engine ever, with 800PS (789bhp) and 800Nm (590 lb-ft)
  • Power-to-weight ratio of 668PS-per-tonne delivers savage performance
  • The purest connection between driver and car of any road-legal McLaren
  • Aggressive appearance epitomises ‘form-follows-function’ McLaren design philosophy
  • Mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive chassis – the optimum configuration for dynamic excellence
  • Priced at £750,000 including taxes (UK)
  • Production limited to 500 units, all hand-assembled at the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, Surrey, England from Q3 2018

McLaren Senna Images:

The right to use the Senna name is part of an official collaboration between McLaren Automotive and the Senna family, in which a significant contribution will be donated to the Instituto Ayrton Senna (IAS) which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing good-quality education for more than 1.6 million unprivileged children and youngsters in Brazil.

The new McLaren Senna is built using an ultra-lightweight construction, with carbon fibre chassis and body panels. It is powered by a mid-mounted, 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 McLaren engine which produces a power of 800PS and torque of 800Nm. This motor is coupled to a seven-speed gearbox with dual-clutch which sends the power to the rear wheels.

The new supercar from McLaren rides on a sophisticated race-derived suspension that delivers an unparalleled blend of control and dynamic balance. The RaceActive Chassis Control II (RCC II) hydraulic suspension works in harmony with front and rear active aerodynamics and the ultra-rigid Monocage III to deliver an incredibly intense experience on a circuit. The McLaren Senna is also equipped with an Electro-hydraulic steering which allows accurate inputs and provides the purest feedback.

2017 McLaren Senna Grey

The McLaren Senna is fitted with one of the most advanced braking system ever fitted to a McLaren road car. It uses carbon ceramic discs and motorsport technologies to deliver extreme performance. The hypercar runs on bespoke Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres that have been developed in conjunction with McLaren technical partner, Pirelli.

In terms of looks, the McLaren Senna is shocking says the company. The aggressive looking supercar replaces the organic shapes with a new design language that is purposely fragmented in pursuit of absolute performance. It is the ultimate expression of the ‘form follows function’ design philosophy.

It is said that there is no single line on the body of the McLaren Senna from the front to the rear that can be followed without it passing through a functional air intake or vent. The designers have worked to reduce the weight visually as well as functionally by cutting open the body yet maintaining the recognisable McLaren proportions.

The McLaren Senna introduces a new generation of ground-breaking front and rear active aerodynamics. Every element of the body design has been developed to optimise downforce and aerodynamic balance in almost every driving situation. The unmistakable double diffuser at the rear of the car is created as a single piece of carbon fibre. The doors, which are constructed of carbon fibre, feature two-piece glass side windows with a fixed top part and a smaller opening section below.

Inside, this two-seater supercar is designed with most focus given on the driver’s seat. The interior of the McLaren Senna reflects the stripped-back, functional nature that is evident in every aspect of this hypercar. There is extensive use of carbon fiber inside the cockpit. Driver controls have been deliberately kept to a minimum, even the three-spoke steering wheel is free of buttons and switches. All the information the driver needs comes from the high-definition McLaren Folding Driver Display and central infotainment screen.

McLaren Senna Price:

Each of the 500 units of the hypercar will be costing from £750,000 including taxes (UK price). All of the vehicles have already found their respective owners. The supercar will be hand-assembled in England at the McLaren Production Centre.

McLaren Senna Press Release:


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